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WTB Angien

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I was wondering if anyone is willing to sell an Angien.

Please either message me or post an offer.

Thank you.

[s][i][b]C[/b][/i][/s] Edited by Chengmingz

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I have one with 842 days old with blood drop 1 token and another three with the same age.

I'd say at least 7sc for the one with token and 6sc for one normal one.

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    • By Jolla
      [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=5]Hi all, I'm selling 2 Angiens & 3 Shop Jokers (No Tokens). No reserve, please bid here, PM via forum or in game I'll let this run for a week. Happy bidding......

      Angien ID 617491: Stored Heat 77178 Age: 473 - [color=#0000FF]5 SC tacitamuta[/color][/size][/font]

      [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=5]Angien ID 617499: Stored Heat 79248 Age: 473 - [color=#0000FF]4 SC Maebius[/color]

      [color=#330000]Joker ID 715286: Stored Heat 886039 Age: 215 - [/color][color=#0000ff]2[/color][color=#330000] [/color][color=#0000ff]SC Chewett[/color]

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      [color=#0000FF][size=5]Please close, thanks to all that bid!![/size][/color]
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      I want to buy (or exchange for another creature) a Loorerootian archer, level doesn't matter. Please let me know what you want for it.( I have imperial aramor, day dreamer of dark archer II to exchange).
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      [s]ID: 660580[/s]
      [s]Heat: 313930[/s]
      [s]Age: 491[/s]
      [s]No tokens.[/s]

      [s]I'll end in 72 hours, and I only accept gold and/or silver.[/s]

      Sold to Krioni, I'll contact by Forum PM and In game PM.
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      [s][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Reindrach (age ~0)[/font][/size][/s]
      [b][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]sold (anonymous)[/font][/size][/b]

      [s][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Rustgold (age 220)[/font][/size][/s]
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      [b][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]BO = 4 gc - goes to Esmaralda[/font][/size][/b]

      [s][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Soulweaver (age ~0)[/font][/size][/s]
      [b][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]BID = 2[color=#282828] gc 5 sc (DarkRaptor) - and sold.[/color][/font][/size][/b]

      [s][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Angien (age 153)[/font][/size][/s]
      [b][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]went away as a reward for a favor.[/font][/size][/b]

      [s][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]4xPimps (age ~0)[/font][/size][/s]
      [b][size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]BO = 1 sc (single) - goes to anonymous.[/font][/size][/b]

      [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]Joker (age ~0)[/font][/size]
      [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]BO = 1 sc[/font][/size]

      [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]selling on buy out or whenever i see a satisfactory price.[/font][/size]
      [size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]hmmm... ok, pimps/joker BO reduced to the [u][b]minimum[/b][/u]. anyone?[/font][/size]
    • By Chewett
      Heat: 282137
      Age: 452
      Token: [stardust]

      Current offer - 3Sc by Sunfire

      Please make offers
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