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Selling 250+ water

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[size=3](~12 hours remaining until sale's done.)[/size]

Bid until 6th..

Instant buy 2 gold.

have fun Edited by ignnus

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    • By Shemhazaj
      Seeing that there are few different kinds of water as a resource in MD and assuming that they are to have different uses perhaps the device at War Hold could be adapted with ability to interact with different kinds of water?
      we have
      water - gathered from lakes, rivers - used in many activities (plant watering, tea brewing, some other recipes)
      rain water - gathered from rain - atm not very useful (perhaps could be used for watering plants as well? it's kinda silly it can't be used that way)
      mineral water - gathered from caves and mineral pools - (usefulness of it might be a completely different topic :P)
      perhaps we also might have
      sea water - gathered from sea - used in the WH device to get salt from it
      now for the device at War Hold:
      rain water + sand + heat = water (filtered or boiled to improve it's quality)
      water + some kind of dust and/or gas = mineral water 
      lots of sea water + even more heat = water + little bit of salt
      this is ofc just a rough idea, the final recipes should be more complicated,
      but what do you think of that?
    • By Fang Archbane
      The title says it all >o>

      i need a Teleport to Golemus Golemicarum Stone ITC, and was willing to trade some water for it O:!

      so, if anyone's interested, we'll talk either in game or by way of forum, if you want to find me in game im always at MDP, if not, go nuts with forum messages -o-
    • By Rumi
      I am announcing the first artwork quest of the community garden project. A number of artists have offered to contribute to the community garden project, but as of yet the only contributed artwork has been the drawing of a single flower. (an excellent drawing by Marvolo, I might add)

      This artwork quest will require several pieces to be contributed, and the reward will be a wishpoint if the work meets my expectations.

      The goal of this first artwork quest is to bring to life the work of the previous design quest winner, Brulant, who designed the pond area of the garden. His work can be found at the bottom of the first page of the Community Garden Plant List:


      Completion of the artwork quest requires the following series of drawings:

      One drawing of each plant listed in Brulant's design
      A drawing of the windmill
      A drawing of the greenhouse
      A drawing of the aeration stream (including water-filtration plants)
      A drawing of the entire pond/greenhouse area, including all plants and elements (dimensional proportion should be the same as an MD scene)


      Feel free to add new plants or elements if they come to you.

      Please look through the Community Garden Design thread to gain an understanding of the function of the various garden elements.

      All drawings must be black and white pencil in the relative style of MD.
      Bear in mind this entire area of the garden is representative of Marind Bell, and the use of MB symbolism is encouraged.

      Post your drawings as you finish each one. I may have comments, concerns, suggestions about each one. Some drawings may need to be tweaked to fit the design. Others may need to be redrawn.

      The deadline for a first drawing to be submitted is the final day of year 6 (12/31/2011). There is currently no deadline for the completion of this quest.

      If anyone wishes to sponsor this quest with lesser rewards, they will be given out for the individual drawings, with the wishpoint being given for the completed quest.

      I encourage everyone, including those with little artistic experience, to participate. Each area of the garden will undergo this kind of quest, and a little practice now may help you win a wishpoint later if you do not win now.

      Thanks for your important contribution and good luck!
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