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Sparring Grounds

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The Sparring Grounds, located at the Marble Dale Park, is the main training ground for MP3s learing the system. Established by Burns and Shadowseeker (mainly shadowseeker, as Burns says : "I did nothing, I just copied the rules to the signpost :P"), and maintained by no one, it follows the simple rule : ask before you attack

by asking before attacking, that ensures that new MP3s will never suffer extensive damage, as, for example, being attacked with a too-strong ritual when they have one hundred percent of their vitality in their defenisve. The problem (mainly) is that not all people know the rules to follow, and some people know the rules, but simply do not follow them. Since no one is keeping an eye out for these things, if that happens, it just has to be ignored.

Other rules there include the one where idle players can be attacked, and that non-idle players can not UNLESS they give their prior acceptance (as to being attacked), which is logical since idle players can't give acceptance, since they're not there. Also, in head's competition, people with a sufficent number of heads are not protected by the rules of the SG, and as the rule says "they can be attacked if they have enough heads that they can be attacked in a sanctuary anyway"

Mainly filled with MP3s and some well knonw MP5s ( I usaully see Burns) the SG is the best place for MP3s to hang, given that they learn about the fighting system there, and that they have friendly conversations with people of the same MP level as themselves, and that they get free online help (not via pm, but directly via chat) that way from the on-looking MP5s

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