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Found 1 result

  1. I think killing tools should have an item recaller so the owner of the tool can take it back whenever they please. Due to the rarity of these items they are highly valuable and thus if loaned out the user will have a lot of responsibility to return the item, of which they may not do. My reasons for thinking they need a recaller are that if the items can be loaned out to anyone who will pay if the owner likes the request, it is beneficial for both parties (except the dead obviously). This pushes more towards frequent killing tool usage and this may be a good thing as it will generate some quests (if players purchase for that) and it could be a balance to allow more revival tool usage along with quests like Molquert or the Caretaker's Revival's request when it comes out. A reason for not giving this same item recaller to revival tools although they are similar is that dulls some of the sense of reviving someone if you are just giving your tool to someone else to do it. A reason for it would be that it could also generate loans of revival tools.
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