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Found 1 result

  1. So... I was thinking, since there are a lot of older accounts being reactivated (so much so that Mur had to make an announcement about ancient powers, lol) that a LOT has happened in the realm of MagicDuel. As some of the ads for the game even proclaim: "We never reset"! I don't know very much about what has happened in the twelve years that I've been gone.The Adventure Log is pretty awesome, but it is a lot. I think this would be really handy for old-new players as well as brand new players! The accessibility of lore helps immerse new players. So I wanted to propose a contest, as MD seems to have quite a few authors. Pick one of your favorite events in the history of MD that you witnessed. Try to write a short story-a cliff notes version of what happened if you will-of that event. I am unsure what the reward of this contest will be. I will likely give the winner a silver coin as well whatever else I can cobble together. The contest will end 3/13/20. The winner will be decided by me and a mystery judge. Try to keep the versions of the stories clean, obviously. Also try to keep secrets out of stories, unless they are imperative for the tale being told. The winner will receive a creature of the 14th anniversary as awarded by Aia!
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