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Phantom Orchid

Dream Quest - Act II

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My name is Maitreyi Devi, and I don't have any land affiliations, Loyalty: 76.

The Story:
It's been awhile since I started fighting the Loreroot guards. For now I only succeded to defeat the first one and the
second one is time and resource consuming. I find myself tormented by the fact that I repeatedly try to win that fight
against it but everytime the Guard humiliates me and leaves me with no strengths.
The Dream
My thoughts and strenghts are consumed by the desire of getting acces to the Lands of Loreroot. After every fight I fall
asleep exhausted and I have this hope-giving dream where the Guards let me in without any fight and I am able to explore
Loreroot at will.
To help myself fulfill this dream I created this Sigil which reminds me while I am awake that there is hope and I
shouldn't give up.

The Sigil:[attachment=3426:dream_sigil.jpg]


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