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Ceremonial Heat Letting for our Dead

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We all know the crisis that is currently occurring. Our Monarchs and Friends are Dead. We must do something to try and resolve the matter.

I, along with my friends and other Seekers will be holding a Heat Letting Ceremony at Angiens Ferry. During we shall talk with anyone else there, About what can be done, and what has occurred. I hope some of you will want to say something, about our dead, about how you believe it happened or how it can be resolved.

The event will be held on Sunday 24th. It will be held twice, Once at 15:00 (server-time, GMT+2) and again at 22:00 (server-time, GMT+2) This is to facilitate multiple timezones. The 24th is also a Sanctuary day, So there will be no fighting at the meetings.

I have been in talks with most monarchs and Z, and most agreed that they will be in attendance or will send representatives.

For this, the general scheme of the event will be thus:

Introduction by Me
Small talk about the process of letting heat, the significant of Angiens Ferry (heat letting optional)
Talks, Comments and rituals by assembled Members
General conversation about events, open to everyone.

If anyone wishs to specifically have a slot, to talk for a period of time, Or perform some kind of ritual please send me a pm stating what you wish to do, including the meeting time you will be attending.

Since there will be two meetings, each with differing people attending, their contents will surely differ, and if you have time for both, it will be interesting to bring any foresight gained in the first, to the second.

Hopefully we can progress the issue of our dead friends, and possibly find a way to help them in their current predicament.

This thread can be used to say you are coming, Or comment on the event, or merely ask questions regarding it.

I hope to see some of you there. Edited by Chewett

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Hope to be there, it'll be close for hte 22:00 slot for me based on my tenative schedule, but I'll be hopeful in attending there!

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This event has finished.

it culminated in collecting 480k heat in a container, and we sucessfully managed to do so, within a couple hours of starting.

I shall be posting a full log, pictures and infomation regarding the event up tommrow, including a list of thank yours for everyone.

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congrats chewie and the rest of your fine uopstanding citizens.
I was offline, sadly, all day without a signal, so missed it. Glad to see such a great turnout though!

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I held two ceremonies during the day, With each ceremony differing slightly.

The first, was a more general heat letting, where its was merely released and then we held a discussion afterwards. The second heat letting was where we stored the heat into an item, more specifically a book.

Here is the log of the second ceremony:


We took an hour and a half to gather 480k of heat which afterwards then our friends were resurrected. We still know little of what happened to them but it doesn't matter for they are alive and well.

[attachment=3082:480k heat.jpg]

Starting at 0, slowly working out way up to filling it took a lot of work from some people. By the end of the one and a half hours many participents were running around franticly gaining heat. Without their help, we wouldnt have managed to fill up the book, and save our friends.

Ceremony 1 Participants:
[attachment=3084:event 1.jpg]
Ceremony 2 Participants:
[attachment=3085:event 2.jpg]

Here is a two images showing the participants at a point int he ceremony. So many people turning up for something to try and save our friends is amazing, and just shows the large amount of people who wanted to save our friends.

Full log, very long:

[attachment=3087:Full Log of the Day.htm]

Ceremony 1 starts: [24/07/11 15:04]
Phantasm Speaking: [24/07/11 15:32]
Fyrd Speaking: [24/07/11 15:38]
Discussion/Argument: [24/07/11 15:42]
Ceremony 2 starts: [24/07/11 22:00]
Started moving the heat book around: [24/07/11 22:16]
Filled up the Orb finally: [24/07/11 23:49]

Use these timestamps to search through the large log. (Ctrl-F will normally bring up find dialog)

[b]Finally I want to thank everyone that turned up and let out heat again. It was our joint effort that managed to save them, And for that you all have my gratitude.[/b] Edited by Chewett

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I was very sorry to have had to miss it. I was traveling that day, so could not be online until much later.

I am so glad that the monarchs were saved! Congrats to all!

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