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Found 2 results

  1. I just realized I have 16 aged grasans on my alt laylah. Since I don't have time to play that character anymore I thought better to set them free. Enjoy! CTC824292NAADH16MDC885TEZ446W41K CTC824293SEAXY44MDC973EKW136P46N CTC824294ALNAC40MDC883TEW164Y67X CTC824295KRZIP81MDC717FEL987H69N CTC824296MUPOA50MDC430IML131H17M CTC824297UTARN77MDC968ZRZ382P97F CTC824358UMDEL71MDC576ROK43H28Z CTC824359JOIMT21MDC422CAM324Z49K CTC824360ROMUL43MDC290VIF101H45K CTC824361SUEKN12MDC760TEM407T84Z CTC824362TASUT62MDC224AXW355M82A CTC824363SHJOX28MDC157SHC604P72T CTC824397UTDEC46MDC447SEF818A18K CTC824398EKTAT86MDC92IMF516C48W CTC824399EXKRK64MDC956VIC821M64W CTC824400MULIZ94MDC448IMX340A11F Age is noted in the brackets.
  2. Hey all. I got some Pimped Grasans fresh while getting my Rein, but I only really want one. So I am posting this here for you guys to offer! I know they aren't much, and if no bidding occurs I will drop it. My current plan is to let the bidding run for 72 hours. [b][u]Pimped Grasan I[/u][/b] Age: 26 Heat: 9 ID: 757154 [b][u]Pimped Grasan I[/u][/b] Age: 26 Heat: 0 ID: 757155 [b][u]Pimped Grasan I[/u][/b] Age: 26 Heat: 0 ID: 757156
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