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Found 1 result

  1. its been a very very long time since i last touched the notes for my second book... last time i thought i have everything there to put it in a nice form, but as my memory got more and more distorted i find it difficult to connect things in it and i lost that "glue" that was supposed to unite all my notes in a coherent idea. I would like to share a small fragment i found lost, because somehow i have the feeling i am missing something in it. [color=#008080][i]"The unhappend future contains all possible versions of events that exist at the same time like in a homogenous stable soup of timeless reality. Happening at the same time ([b]without time actually[/b]) makes them perfectly balanced. Out of this silvery sphere/circle of continuous events,they come out one by one through the point of present. The remaining versions of one events become unstable and vanish, only the present remains real for a moment without time, then only echoes in the memory of the observer [b]through the unbalance[/b] it leaves behind in the other events around it."[/i][/color] [i]At a later time i made an other note:[/i] [color=#008080][i]"The future is formed out of complex "*feelings" (*cant find the right word) [b]that downgrade into events [/b]forming what we see as "past". [b]Time is not the cause but the effect of entropy[/b], because without entropy, these complex "*feelings" would remain stable and not flow. The time flow is caused by unbalance. In a perfectly balanced system time has no place, time is a sign of failure of that system."[/i][/color] I must say these thoughts alone are mind twisting and i can't understand them myself quite well at this moment..and once they were so clear that i didn't bothered to note them in more detail. When i started the book i had such a clear picture in mind of everything, then things happend and i lost a big part of my mind..added with stress and the shit i've been through past year...i can't make any sense out of this ...and it sucks If anyone is able to give an opinion..my question is simple: [b]ARE THE TWO FRAGMENTS IN CONTRADICTION (of any sort) OR COMPLEMENTARY?[/b] as a note.. apparently..i lost my mind/sanity at the time i found a logical pattern that..lets say..discovered a potential breaking point / exit / gate, call it as you wish...a weak spot of reality. As our mind mirrors the universe we are in (or the opposite, its all the same actually), probably it happend inside my mind what would happen outside of it if such a thing would be reached. Lets say i have a "system error" and i can't fix it on my own, my only escape is to either shut-down and prevent further damage, or simply retrace the entire logic and ...and what? i have no idea where these leads to.. At some point i reached i thought that i managed to support with a logical structure to maintain its meaning in my head .. "nothing exists". The beauty is that "nothing exists" does not contradict with "everything is possible".. even the words mean something else if you are carefull how you read them. am i realy losing my mind? does any of this make any sense to any of you? [b]i will reply ONCE to each person sharing their opinion about my initial question, that way everyone gets to reply to this initial post..whatever you discuss based on it feel free to do so, i will read, but i will try not to reply in order to avoid deviating from the initial question[/b]
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