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Found 2 results

  1. selling grinding services!

    SInce totems are totally over powered and broken I can level crits up for you! I can give them wins! shall offer my services to grind away for anyone who wants to purchase my services. besides a fee discussed in private it will cost you the crit you want me to train for you as well as what it takes to totemize the crit you want me to train.
  2. This is in the more info section on the stats page. [quote] [i]Energetic immunity:[/i] [i]…[/i] The effects of spell damage can also be under the influence of this modifier. [/quote] Is spell damage the same thing as stat damage? --If no: What's spell damage? I looked through the forum and found no reference to it using the search terms [spell, damage, spell damage, "spell", "damage", and "spell damage"], but I've been known to miss things that are right in front of me. Is it referring to temporary stat drain by a spell? --If yes: Does Energetic Immunity actually affect stat damage? There are a couple of different types of stat damage and drain, be they spell, item, angry fugitive, or Eon, but I've never seen my Energetic Immunity help me with any of those. --If yes and Energetic Immunity doesn't affect stat damage: Would it make sense if it did? People, myself included, have been complaining about Eon's stat damage for a while, no, I don't want this to be a rant-about-Eon-topic, and I'm sure that they'd complain about fugitives stat damage too if they got attacked by one for a while. Plus, if Mur keeps releasing new land weapons I'm sure that stat damage would get included in one of them eventually. So, I personally think that it would make sense to use an already existing stat to lessen, but not eliminate, the effects of stat damage. Thoughts?