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Found 2 results

  1. Complete at least three of the following five tasks to qualify (though, you won't assuredly get one for just finishing three, depends how much participation) for a reward. Obv if you complete more, you stand a higher chance of getting a better reward. What are the rewards? Uh...gimme a break I rushed this together yesterday! Will update later with personal sponsorship(s), and ofc you might expect some birthday rewards too! Incase of ties, your performance in the RP, research and/or diplomacy sections (or combat / resource sections if you feel you did something creative enough) will be judged to break it. To begin, post your ID, playername and a screen of your current win/loss counter and your current resource inventory, all with server time visible. To end, post lots of screens as proof of your deeds! Combat Gain 20 victories and 20 sheaths ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** These MUST be counted on your daily progress, meaning some players will have a disadvantage, this is intended RP Design and perform a dance / ritual / play / event depicting the story of your character as you see it Collecting / Trading / Processing Bring 10 water, 10 lumber, 10 bones and 10 of a mined material -One combined or processed (subject to the judge's discretion) item may be used instead of one set of 10, as long as you provide screenshots proving you didn't have this item or its composite materials before the beginning of the quest- Research What happens when a sworn enemy of Necrovion dies to one of its citizens? Why does this relationship exist, and are there parallels in other lands? Diplomacy Convince somebody to lend you their most precious creature for a day
  2. Link for when this becomes ancient history and nobody knows what I'm talking about To be clear, I 100% agree with Chew's statement here. Fang added nothing (or very little) to the discussion in that topic. However: I'll put all my cards on the table here (at least in one of my hands), so I can hopefully make my point more clear: I was 13 when I started playing this "game", and I'm 22 now. You have all watched me grow into an adult (whether you realized it or not) and not only watched me but sculpted me. So given that, here we go: As a younger man, I found it much more easy than I do now to engage with my passion for justice in MD. That's what I believe Fang was doing in the topic in question, and I don't think that should be shamed or stopped, at least not from an administrative standpoint such as the one that Chewett represents (whether he likes it or not, I should say), because (to be quite blunt) doing stupid things is how one grows and learns, and if it's somehow seen as "against the rules" to be passionate in the way that Fang was, I think it would be to the detriment of MagicDuel as a whole, based on how much I grew by being allowed to spew my own brand of BS back in the day (and even right now, what you're reading will probably be BS to me in the future). Sure it clutters topic and bothers everybody to read, but that's what the reputation system is for, and it's not like we have a lot going on here right now anyways. That being said, I'd love to learn your thoughts, and I'm making this a topic rather than a PM because it's ultimately up to you: Do you want a slightly censored and more convenient forum utopia where everybody has positive rep, or an open forum where things get stupid, annoying and messy? NOTE: I'm not casting blame or anger at Chew. Just want to make that especially clear.
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