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Found 3 results

  1. Tranquil Nights When the clashing of swords echoes no more, I call upon you to join me in storytelling, harvesting, reminiscing, teaching, trading or any activity that is deemed suitable for the day. When the day does not make itself entertaining, it is up to us to make it so. Lay down your blades, Lay down your shields; Join one, join all, on every Day of Tranquility from now on (12th and 24th of each month). All are welcome and encouraged to contribute; I shall set the theme and pace and will announce it ahead of time. Rejoice, unite Your scattered might. Points will be given and a tally will be kept. Rewards will be given to the diligent, ranging from coins and spellstones to nightmode access. Any sponsors are welcome, everyone is free to reward what they deem worthy of rewards. Fate and Control shall be your first theme. Prepare a brief parable (or another short act that you deem suitable). Important tidbits and TL;DR
  2. Describe yourself, drawing one or two arrows on the provided diagram, starting from the centre pointing outwards. Keep in mind, I'm expecting to receive: Diagram solved by you, with the arrows Explanation or reasoning for the solution you found (optional) what you think this diagram means Please refer to the "Scoring" section to see what I'm looking for. To Begin - DEADLINE: 23rd March 2016 Contact me via forum PM as follows, and I will provide you with the diagram1. My reply to this marks the beginning of your quest time: Name: ID: Citizenship: Date Character was Created: The answer is not the same for each participant. I will explain how the answer is determined at the end of the quest, for transparency. Currently, this is to be known by myself and the judges. Hints I will post hints every week. Each hint posted after the first one will decrease the score of participants who send their answer after the date it was posted on by 5/100. A total of 5 hints will be posted (in separate posts in this topic, to keep a clear track of date/time), including the first one, after which no further hints will be added. Scoring (x out of 100) Rewards - DEADLINE: 23rd May 2016 Sponsors welcome. 1 - the diagram is shared with each participant individually. I reserve the right to reward 0 quest time points to any individual who shared the diagram with other participants, or any participant who acquired the diagram from sources other than myself, if substantial proof is provided. EDIT LOG:
  3. Ahh, so within you have gazed... Come, come closer now. No need to be scared, is there? Unless... Yes, unless your mind is not prepared. Come, come. I will help you. I will light your path, so in the mirror yourself you may see, But before that, you must prove yourself to me. Show me: Attunement to the dim blur of dark, Perception of the subtle art. Patience for the dawn to come Wit for it all to sum. Come to me, and I will point you to your first step. Or for those who want less fancy words OOC Notes:
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