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Community Garden Artwork Quest #1

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I am announcing the first artwork quest of the community garden project. A number of artists have offered to contribute to the community garden project, but as of yet the only contributed artwork has been the drawing of a single flower. (an excellent drawing by Marvolo, I might add)

This artwork quest will require several pieces to be contributed, and the reward will be a wishpoint if the work meets my expectations.

The goal of this first artwork quest is to bring to life the work of the previous design quest winner, Brulant, who designed the pond area of the garden. His work can be found at the bottom of the first page of the Community Garden Plant List:


Completion of the artwork quest requires the following series of drawings:

One drawing of each plant listed in Brulant's design
A drawing of the windmill
A drawing of the greenhouse
A drawing of the aeration stream (including water-filtration plants)
A drawing of the entire pond/greenhouse area, including all plants and elements (dimensional proportion should be the same as an MD scene)


Feel free to add new plants or elements if they come to you.

Please look through the Community Garden Design thread to gain an understanding of the function of the various garden elements.

All drawings must be black and white pencil in the relative style of MD.
Bear in mind this entire area of the garden is representative of Marind Bell, and the use of MB symbolism is encouraged.

Post your drawings as you finish each one. I may have comments, concerns, suggestions about each one. Some drawings may need to be tweaked to fit the design. Others may need to be redrawn.

The deadline for a first drawing to be submitted is the final day of year 6 (12/31/2011). There is currently no deadline for the completion of this quest.

If anyone wishes to sponsor this quest with lesser rewards, they will be given out for the individual drawings, with the wishpoint being given for the completed quest.

I encourage everyone, including those with little artistic experience, to participate. Each area of the garden will undergo this kind of quest, and a little practice now may help you win a wishpoint later if you do not win now.

Thanks for your important contribution and good luck! Edited by Rumi

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I have received two drawings so far, one posted on the artwork forum by Neno Veliki, and another sent privately to me. Both artists decided to draw the windmill as a starting-off point for this quest, and both have drawn a tower mill, a large dutch-style grain mill. This is the kind of mill seen at the Fields of Abandonment. These are very nice drawings and I applaud their work.

The windmill that will be constructed at the community garden will serve the purpose of pumping water from the pond uphill to a stream, which in turn flows back down into the pond. This provides water circulation to help oxygenate the pond and filter contaminants though the reeds, which line the stream. The type of windmill which pumps water in this manner requires far less torque and a far greater number of revolutions per minute (RPM). These windmills are much smaller in size and have a very different design.


I hope this clears up any future confusion.

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Entry to this artwork quest is closed. Three artists entries have shown promise and I eagerly await the remainder of their work. Others interested in Community Garden Artwork can contact me or look through through the garden forum threads for ideas.

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The three artists who are participating in this quest are requested to continue providing their work. All the requested artwork must be posted on forum in the garden artwork thread or privately submitted before a wishpoint can be given. I prefer not to let this drag on all year since this is just the first section of the garden to be illustrated. All of your drawings have been spectacular. Please let's keep it up!

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Psst: the WP given to Neno for  "Community Garden Artwork - Fantastic job on toolshed and other artworks. Keep it up!" is illegal aka against the rules. Please fix it.

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Neno Veliki is the winner of the community garden artwork quest, which I awarded after he added the toolshed drawing. He refused a WP then, wanting to add more drawings before receiving. However, I am passing this role to Menhir and completing as much of my outstanding obligations as possible.


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Thank you for the link to the thread. However there are few things that are still blurry:


1) That thread shows no winners. NOWHERE is the name of Neno mentioned. Did you make a thread with the results? If so, please post the link.

2) The description of the WP says otherwise. There is NO mentioning of ANY quest. How can I know that the Wp that you have awarded is indeed for that quest or not? You had other quests as well.


So please fix it.



ps: just so you know, I have nothing against Neno. He's an awesome artist and seems to do a pretty good job with his role. But I do have an issue on how WPs are awarded.

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