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Being Drunk Overrides Silencing

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If you are silenced by the common silence spell, not the LHO one, you can override it by drinking some alcohol which will allow you to just continue spamming chat or insulting people. Except now you're harder to understand. AmberRune and I both tested this.

Again, this kind of works conceptually with being drunk so it could have been an intended feature ^_^

(I promise I do not spend all of my time drunk and looking for bugs. :)))

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot (might have something to do with it being 2AM), but once someone is drunk trying to silence them only returned error messages for me. I'm not sure if this is because I had already 'silenced' them, or if it was merely the act of being drunk.

If someone would like to test that further please do so, otherwise I will sometime tomorrow.

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      If you are drunk, release heat, and attack someone and declare a cause to be fighting for, then you lose all the heat that you had released.

      I tried this twice and AmberRune tried it once. It happened all three times.

      If you are drunk and attack with heat without declaring a cause, then you get to keep your heat.
      If you have heat released and attack with a cause, you also keep your heat.
      It's only when all three conditions are met that you lose heat.
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