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Found 1 result

  1. Per Chewett's request, I am posting here to discuss the maximum storage per account on the forum. I've been trying to do a quest, which I drew awful art for, I didn't want to publish it because I wanted it to be a surprise for players. Those that have helped me with the quest have seen the images. This takes up storage space. It appears that if you are not using an album (thus, public view) to display images, then you are severely handicapped in forum usage. Someone like me (who makes sketches of plans and saves everything into its own word document) takes up a lot of storage space. I guess I could be like everyone else and use tinyurls for images. However, there seems to be two ways to fix this that I can easily see: 1) enable option on forum for private images under privacy, maybe you can invite people to view or 2)increase minimum forum space for all accounts (perhaps to 7.5MB or 10MB instead of 5MB). Just a reminder to Chew to look at issue later.
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