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Phinn's Amateur Avatar Hour

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Hello all -

In light of my recent misadventures with the Avatar shop, I've decided to stretch my lacking art skills into an attempt at drawing my own...

And here's the result! The artwork is all mine. I'm not confident the concept is entirely original, however (I've got a niggling twitch at the back of my mind that I've seen something similar on MD).

Please comment on both aspects if you will.

(The .jpgs would show inline while editing, but I couldn't post for some reason, so I had to add them as attachments).

dragon.jpg is a larger version, avatar.jpg is at 100x160. I'm thinking too much may be lost at that size...

Thoughts, criticism, input all welcome!

Thanks in advance.

- Phinn

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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]make him straightened up and sitting. then wings would go more vertically and it would fit into dimensions. i wonder who's that poor guy with MD shield *chuckles*[/font][/size]

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Next step up in artistry is shading the contours, rather than just being an outline.

I agree it would be better to scale it so that it fits in the avatar-size box, and is not chopped off.

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Yeah, needs to fit entirely within the avatar box area, heard about other people's getting turned down cos of that before. Also MD needs to be more visible from wheat I've seen around.

The neck to head bit looks....odd, can't really describe why unfortunately.

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Dragon is pretty hard to fit in an MD avatar unless drawn with good skill (like Lexier's avatar), but urs looks cool....little bit change to proportion, remove the linefrom the bottom of the right wing so that it looks that it came from the body, and his head seem to look like Cartoon N/W dragon a little more fierce look will improve its appearance
here is the [url="http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s28/anoop4real/DRagon3.jpg"]one[/url] i tried sometime back, you can find a few other in my papers Edited by dragonrider7

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