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Found 1 result

  1. I am hoping maybe for a better name, but this is what it will do: The Guardian will have powers to ban players from grabing shared items if they are found to have more than one of a type or if they are hoarding them on alts, or abusing them in any way (abuse ways will be clearly specified) I need one for each shared items location. This is a MAIN role, its a full time role so to say, but will require your time just in the first few days after the items are regrouped. no requirement, ..except...one request..write 1-2 rows , not 0-1 not 2-8 etc, but 1,2 rows about why you want the role or what makes you deserve it, or ANYTHING that might convince me to give it to you, even active days but no role yet is a good reason, i will read all, but if you fail to write as much as requested your application will be ignored. (This was 1-2 rows) The role will be one that involves you to be citizen of that land! for necrovion and east lands i accept exceptions. Mention the coords of the shared item dispatcher you intend to guard! mandatory. If you have no citizenship i can give you citizenship for that land if i select you to guard its dispatcher. TOOLS ARE FUNCTIONAL AND READY TO USE This role will cause a lot of fuss, i need you to write the rows requested so i know you are able to talk and convince someone, and how will you try to do it. its diplomacy/eficiency check NEW/IMPORTANT I will assign this as a tag dispatcher role eventually, so later on you will get the chance to get this role without being selected by anyone, or to lose it because you won't fulfill the requirements needed then. However i will try to support those selected now as much as possible to keep their role when such an update will be made. Tag dispatchers are not really used.
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