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Found 1 result

  1. I need to restore my gold supply. While i could basically give myself unlimited gold, this would ruind MD economy and would make any value concept pointless. Every time i reward or pay gold, i do so from gold i obtain through some form of value exchange, like this one. This auction also adds a bit of spice and role potential. This is a rare functional item, its description sais what it does. Its use might not be really something you want, unless you want it I do not guarantee that myself or chew won;t use other ways of traveling in case we need to chase someone that has such item, but for the rest, this is hardcoded so it will work. If any of the A25 holders want to bid, please consider this item will severely impair our collaboration, as magic is still the most convenient way i could travel to you when needed. I wont be responsible for this if you decide to hold such item. Scent of Mislocation Whoever has this scent can't be followed by anyone by using magic. It is a cool thing to have, unless you don\'t want to have it. Auction starts at 1Gc, i accept only gold, in any form. Auction ends whenever i consider, and payment needs to be done when it ends, within few days.
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