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Found 1 result

  1. Below are the logs for the 1st annual April Fools Joke contest! The rules were simple, tell 5 dad-jokes (as you can see in the logs... we just kind of moved into any kind of joke). Most jokes that I saw are underlined (before it was too much for PC to handle) Ways to win: every person should vote for their top two jokes by responding below. (This means even participants can vote, though I encourage you not just to vote for your own.) It should look like this (example post) 1. Steno: What is the loudest sport? --->>>Racketball 2. Mur: Have you heard the joke about silence? --->Neither have I. This way I know who said what joke and which was first and second. For each time the same joke (possibly change to person, depending on entries) gets picked, they get points. 1st place is worth 2 points, 2nd place 1 point. The winner will get a random reward, the 2nd place will also get a reward. All participants shall receive something (may take me awhile) Voting will close on April 13th, 2020. <log>[01/04/20 22:59] :Steno sits and quickly refreshes himself on his jokes and rules of contest[01/04/20 23:00] Steno:5...4...3...2..1... Go![01/04/20 23:00] Ungod: (Well...I don\'t have any dad jokes on me, sorry, Steno. I came here so that I could hear some, though.)[01/04/20 23:00] Steno:Greetings everyone! Welcome to our April Fool\'s Joke Competition![01/04/20 23:01] Steno: (you\'re okay)[01/04/20 23:01] Steno:The Rules are simple: If you want to tell a joke, just raise your hand, then when called upon, say your joke, and you answer in this format:[01/04/20 23:01] Steno:Like this--> What is the one thing a snowman never fears?[01/04/20 23:01] Steno:Brain freeze![01/04/20 23:02] :Steno steno bows to the lack of laughter and steps off the Gazebo[01/04/20 23:02] Steno:I will obtain a log of the chat and spread the laughter to the forums where reputation will be used to decide winners[01/04/20 23:02] Steno:Any questions?[01/04/20 23:03] Ungod:Somewhat related: these jokes are usually puns?[01/04/20 23:03] Steno:Yes, but they don\'t have to be, if you don\'t want them to be.[01/04/20 23:04] Steno:Anymore questions?[01/04/20 23:04] Ungod:You said they\'re dad jokes on the forum. Why are they called dad jokes?[01/04/20 23:05] Steno:Hmm... interesting question. https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2018/09/deconstructing-the-dad-joke/571174/[01/04/20 23:05] Ungod:that\'s a very long answer [01/04/20 23:05] Steno:Mainly because they\'re known to be jokes that are so bad that they are funny[01/04/20 23:06] Ungod:but i do remmeber two lame jokes from a children\'s book when i was learning english[01/04/20 23:06] Steno:I guess it is a culturally-isolated phenomenon, something I honestly didn\'t consider until now[01/04/20 23:06] Steno: (now I realize I seem really culturally snobbish, sorry all)[01/04/20 23:06] Aelis:Here we call them uncle jokes.[01/04/20 23:06] Steno:Last call for questions?[01/04/20 23:07] Ungod:Let me tell the joke, and you tell me if they\'re uncle jokes or puns.[01/04/20 23:07] Aelis:"big uncle" jokes would be more accurate, I guess[01/04/20 23:07] Steno:Or both?[01/04/20 23:07] Chewett:Its quite intersting to hear the dicussion about the jokes![01/04/20 23:07] Chewett:I look forward to the jokes themselves too[01/04/20 23:07] Ungod:Ok, let me crack the ice. FOr the second time, since Steno already did.[01/04/20 23:07] Steno:Who wants to start?[01/04/20 23:08] Ungod:Me, me![01/04/20 23:08] :Steno nods to ungod[01/04/20 23:08] :Ungod jumps on the gazebo[01/04/20 23:08] :Steno ushers Ungod up onto the gazebo so all can hear[01/04/20 23:08] :Ungod forgot the etiquette, so he just improvises[01/04/20 23:08] Ungod:What\'s the kind of jam that doesn\'t fit in a jar?[01/04/20 23:08] Ungod:------> Traffic jam![01/04/20 23:09] :Ailith giggles[01/04/20 23:09] :Steno chortles[01/04/20 23:09] Chewett:[01/04/20 23:09] Chewett:I guessed it![01/04/20 23:09] Ungod:it\'s really lame, don\'t laugh[01/04/20 23:09] :Ungod steps down[01/04/20 23:09] Ailith:I like silly jokes[01/04/20 23:09] Steno:Point to chew for guessing it! That\'s the point Ungod, they\'re so bad that they become funny![01/04/20 23:09] Ungod:now, what kind of joke was this one?[01/04/20 23:10] Ungod:It\'s a language-related one, no?[01/04/20 23:10] Steno:Thank you to Ungod, That was both a pun and a dad-joke, they are not mutually exclusive[01/04/20 23:10] Steno:Let\'s replace the phrase dad-joke with just a "joke" for the future[01/04/20 23:10] Miq:Magohi is a serious gentleman[01/04/20 23:11] Steno:Alright who is next, MaGoHi?[01/04/20 23:11] :Miq dominated MaGoHi and took all ☻29 heads.[01/04/20 23:11] Ungod:Not bad, Miq, but you must go on the scene.[01/04/20 23:11] MaGoHi:yeah[01/04/20 23:11] MaGoHi:had to laugh[01/04/20 23:11] Steno:Miq, you\'re next, since you stepped up[01/04/20 23:11] Steno:even if you don\'t have one ready[01/04/20 23:11] Miq:next with what[01/04/20 23:12] Ungod:with the jokes?[01/04/20 23:12] :Miq looks dead serious[01/04/20 23:12] Steno:Oh, nevermind, I see what you did there.[01/04/20 23:12] Ungod:Miq\'s reactions are amusing, as always.[01/04/20 23:12] Steno:Mag, you\'re up. *ushers him up onto the Gazebo*[01/04/20 23:12] Miq:jokes are no joking matter to be trashed arould like that[01/04/20 23:13] MaGoHi:What is orange and walks up a mountain?[01/04/20 23:13] Ungod:Trump?[01/04/20 23:13] :Ailith giggles[01/04/20 23:13] Steno: (you mean no trouting matter)[01/04/20 23:13] :Steno falls literally on the floor laughing at Ungod\'s answer[01/04/20 23:13] MaGoHi:----->a wandarine[01/04/20 23:13] :Ailith facepalms[01/04/20 23:14] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:14] Chewett:ahahahaha[01/04/20 23:14] Chewett:Terrible joke![01/04/20 23:14] Chewett:I love it![01/04/20 23:14] Ungod:hoho, i didn\'t guess it right[01/04/20 23:14] MaGoHi:i could top up with one[01/04/20 23:15] Steno:Go for it![01/04/20 23:15] MaGoHi:what is green and runs in packs through the woods?[01/04/20 23:15] Aelis:Lorerootians[01/04/20 23:16] :Sunfire chuckles[01/04/20 23:16] Ungod:Oh, yea. Didnt think of that.[01/04/20 23:16] MaGoHi:---->a pack of pickles, now whats the joke about it?[01/04/20 23:16] MaGoHi:----->pickles are no pack animals[01/04/20 23:16] :Steno smirks[01/04/20 23:17] Ungod:Syrian is an expert on pickles, she should confirm or deny.[01/04/20 23:17] Ailith:educational... I like it![01/04/20 23:17] MaGoHi:a last one thats not funny[01/04/20 23:17] Ungod:Yes, it was a great joke.[01/04/20 23:17] MaGoHi:what is brown and under water?[01/04/20 23:17] Steno: (etiquette)[01/04/20 23:17] Ungod:I...don\'t want to say my first thought.[01/04/20 23:17] MaGoHi: (damn it wont work in english i was too qick)[01/04/20 23:18] Ungod:So this is my second: a seal.[01/04/20 23:18] Steno:All my answers are inappropriate[01/04/20 23:18] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:18] Ungod:A drunken fisherman.[01/04/20 23:18] MaGoHi:----> a U-Bread[01/04/20 23:18] Steno:fish poop[01/04/20 23:18] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:18] Ungod:yea, it doesn\'t work in English.[01/04/20 23:18] Ungod:i don\'t know what an U bread is.[01/04/20 23:18] Steno: *laughs* It kind of does[01/04/20 23:19] Ailith:like a u boat but edible[01/04/20 23:19] MaGoHi:yeah[01/04/20 23:19] Ungod: *thinks a little* No, I don\'t know. Torment me no longer[01/04/20 23:19] Miq:black mermaid actuly[01/04/20 23:19] Steno:As long as I can make sandwiches out of it[01/04/20 23:19] :Ungod clears the air[01/04/20 23:19] :Ailith giggles[01/04/20 23:19] Ungod:lemme say another one[01/04/20 23:20] Ungod:it\'s really bad, let me say it[01/04/20 23:20] Steno:Ungod[01/04/20 23:20] :Steno nods[01/04/20 23:20] :Ungod jumps on the gazebo[01/04/20 23:20] Ungod:What is longer than a long worm?[01/04/20 23:20] Steno:snake?[01/04/20 23:20] Ailith:worms[01/04/20 23:20] MaGoHi:i cant say that here[01/04/20 23:20] Miq:borehole[01/04/20 23:20] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:21] Sunfire:A very long worm[01/04/20 23:21] Ungod:Ailith is very close; the answer is[01/04/20 23:21] Ungod:----> two long worms[01/04/20 23:21] :Ailith laughs loudly[01/04/20 23:21] Ailith:I like that one[01/04/20 23:21] Ungod:i think it can be extended to many other things[01/04/20 23:21] :Ungod steps down[01/04/20 23:22] Miq:i went the construction store today, brought box of common ff3 respiratory masks.[01/04/20 23:22] :Ailith raises hand[01/04/20 23:22] :Steno laughs[01/04/20 23:22] :Steno nods at Ailith, but motions Miq to go next[01/04/20 23:22] :Ailith nods to Miq and smiles[01/04/20 23:23] :MaGoHi nods for the sake of nodding[01/04/20 23:23] :Ungod asks Miq for a free mask[01/04/20 23:23] :Aelis nodnodnods in honor of Guillak[01/04/20 23:23] Ailith:Was that a joke or a statement? *giggles softly*[01/04/20 23:24] Steno:Go Miq, you messed up etiquette,![01/04/20 23:24] Miq:i could not have[01/04/20 23:24] Miq:i can\'t read such stuff[01/04/20 23:24] Sunfire: (oh guillak, i miss the guy)[01/04/20 23:24] Miq:why does the rabbit run over the montain?[01/04/20 23:25] Ungod:\'cuz he can\'t run under it?[01/04/20 23:25] :Steno ponders[01/04/20 23:25] :Miq sulks at ungod[01/04/20 23:25] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:25] Ungod:what, i\'m right?[01/04/20 23:26] Miq:yeah[01/04/20 23:26] :Steno laughs at Miq\'s reaction[01/04/20 23:26] :MaGoHi laughs[01/04/20 23:26] Ungod:well, i\'m strating to get a knack for bad jokes now[01/04/20 23:26] Miq:why some kids have ginger hair?[01/04/20 23:26] Aelis:You literally dropped the miq on him, Ungod.[01/04/20 23:26] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:26] :Steno guffaws at Aelis[01/04/20 23:26] Ungod:ooh, that\'s a good one, Aelis[01/04/20 23:26] Ungod:but i don\'t know the next one [01/04/20 23:27] :Aelis bows and chuckles[01/04/20 23:27] Ungod:is this joke related to ginger the sweet?[01/04/20 23:27] Miq:it\'s surely related to every living creature[01/04/20 23:27] Ungod:i\'m running meanings for ginger in my head and all I can think of is last summer when I made ginger ale 😕[01/04/20 23:27] Miq:exept me ofc since don\'t have documents of being alive[01/04/20 23:28] MaGoHi:because they dont have souls?[01/04/20 23:28] Ungod:i dont know. because they can\'t have ginger teeth or seomething?[01/04/20 23:28] Steno:Because they\'re the spice of life?[01/04/20 23:28] Miq:---- because their parents had rusty tools[01/04/20 23:29] Ungod:oh, damn. that was nasty[01/04/20 23:29] :Steno rolls eyes after wiping away tears of laughter[01/04/20 23:29] Aelis:hahaha[01/04/20 23:29] MaGoHi:sweet[01/04/20 23:29] Miq:oi it\'s valid estonian folkflore[01/04/20 23:30] Miq:no laughing[01/04/20 23:30] Ungod:this is what I love about MD: brings everyone together. Unlike corona (the virus, not the beer)[01/04/20 23:31] Steno: *hahaha* I think Ailith is still next[01/04/20 23:31] :Ailith smiles I don\'t think I can follow that last one laughs[01/04/20 23:31] :Steno gestures to Ailith for the gazebo[01/04/20 23:31] Ailith: (UGH)[01/04/20 23:31] Steno:Too late! You raised your hand![01/04/20 23:32] :Ailith climbs onto the gazebo[01/04/20 23:32] Aelis: *claps* Go Ailith![01/04/20 23:32] :Steno gives Ailith the stink eye until she goes up there[01/04/20 23:32] Ailith:Alright... um what\'s the difference between a guitar and a fish?[01/04/20 23:32] Ailith:You can tune a guitar, but you can\'t tuna fish[01/04/20 23:33] :Ungod laughs[01/04/20 23:33] Ungod:i was thinking of other things, tbh[01/04/20 23:33] :Steno laughs[01/04/20 23:33] Aelis: *Laughs* I love that one[01/04/20 23:33] Ailith:Umm...[01/04/20 23:33] Ailith:what kind of sandals do frogs wear?[01/04/20 23:33] :Steno looks at Ungod, waiting for explanation... wait, changes his mind[01/04/20 23:34] Aelis:Croaks[01/04/20 23:34] Ailith:Open-Toad[01/04/20 23:34] Ailith:Ooo I like that Aelis!![01/04/20 23:34] Steno:Dang Aelis! That was my answer![01/04/20 23:34] Aelis: *high fives Steno* We beat the original answer![01/04/20 23:34] Ailith:Alright *looks embarrassed* someone else now![01/04/20 23:34] :Steno high fives back[01/04/20 23:34] MaGoHi:oh that reminds me of one actually[01/04/20 23:35] :Ailith grins to Aelis and claps for the east[01/04/20 23:35] :Steno climbs back up[01/04/20 23:35] Aelis: *high fives Ailith too* For the East![01/04/20 23:35] :Steno nods at Mag to go next[01/04/20 23:35] Steno:Why don\'t I eat steak anymore?[01/04/20 23:35] :Ailith high fives and grins[01/04/20 23:35] Ungod: ( i was gonna join, but i must refrain lol)[01/04/20 23:36] Ungod:i know that one![01/04/20 23:36] Ungod:\'Cuz Mago ate it all yesterday[01/04/20 23:36] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:36] MaGoHi:xD[01/04/20 23:36] Ungod:when you\'re out of bacon, you\'re out of it[01/04/20 23:36] Steno:---> Because it is so RARE that it is done WELL[01/04/20 23:37] Aelis:I thought it was because the steaks were too high.[01/04/20 23:37] Steno: *whistles* that\'s WAY better[01/04/20 23:37] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:37] Ungod: *whispers* He seems to be a pro[01/04/20 23:37] :Steno gestures to MaGoHi[01/04/20 23:38] Aelis:I seem to be on a lucky steak[01/04/20 23:38] Steno:lucky steak[01/04/20 23:38] :Ailith facepalms[01/04/20 23:38] MaGoHi:what is green and stands on the side of the road?[01/04/20 23:38] :Aelis chuckles[01/04/20 23:38] Ungod:that\'s the new emblem of Ireland, btw[01/04/20 23:38] Miq:lucky logan steaks mmmmm[01/04/20 23:39] Miq:bob, magohi[01/04/20 23:39] Ungod:run-down leprachaun?[01/04/20 23:39] Steno:Steve![01/04/20 23:39] Ungod: (i misspelled that)[01/04/20 23:39] Ailith:a seasick hedgehog![01/04/20 23:39] MaGoHi:-----> a frogtitute[01/04/20 23:39] :Ailith laughs loudly[01/04/20 23:39] Ungod:oh, that was bad.[01/04/20 23:40] Ungod:really, really bad.[01/04/20 23:40] Aelis:lol xD[01/04/20 23:40] :Ungod applauds[01/04/20 23:40] Dark Demon:What longer than short but is actually shorter than short?[01/04/20 23:40] MaGoHi:chew told me to come and tell bad jokes[01/04/20 23:40] :Steno joins in applause[01/04/20 23:40] Ungod:chewett knows you only too well, MAgo [01/04/20 23:40] MaGoHi:a short while[01/04/20 23:40] Dark Demon:Also hello everyone. Long time. Love you all[01/04/20 23:41] MaGoHi:dont love you but hi[01/04/20 23:41] Steno:Hello, *pushes dark up onto gazebo so he can be heard*[01/04/20 23:41] Aelis:Hey there [01/04/20 23:41] Ailith: *smiles warmly to DD* Hey![01/04/20 23:41] Miq:why do flower turn toward the sun?[01/04/20 23:41] Dark Demon:Ailith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![01/04/20 23:41] :Ailith grins[01/04/20 23:41] :Dark Demon grins[01/04/20 23:42] Steno:Wait, Miq, we have to hear DD\'s answer.[01/04/20 23:42] Aelis:Ailith\'s longer than short and shorter than short?[01/04/20 23:42] MaGoHi:Always happy to see DD **[01/04/20 23:42] Steno:DD, please restate[01/04/20 23:42] Dark Demon: *repeats loundly* what is longer than short but is actually shorter than short?[01/04/20 23:42] Dark Demon: (loudly*)[01/04/20 23:43] Ailith:I am long AND short[01/04/20 23:43] Miq:shorts[01/04/20 23:43] MaGoHi:shorts[01/04/20 23:43] Dark Demon:"long"[01/04/20 23:43] Dark Demon:the word[01/04/20 23:43] Aelis:Tall[01/04/20 23:43] :Steno laughs[01/04/20 23:43] Aelis:Ah[01/04/20 23:43] Aelis:😜[01/04/20 23:44] Chewett:My My what a turnout![01/04/20 23:44] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:44] Ungod:it took a while to get it :)))[01/04/20 23:44] Steno:Point to Aelis for being functionally close[01/04/20 23:44] Ailith:SHOUTS: All the chewy people :o![01/04/20 23:44] Dark Demon:this is like[01/04/20 23:44] Dark Demon:when all the wookies got freed[01/04/20 23:44] :Steno looks around and is shocked[01/04/20 23:45] Ailith:Where is A? *looks at Chewy*[01/04/20 23:45] Aelis:Chew the Green is the frogtitute[01/04/20 23:45] Aelis:check his avy[01/04/20 23:45] Steno:It\'s Kashyyyk up in here[01/04/20 23:45] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:45] :Steno laughs[01/04/20 23:45] Chew the Green:I am A obviously[01/04/20 23:45] Dark Demon:XD[01/04/20 23:45] Ailith:Ohhhh[01/04/20 23:46] :Steno gestures to Miq, Chew the Green can go next for some Brit humor[01/04/20 23:46] Ailith:Well I don\'t know.. *hands on hips in jokey sass*[01/04/20 23:46] Miq:well i wanted to know if you lot know why flowers turn to the sun[01/04/20 23:46] Dark Demon:Oh yes, Miq asked a question[01/04/20 23:47] Ungod:I think it\'s because they can\'t turn away from it[01/04/20 23:47] Steno:It\'s their sunny dispositions[01/04/20 23:47] Ungod:but then, what about photosynthesis, huh?[01/04/20 23:47] Ailith:They like warm faces?[01/04/20 23:47] Dark Demon:Because everything else throws too much shade at them[01/04/20 23:48] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:48] Miq:-- they want to get a tan as soon as possible like everyone else[01/04/20 23:48] :Steno chuckles at DD\'s answer[01/04/20 23:48] Aelis:hahah nice one DD[01/04/20 23:48] :Dark Demon chuckles[01/04/20 23:48] Steno:Point to DD[01/04/20 23:48] Steno:Chew the Green *ushers him up top*[01/04/20 23:48] Sunfire:Because im just so interesting[01/04/20 23:49] :Chew the Green hops away[01/04/20 23:49] Dark Demon:bwahahah[01/04/20 23:49] :Steno laughs[01/04/20 23:49] Ungod:Steno, you have no control over your performers![01/04/20 23:50] Ailith:nooo Green Chewy.. *hops after him*[01/04/20 23:50] Steno:Neither does life, but we make do![01/04/20 23:50] Ungod:Why does a frog hop away?[01/04/20 23:50] Steno:Because it was always called a toady[01/04/20 23:50] MaGoHi:to get to the frogtitute[01/04/20 23:50] Dark Demon:Because it believes it can fly every time[01/04/20 23:50] Ungod:---> because it doesn\'t know how to tell jokes[01/04/20 23:51] Ungod: (this was made up on the spot, from seeing how frogs actually behave)[01/04/20 23:51] Ungod: (thus the MD biology lesson concludes)[01/04/20 23:51] Steno:Brits can be funny![01/04/20 23:51] Aelis:I just thought of a really bad one.[01/04/20 23:51] Ailith:Yeah![01/04/20 23:51] :Steno Hands the Miq to Aelis[01/04/20 23:52] :Ailith giggles[01/04/20 23:52] Steno:I meant mic, sorry. (no manhandling Miq, unless he\'s okay with it)[01/04/20 23:52] :Aelis laughs and takes the miq[01/04/20 23:52] :Miq slaps Steno around a bit with a large trout[01/04/20 23:52] Aelis:If you were to pick a MD creature to tell Miq\'s ginger dad joke, which one would it be?[01/04/20 23:52] :Steno cowers in fear of the trout, he doesn\'t know where that thing has been[01/04/20 23:52] :Dark Demon just pictures people sticking their faces and whispering close to Miq[01/04/20 23:53] Steno:TAINTED angien[01/04/20 23:53] Sunfire:Pimped grasan ofc![01/04/20 23:53] Aelis:Good choices.[01/04/20 23:53] :Steno bows in favor of sunfire\'s answer[01/04/20 23:53] Ungod:the most harmless creature, Aelis. What if the creature gets the joke?[01/04/20 23:53] Dark Demon:Chew the green. I believe he is a creature[01/04/20 23:53] Aelis:xD[01/04/20 23:54] Aelis:----> a RUSTYgold DADhorn[01/04/20 23:54] :Steno snorts[01/04/20 23:54] Dark Demon:ooo[01/04/20 23:54] Ungod:that\'s pretty good, actually[01/04/20 23:54] Aelis:Sorry it\'s too lame *throws the miq back to Steno and runs away*[01/04/20 23:54] :Steno gestures at redneck or Chew to break their silence[01/04/20 23:54] Ungod:it\'s lame as in a dad joke, so it\'s pretty good[01/04/20 23:54] Aelis:Haha thanks, Ungod[01/04/20 23:54] Steno:Agreed[01/04/20 23:55] Dark Demon:if ailith were immortal, her name would be queen ailizabeth[01/04/20 23:55] Ungod: (my online list is broken, i see 36 players, but only 3 are shown)[01/04/20 23:55] Ungod: (is it like 20 frogs or seomthing?)[01/04/20 23:55] Ungod: (tell me, I NEED to know, or else I cant sleep tonight)[01/04/20 23:55] Steno: (not the playerlist bug! I\'m convinced Chew keeps doing this to convince someone else *nudge Mur* to fix it)[01/04/20 23:56] Dark Demon: (i see them all)[01/04/20 23:56] :Ailith laughs[01/04/20 23:56] Ungod: (so who are they?)[01/04/20 23:56] Ungod: ( chew\'s frogs?)[01/04/20 23:56] Steno:Well there IS one named Chew P, which is kind of gross and makes me have sympathy pains[01/04/20 23:56] Miq:CHEW to the A CHEW to the Y let me see some hands[01/04/20 23:57] Ailith:Woot![01/04/20 23:57] :Steno waves hands to the beat[01/04/20 23:57] Dark Demon:LMAO steno[01/04/20 23:57] Sunfire: (dont see any)[01/04/20 23:57] Ungod:chew to the P chew to the A chew to the Y let me see some ca$$$?[01/04/20 23:57] :Steno silence[01/04/20 23:57] Ungod:ok, lemme say a kiddie joke[01/04/20 23:58] Miq:what are hair for?[01/04/20 23:58] Miq:oh go ahead[01/04/20 23:58] Steno:Let me see some toilet paper, that\'s what you mean[01/04/20 23:58] :Steno gestures to ungod[01/04/20 23:58] Ungod:What is a sea monster\'s breakfast?[01/04/20 23:58] Ungod: (it\'s really lame, i learned it in elementary)[01/04/20 23:59] Miq:toad[01/04/20 23:59] Steno:Popfish?[01/04/20 23:59] Ungod:----> fish and ships[01/04/20 23:59] Dark Demon:.....water[01/04/20 23:59] Dark Demon:oooo thats good lol[01/04/20 23:59] Aelis:haahhaha[01/04/20 23:59] Steno:Hahaha! Wait, for breakfast? Who eats that for breakfast? Itsn\'t that really heavy[02/04/20 00:00] :Steno claps in appreciation of Ungod\'s joke[02/04/20 00:00] Ungod:idk, apparently Brits eat bacon/sausage and beans for brakfast[02/04/20 00:00] Ungod:at least some 😕[02/04/20 00:00] Dark Demon:and croatia eats brits for breakfast #fifaWCthrowback[02/04/20 00:00] Steno:We\'ll have to ask our resident Brits[02/04/20 00:00] Ungod:so fish and chips might also be ok? idk[02/04/20 00:01] Chewett:Yeah we do[02/04/20 00:01] Steno: *laughs* DD is onto something[02/04/20 00:01] Ailith:Full English breakfast is that[02/04/20 00:01] Steno:O.o Every time I\'ve been in London they\'ve LIED to me![02/04/20 00:01] Miq:nurishing after a hard night[02/04/20 00:01] MaGoHi: (i like to give my gf sausage for breakfast too ** )[02/04/20 00:01] Steno:I thought it was just more beer![02/04/20 00:02] Ungod: (okay, Mag, okay)[02/04/20 00:02] Dark Demon: (i dont think it will satisfy her hunger)[02/04/20 00:02] Dark Demon: (did i just go too far lmao jk)[02/04/20 00:02] Ungod: (throw in some beans)[02/04/20 00:02] Aelis: (lol Ungod)[02/04/20 00:02] Steno: (so bacon is just concilation)[02/04/20 00:03] Ungod: (bacon is for the males)[02/04/20 00:03] Miq: (richard and beans for breakfast, dear?)[02/04/20 00:03] :Steno hands miq back to himself[02/04/20 00:03] Dark Demon: *ahem* I believe Miq asked a joke[02/04/20 00:03] :Steno that sounded way worse than I meant it to[02/04/20 00:03] Ungod:damn, i lost track of time and didn\'t get my MB loyalty today[02/04/20 00:03] Miq:i asked if you know what are hair[02/04/20 00:04] Ungod:what is hair for?[02/04/20 00:04] :Steno ponders[02/04/20 00:04] Miq:you can take it like that yes[02/04/20 00:05] Miq:tho i do ask what are they[02/04/20 00:05] MaGoHi:a protective layer that keeps air between it and works as insulation[02/04/20 00:05] Dark Demon:Its a means of income for barbers[02/04/20 00:06] Miq:-----only known cure for baldness[02/04/20 00:06] Ungod:is this estonian folklore? was going to write[02/04/20 00:06] Dark Demon:Not really, I think decapitation is a good cure too[02/04/20 00:07] Miq:you are still bald[02/04/20 00:07] Ungod:but it\'s universal, i guess[02/04/20 00:07] Miq:on the neckhole[02/04/20 00:07] MaGoHi:what is a neckhole?[02/04/20 00:07] Steno:What MAg asked[02/04/20 00:07] :Miq grins[02/04/20 00:08] Ailith:"YOu are still bald.. on the neckhole" Quote of the year[02/04/20 00:08] Aelis:The esophagus[02/04/20 00:08] Dark Demon:lmaooo[02/04/20 00:08] Miq: [Video link][02/04/20 00:08] Dark Demon:These jokes are 10x funny if you actually imagine and picture what people are saying[02/04/20 00:08] Ailith:after decapitation, the top of your body XD[02/04/20 00:08] MaGoHi:well yeah[02/04/20 00:09] Ungod:i sense it has something to do with asshole, but I don\'t know what[02/04/20 00:09] Steno: *steps up to gazebo* What MD player is the best to have dinner with?[02/04/20 00:10] Ungod:a nackhole could be ...the cousin[02/04/20 00:10] Aelis:Hmm[02/04/20 00:11] Miq:kets[02/04/20 00:11] Aelis:That\'s a good one[02/04/20 00:11] Ungod:ya[02/04/20 00:11] Dark Demon:Firestarter because I want my food to not go cold[02/04/20 00:11] Aelis:You could put food in her pockets[02/04/20 00:11] Ungod:..if you eat in the wilds, yes[02/04/20 00:12] Steno:--->Chew. It\'ll happen regardless.[02/04/20 00:12] Steno:Or Samon, if you\'re fishing for laughs[02/04/20 00:12] Miq:i\'m a no chew kind a man you know[02/04/20 00:12] Sunfire:Me! Im always modest and such[02/04/20 00:12] Ungod:i like that one, Steno[02/04/20 00:12] Lazarus:Just checked the number of infected in Italy, 110,000 now[02/04/20 00:12] Dark Demon:I mean... it is true that you have to CHEW your food but still...[02/04/20 00:13] Lazarus:Most of the have pasta way[02/04/20 00:13] Ungod:tho it\'s the abbreviatio that makes it work[02/04/20 00:13] Miq:no you don\'t have to chew your food[02/04/20 00:13] Miq:popostrus[02/04/20 00:13] :Miq shivers[02/04/20 00:13] Miq:you take the plate and the spoon regardless of what is on the plate[02/04/20 00:13] :Steno winces[02/04/20 00:14] Miq:and use the spoon to pushh the plate emty to wide mouth[02/04/20 00:14] Steno:I liked it Lazy, just dark[02/04/20 00:14] Steno:Sun, have you told one yet?[02/04/20 00:15] Sunfire:I lost my humorus bone im afraid[02/04/20 00:15] Ungod:he\'s here just for laughs[02/04/20 00:15] Miq:it must have been all that complainig sunny[02/04/20 00:15] Ungod:but hey, i haven\'t heard him laugh.[02/04/20 00:16] Steno:The ulna must have been sad Sunfire[02/04/20 00:16] Lazarus:Sorry Steno[02/04/20 00:16] Ungod:sunny, you either laugh or make people laugh. there\'s no other way[02/04/20 00:16] Lazarus:I\'m sending Olive my prayers as we speak[02/04/20 00:17] Steno: (you\'re good lazarus. I laughed at it) Want to go again Laz?[02/04/20 00:17] :Steno tries to usher Lazarus up onto gazebo[02/04/20 00:18] Lazarus:Sure,I but cannoli do so much jokes[02/04/20 00:18] MRF:can we attack chew or no?[02/04/20 00:18] :Steno grins[02/04/20 00:18] Miq:try some nokki in between[02/04/20 00:19] Miq: (njokki)[02/04/20 00:19] Ungod:gnocchi?[02/04/20 00:19] Miq:yeah[02/04/20 00:20] Steno:If you attack chew, you still should swallow, MRF[02/04/20 00:20] Aelis:Oh you mean like those gnocchi gnocchi jokes?[02/04/20 00:20] :MRF fails to defeat Chew K[02/04/20 00:20] Ungod:i don\'t know any gnocchi jokes, I thought those are for eating?[02/04/20 00:20] :Miq facepalms[02/04/20 00:21] Miq:you do eat everything eh?[02/04/20 00:21] Aelis:[02/04/20 00:21] :MRF gutted Chew E[02/04/20 00:21] Steno: *hops on gazebo* Why did the masseuse go out of business?[02/04/20 00:21] :Sunfire steps away[02/04/20 00:22] :Dhyone finished Miq and took all ☻29 heads.[02/04/20 00:22] Ungod: (no, srsly, gnocchi are a type of food)[02/04/20 00:22] Miq: (i know)[02/04/20 00:22] :MRF thrashed Chew F and took all ☻5 heads.[02/04/20 00:22] :Dhyone wins against Aelis[02/04/20 00:22] Steno: (seriously good too)[02/04/20 00:22] Miq: (made them for dinner today)[02/04/20 00:22] Aelis: (I know, I tried doing something with knock knock jokes)[02/04/20 00:22] :MRF hammered Chew G[02/04/20 00:22] :Dhyone overpowered Ungod[02/04/20 00:23] :MRF destroyed Chew I[02/04/20 00:23] Ungod: (well, i thought it\'s soemthing that I don\'t know)[02/04/20 00:23] Lazarus:You know who\'s good at knock knock jokes?[02/04/20 00:23] Steno:--->She could sense gnocchi[02/04/20 00:23] Lazarus:Jehova\'s witnesses[02/04/20 00:23] Ungod: (because there is a gnocca after all)[02/04/20 00:23] :MRF battered Chew J[02/04/20 00:23] :Steno hands mic to Lazarus[02/04/20 00:23] :Dhyone stomped Lazarus[02/04/20 00:23] Lazarus:Oh no Steno, I just ran out of thyme[02/04/20 00:23] Aelis:Looks like Dhyone didn\'t like your joke[02/04/20 00:23] Steno:*rolls on floor laughing[02/04/20 00:23] :MRF finished Chew L[02/04/20 00:23] :Miq fought Dhyone and took all ☻29 heads.[02/04/20 00:23] Lazarus:He must be a Jehova\'s witness[02/04/20 00:23] :Steno laughs[02/04/20 00:23] :Dhyone laughs[02/04/20 00:24] Miq:he just got his heads mixed[02/04/20 00:24] :MRF subjugated Chew M[02/04/20 00:24] :MRF pounded Chew N[02/04/20 00:24] Aelis:You guys are on fire[02/04/20 00:24] Steno:Too bad sun left[02/04/20 00:24] :MRF stomped Chew O[02/04/20 00:24] Aelis:Unfortunately I need to go now.[02/04/20 00:24] Aelis:It\'s been great! Thanks for hosting this, Steno.[02/04/20 00:24] Steno:One more![02/04/20 00:24] Ungod:i\'m out too[02/04/20 00:25] Miq:oh[02/04/20 00:25] :MRF overcame Chew P[02/04/20 00:25] Steno: *tossing Miq to Aelis* can\'t take it back yet[02/04/20 00:25] Aelis:Hopefully we can make it a thing. Have a good one, folks.[02/04/20 00:25] Miq:what is warmer than a good coat?[02/04/20 00:25] :MRF stomped Chew Q[02/04/20 00:25] MaGoHi:a better coat[02/04/20 00:25] :MRF overwhelmed Chew R[02/04/20 00:25] :Aelis quickly passes miq to miq[02/04/20 00:25] Ungod:a good wife, they say >.>[02/04/20 00:25] Steno:A good woman[02/04/20 00:25] :MRF thrashed Chew S[02/04/20 00:25] :Miq chews miq[02/04/20 00:25] :Dhyone fails to defeat MaGoHi[02/04/20 00:26] Miq:--- two good coats[02/04/20 00:26] Aelis:^ realm breaks.[02/04/20 00:26] Ungod:lol[02/04/20 00:26] Ungod:yeah[02/04/20 00:26] :Steno facepalms[02/04/20 00:26] Ungod:good night all[02/04/20 00:26] Steno:Goodnight Aelis and Ungod[02/04/20 00:26] Aelis:See you around[02/04/20 00:26] Lazarus:Bye Aelis[02/04/20 00:26] Lazarus:Here today, gone tomato[02/04/20 00:26] Steno: *hops onto gazebo* How does the moon cut his hair?[02/04/20 00:27] Miq:call the ghostbusters[02/04/20 00:27] Ailith:eclipse it[02/04/20 00:27] Lazarus:He hires José[02/04/20 00:27] Steno:--->eclipse it[02/04/20 00:28] Steno: *laughs at LAzarus* point to Ailith![02/04/20 00:28] :Dhyone routed Ungod[02/04/20 00:28] Ailith: *grins* and on that note I have to sleep! Thank you very much, Steno[02/04/20 00:28] :Dhyone finished Miq and took all ☻29 heads.[02/04/20 00:28] Ailith:Goodnight everyone![02/04/20 00:29] Steno:You\'re welcome Ailith, we\'ll reconvene next year I hope[02/04/20 00:29] :Lazarus looks at Ailith then to Steno[02/04/20 00:29] Steno:Dhyone, why don\'t you tell us a joke while you beat everyone up?[02/04/20 00:29] Lazarus:Cheese probably really tired[02/04/20 00:29] Ailith: *waves and wanders off towards the East* I hope so![02/04/20 00:29] :Dhyone routed Lazarus[02/04/20 00:29] :Ailith facepalms at Lazarus as she walks and giggles[02/04/20 00:29] :MRF maimed Chew U[02/04/20 00:30] :MRF destroyed Chew V[02/04/20 00:30] :Dhyone thinks: That\'s the joke[02/04/20 00:30] Steno:Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Lazarus, the resurrected king of oneliners![02/04/20 00:30] :MRF overpowered Chew W[02/04/20 00:30] Steno:Not Chew U! Spit yourself back out![02/04/20 00:30] :MRF beat Chew X[02/04/20 00:30] Miq:man with the missing pagefeed button[02/04/20 00:30] :MRF grabs Chew Y[02/04/20 00:31] Lazarus:Will this become a pizza MD history?[02/04/20 00:31] MRF:noooo icant learn my abcs they arent all mp3 curse you chew[02/04/20 00:31] Steno: *laughs* Just a slice[02/04/20 00:31] Miq:that was cheesy[02/04/20 00:32] Steno:One of the kids I work with told me this: Want to hear a joke?[02/04/20 00:32] Steno:Hawaiian pizza[02/04/20 00:33] Steno:Then he got this stupid big grin on his face and walked away.[02/04/20 00:33] Lazarus:Lol[02/04/20 00:33] MRF:1369 more honor to find[02/04/20 00:33] :Dhyone disbanded Lazarus[02/04/20 00:33] Steno:MRF, you have any jokes?[02/04/20 00:33] Lazarus:Wanna hear a quote that Hellen Keller wrote?[02/04/20 00:34] Lazarus:"jd*&9fh3 c sijhf 9 g0398 hwjksjdbfb"[02/04/20 00:34] MRF:magicduel[02/04/20 00:34] :Dhyone disbanded Sunfire and took all ☻18 heads.[02/04/20 00:34] :MRF walks away[02/04/20 00:35] :Miq grins[02/04/20 00:35] :Dhyone wins against Ungod[02/04/20 00:35] :Steno laughs[02/04/20 00:35] Miq:quess i ought to sleep also[02/04/20 00:36] :Dhyone subjugated Miq[02/04/20 00:36] Steno:Goodnight miq, trout you\'ll have trouble sleeping now[02/04/20 00:36] Steno:ooh, might sleep even better after what dhyone just did[02/04/20 00:36] Miq:io trouts aboutit[02/04/20 00:37] Lazarus:Dhyone likes receiving heads[02/04/20 00:37] :Steno rolls on floor laughing[02/04/20 00:38] Lazarus:Pretty ironic from someone who likes woods[02/04/20 00:38] :Dhyone wins against Lazarus[02/04/20 00:38] :Steno chuckles[02/04/20 00:38] MRF:unless fighting excites them[02/04/20 00:39] Steno:j0uyh25[02/04/20 00:39] Steno:Ugghhh... (cats, sorry)[02/04/20 00:39] MRF:show us said cat[02/04/20 00:40] Steno: *hops on gazebo* what do you call a fake noodle?[02/04/20 00:40] :Dhyone overcame Ungod[02/04/20 00:40] Steno: (check forum, profile picture, the fat orange tabby)[02/04/20 00:40] :Dhyone hammered Miq[02/04/20 00:41] :Dhyone hammered Sunfire[02/04/20 00:41] Steno:--> an impasta[02/04/20 00:42] Steno:Why is the traffic in italy so bad?[02/04/20 00:42] Lazarus:Lol[02/04/20 00:42] Lazarus:Because people are on the streets fusili reasons?[02/04/20 00:42] Steno:--->it cannoli move so fast[02/04/20 00:43] :Dhyone wins against Lazarus[02/04/20 00:43] Steno:O.O That\'s a good one too![02/04/20 00:44] Lazarus:But seriously I hope Italy gets out of this situation soon[02/04/20 00:44] Steno:Oops, I\'ve used like 8 jokes. Oh well[02/04/20 00:45] Steno:For real. I\'m worried about once this stops because tourism is a large part of GDP as well.[02/04/20 00:46] Lazarus:Yeah. Shame, you never sausage a tragic thing[02/04/20 00:46] :Dhyone wins against Ungod[02/04/20 00:46] :Dhyone wins against Sunfire[02/04/20 00:46] Lazarus:It was a farfalle from grace[02/04/20 00:46] Steno:Food jokes are where it\'s at, eh?[02/04/20 00:47] MRF:all my joke are innapropriate for md [02/04/20 00:47] Steno:What are a computer\'s favorite snacks?[02/04/20 00:47] :Dhyone wins against Lazarus[02/04/20 00:47] Lazarus:I feel you mrf[02/04/20 00:48] Steno: computer chips [02/04/20 00:48] Lazarus:Yes[02/04/20 00:48] :Steno passes mic to MRF[02/04/20 00:49] MRF:how many mice does it take to screw in a light bulb[02/04/20 00:49] MaGoHi:one german one[02/04/20 00:49] Steno:a mousy ton[02/04/20 00:50] MRF:2 dont ask me how they fit inside to do it though[02/04/20 00:50] :Dhyone overwhelmed Ungod[02/04/20 00:50] :Dhyone wins against Miq[02/04/20 00:50] :Steno laughs[02/04/20 00:50] :Dhyone wins against Sunfire[02/04/20 00:51] MRF:the rest are racist [02/04/20 00:52] MRF:is you think those puns were bad wait until you sea mine[02/04/20 00:52] Steno:shucks, that\'s too bad (I\'ll brb, I have to go make sure cats didn\'t break the bar cart-that\'s what it sounds like)[02/04/20 00:52] MRF:my puns are koala tea[02/04/20 00:53] :appiek plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Steno[02/04/20 00:53] Lazarus:I had an asian gf before but I didn\'t know what kind she was until we reached third base[02/04/20 00:53] MRF::))))[02/04/20 00:53] :Dhyone wins against Lazarus[02/04/20 00:53] Lazarus:Her southern area were pixelated[02/04/20 00:54] Lazarus:I was like "NANI?"[02/04/20 00:55] MRF:if im sorry was enough we wouldnt have seppuku[02/04/20 00:55] Steno:I\'m so glad that was the joke I came back to[02/04/20 00:56] :Dhyone wins against Ungod[02/04/20 00:57] :Dhyone wins against Miq[02/04/20 00:57] :Dhyone wins against Sunfire[02/04/20 00:57] :appiek plunders ☻2 heads by attacking Steno[02/04/20 00:57] MRF:you must be a vegitable because when i saw you my first thought was lettuce (uh kiss)[02/04/20 00:58] Lazarus:I thought it was because she was in a wheelchair[02/04/20 00:59] Steno:Why did the baker put pickles in the bread[02/04/20 00:59] MRF:that just makes 69 crunchy[02/04/20 00:59] :Dhyone pounded Lazarus[02/04/20 00:59] Steno:His wife asked for dough with a dil[02/04/20 01:00] MRF:wa wa wa....[02/04/20 01:00] :Dhyone beat redneck and took all ☻6 heads.[02/04/20 01:00] Steno:What is the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman?[02/04/20 01:00] MRF:where you put the carrot[02/04/20 01:00] Steno:sno balls[02/04/20 01:01] Lazarus:lol[02/04/20 01:01] Steno:my first time hearing that joke I said where the carrot goes too, apparently most people think it is snow balls[02/04/20 01:01] MRF:most people are dumb [02/04/20 01:01] Steno:what\'s the saddest cheese?[02/04/20 01:02] :Dhyone wins against Ungod[02/04/20 01:02] :Dhyone thrashed Miq[02/04/20 01:02] Lazarus:Blue[02/04/20 01:02] MRF:dropped cheese[02/04/20 01:02] Steno:bleu cheese[02/04/20 01:02] :Dhyone conquered Sunfire[02/04/20 01:03] Lazarus:What do you call a group picture of disabled people[02/04/20 01:03] Lazarus:Nevermind, too dark[02/04/20 01:03] Steno:Did you know that diarrhea is hereditary?[02/04/20 01:03] Steno:--->it runs in your jeans[02/04/20 01:03] :Dhyone wins against Lazarus[02/04/20 01:04] MRF:veggie tales?[02/04/20 01:04] Lazarus:Vegetable salad recipe[02/04/20 01:05] :Dhyone clubbered redneck[02/04/20 01:05] Lazarus:Dhyone must be feeling good right now[02/04/20 01:05] Lazarus:After hours of pounding us he finally burst[02/04/20 01:06] Steno:Why are lemons always looking so down?[02/04/20 01:06] Lazarus:Obrigada[02/04/20 01:06] :Dhyone subjugated Ungod[02/04/20 01:06] Steno:They\'re never in the limelight[02/04/20 01:06] :Dhyone crippled Miq[02/04/20 01:06] :Dhyone slaughtered Sunfire[02/04/20 01:08] MRF:who would win a programing contest jesus or the devil?[02/04/20 01:09] MRF:jesus because he knows how to save[02/04/20 01:10] Steno:Dang, that\'s good[02/04/20 01:10] Lazarus:Aquaman is afraid of him though[02/04/20 01:10] Lazarus:He can turn him into wine[02/04/20 01:10] :Dhyone routed redneck[02/04/20 01:11] :Steno laughs[02/04/20 01:12] :Dhyone battered Lazarus[02/04/20 01:12] :Dhyone clubbered Ungod[02/04/20 01:13] MRF:how long does it take Mur to screw in a lightbulb?[02/04/20 01:13] :Dhyone mutilated Miq[02/04/20 01:13] :Dhyone crippled Sunfire[02/04/20 01:13] MRF:3 months till chew gets tired of hearing about it and does it himself[02/04/20 01:14] Lazarus:45 years[02/04/20 01:14] Steno:No clue, has he finished it[02/04/20 01:15] :Dhyone finished redneck[02/04/20 01:16] :Lazarus wins against Sunfire[02/04/20 01:16] :Lazarus wins against Ungod[02/04/20 01:16] Steno:alright, any last jokes before I take log?[02/04/20 01:16] :Lazarus wins against Miq[02/04/20 01:16] :Dhyone vanquished Lazarus[02/04/20 01:17] MRF:steno[02/04/20 01:17] :Dhyone wins against Ungod[02/04/20 01:17] Steno:Yup?[02/04/20 01:17] MRF:that was my alst one [02/04/20 01:17] :Dhyone hammered Miq[02/04/20 01:17] :Steno runs and cries in corner[02/04/20 01:18] :Dhyone wins against Sunfire[02/04/20 01:18] Lazarus:What does chew\'s mom used to yell at him when won\'t eat the carrot that was just sitting in his mouth?[02/04/20 01:19] Lazarus:CHEWETT![02/04/20 01:19] :Dhyone sliced redneck[02/04/20 01:20] Steno:Lol, saw that one coming, but then again so did she, right before she swall[02/04/20 01:20] Steno:ooh, nevermind about that one[02/04/20 01:20] Steno:log time[02/04/20 01:20] MRF:nice[02/04/20 01:20] :Steno used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell[02/04/20 01:21] :Steno log[02/04/20 01:21] Steno:crap, I forgot how spells work[02/04/20 01:21] :Dhyone wins against Lazarus[02/04/20 01:21] Steno:##log##[02/04/20 01:22] :Dhyone wins against Ungod[02/04/20 01:22] Steno:##[02/04/20 01:22] :[Spell] ##stenos## </log>
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