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    • By Passant the Weak
      A few weeks ago (well, a few is vague enough I guess to prevent any remark on how slow I am).... a few weeks ago I started interviews with some current and past [url="http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Necrovion"]Necrovion [/url]citizens. Of course, slow as I am, nothing was published yet, but now time has come and you will find in this thread what I have gathered. Allright I must confess: interviews quoted here are from November 2011. That's not that old, is it?

      [b]I was intrigued by the situation in Necrovion, following Jester's actions and punishment.[/b] I will not summarize those facts, as it has been done recently by [url="http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Peace"]Peace [/url]in that [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11207-so-far/"]thread[/url]. For those not familiar with what happened, I suggest reading first post of peace, which includes all official annoucements related to the matter.
      If you are way too lazy, this is a very high level summarize: [url="http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Jester"]Jester [/url]King of Necrovion got in trouble with his actions, got banned for a long duration and Necrovion land was left without any active King and "closed" to visitors.
      To be complete, I should add that Jester account has been unbanned recently, which lead to some new troubles within Necrovion.

      My main questions when i decided to enquiry about Necrovion were:
      -[b] how do Necrovion citizen react to jester's punishment[/b]
      -[b] how do they feel in regards to Necrovion land being declared "closed" (even if it is not technically closed)[/b]
      -[b] what citizens wish for the future of their land (a new king?,....)[/b]
      - [b]who could be a good king?[/b]

      The facts themselves, I will not cover in this article, but I will rather try to make you share what the feelings of involved individuals are... or at least how I have perceived them!

      I was personnally interested in exploring the Necrovion dissidence too. I had noticed that Necrovion had the most rebels within all lands, but never managed to know why. Therefore, I decided to try and get an interview with a representant of the rebellion.

      To build this article, I will give you the feedback I got from various view-point
      [b]- Part 1: how do "regular citizens" of Necrovion view the situation[/b]
      [b]- Part 2: vision of a rebel[/b]
      [b]- Part 3: interview with a historical figure of Necrovion[/b]
      [b]- Part 4: the future - a candidate for crownship?[/b]
      [b]- Conclusion[/b]

      Each part will come on time, after a couple days (a couple meaning anything between 1 and 2 dozens days! ). Hopefully my slownyness, my lazyness will not prevent you from learning a few things about Necrovion situation. Probably the veterans already know most of what will be sai dhere, but I believe some new players like me will still get something off those interviews.

      I would like to express my thanks to all Necrovion people who have accepted to answer my questions. And my gratitude for supporting the longgggg delay between he moment we have met and the moment it is published here on the forum.

      Passant, the Weak.
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