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Found 9 results

  1. Split out of this thread: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15855-questmaker-spellsachievement/   ~Burns   DD, when you are doing quests ... there are some ppl that you can ask for help. But that will come if they think it s worth it. see nim's quests for example. Just because you say you want to do something you'll get help. You have to get a reputation for youself first (and not like yours at least not yet ... i think) or some simpathy.
  2. New or old, you may have questions about what various things do in game, what things are, or what you're meant to do. Whilst some of this information would be spoilers and so shouldn't be public, there's a lot of information around the game designed to help you. The picture below (click to enlarge) is there to indicate where you might find answers to your questions, be that through in game text, or from the Live Help messaging system where you can ask LHOs questions. [attachment=3882:FAQ Help Mk2.png] Anywhere (aside from the game chat) you see a linked "?", "Info" or "More Info" will direct you towards help text relevant to where you find it. A few are pointed out with arrows in the picture. There are other help texts pointed out below the figure in armour. You may not have this armour figure - it is an Extra Feature in the game shop, in this case they will display slightly higher than in the picture, but still be fairly noticeable. Alongside these there are some signposts, as circled in the first image, in certain scenes. In the case of signposts some are helpful game texts, others are 'clickables' which players can edit after gaining the ability, the difference in appearance is below. 'Clickables' are all over the realm in different shapes and sizes, the attic cord in the Paper Cabin Study Room is one for instance. Players tend to use them for quests, but they're also used for other purposes. [attachment=3804:Game Text vs Clickable.png] The other main place for finding help is the Live Help button, it's the golden coloured button to the right of the circled signpost, with an arrow pointing at it in the first image. You can see an example of it below this paragraph. To the right there is a list of help pages about various topics which might be of use. To the left allows you to send a message to a Live Help Operator, they're there to answer any questions you might have about what to do. [attachment=3806:Live Help Box.png] If you feel anything is missing from the help pages please let me, or an LHO know. In the meantime do ask the LHOs the questions that aren't there currently.
  3. Hello. 1. Yesterday I gained MP4. And then I saw these strange yellow circle and two smaller circles above. When I clicked on them, they were rotating and a number emerged inside. Can you tell me what is that? [attachment=4199:MD 2.jpg] 2. My two grassans advanced on 3rd level. I can choose a name for them. If I name them properly they can gain some special features. Can you give me some clues how to call them or where can I find guidance about that? Thank you
  4. Hey, I'm pretty new to the game and keep getting told to check people's Public Logs for information, but I can never find them! Where are they and how do you access them? I'm sure I'm just overlooking a tiny detail and will feel like an idiot when someone tells me where they are, but nevertheless I can't find them… *Sighs* Thanks in advance!
  5. I tried to edit my Personal page, but decided it wasen't worth it and wanted to turn it back. however, it's completly blanco now. anyone knows how to turn this back normal, just as the way it was before? greetings, Orlando.
  6. Is there some reason that my browser screen goes grey anytime I click on a link? And sometimes when it refreshes it does that too. I turned off my ad blocker function. Is there some other thing I can try? I am using the latest firefox with windows XP Thanks. AbsintheDragonfly
  7. OK there are several new people out there trying to figure out what to do and how to go about it where there creatures are concerned. Many of these things have been outlined by Muratus (AKA King Manu). But for the little details that weren't readily covered, i'll try to give it a go. 1. Get at least 6 creatures. You want to mix it up a bit. Don't stay with the old Aramors and Barren Souls. There are all kinds of goodies out there for you to play with. Aramor - attacker Barren Soul - healer Grasan - multi attacker Water Being - healer/support Archer - attacker Fire Elemental - support Scout - attacker Savage Knator - attacker 2.Attack rituals vs defense rituals Here is where it gets kind of touchy. You want to put at least 4 attacking creatures in your ritual. Back them up with a support and a healer creature. In the beginning you should already have attackers and healers - if not, then how did you get past the shades? A good starting ritual if you just got out of story mode could look like this: 2 Aramors, 1 Grasan, 1 Archer (or scout), 1 Barren Soul, & 1 Water Being (or elemental). But mix it up a bit. Don't just use what I have posted here. There are many different variations, and what really counts is the settings you put your creatures at. What works for one person, may not work as well for you. Play with the different settings and creature types until you find something you are comfortable with. You can use the same creatures to attack and defend - I don't recommend this when you are first starting out. you will be better off getting a total of 12 creatures. use 6 to create an attacking ritual, and 6 to create a defense ritual. For defense you are defaulted at using 50% vitality. I say use more. Set it from 75% to 100%. But please don't get cocky. After you have fought (whether you won or lost) go somewhere and lick your wounds or you are an easy target for anyone around you. Also - the starting creatures will not advance as far as some of the creatures you can get at Marind Bell, or LoreRoot. You want to get these creatures as soon as you can when you hit free roam. 3.Healing There are a few ways to heal up in Magic Duel. If you are just starting out and want to heal up your creatures after a fight, go to the creature page. Click the orange bar under the hurt creature - this will give some of your vitality to this creature. This is a long process. Another way you can heal is by setting a "healing" ritual, and getting someone to help you heal. To do this, put all your healers in the ritual and the attacking creatures that can be set to not hurt the person helping you. There are some creatures you can set from attack to weaken defense (usually only available at lvl 2 or higher for the creature). Do this. then get someone to attack you with a single barren soul. This will help to heal your creatures faster. but be warned - for this method you will get either a win or a loss - and possible honor loss as well. be sure that this is the step you want to take before you decide to use it. Alliance members can heal another way - but if you are in an alliance you more than likely know everything I have so far written. 4.Attack Strategy Too many people are reluctant to attack people at full vitality. But i tell you that you want to attack people with full vit. If you go around only attacking people who are hurt, or much weaker than you, you gain nothing but that win. When you fight there is a chance to get a stat increase as well as vp and exp. You will gain little exp or anything else for attacking weakened players. You want to go for the gold. No guts no glory and all that. I see players with MP4 and less than 100k exp. these people have either won against a lot of people throwing just a single creature at them, or they have hit weak(ened) players. Bad form. To do it right, go nuts with it. the worst that can happen is that you lose the fight. If you don't balance your wins and losses just right, there will eventually come a time when you have gained so many wins that you can no longer attack anyone without losing honor. Oh well. Also if you lose too much, (or keep attacking only those weaker than you) and go below -500 honor you cannot attack anyone unless you get honor from them. Needless to say, when you hit this point, it sucks. try to avoid this at all costs. 5. Gaining/Losing Honor from a fight Honor Penalty: total win count is taken into consideration for honor penalty it you lose a fight. If you have more wins than your opponent and you lose, you lose 1-15 honor - and vice versa. Gaining Honor: If the defending opponent has more wins than losses than you do, (if you win the attack) you gain that much honor. On the flip side of that, if you attack and defeat someone who has less wins over losses you will lose honor for your victory. example - say you have 15 wins and 12 losses(3 wins), and your chosen opponent has 23 wins 16 losses(7 wins) - Your opponent will be worth 4 honor to you, but you will be worth negative value to him. Try to keep wins and losses balance out if you can. 6. Experience How experience works herein Magic Duel is a lot different than other games. You gain no experience, your creatures do. The experience points gained from a victory are equal to the amount of damage you do to your opponents creatures (heat adjustments get calculated into the total). To gain any experience, you must survive the fight. A dead creature gains no experience, no matter how much damage you do to the opposition. If you lose the fight, your surviving creatures gain a small amount of experience. It will not be the total damage done to the opposition, only a portion of it. The experience points gained are divided between the surviving creatures. Yes, even those creatures you have already maxed out. You gain no experience from using a healing ritual. If you do no damage, you get nothing - even if you happen to win. (The following is copied from topic: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=852 ) 7. Stat Increases The amount you get by winning a battle isn't static. It depends on the person you fight, what creatures are used and the amount of damage done. So, the tougher the opponent, and the more vitality, the greater the potential reward. On average, perhaps one stat will see an increase after winning a fight. Values of .1 are normal, sometimes you will see a higher value depending on your current heat, and then sometimes you will get absolutely nothing. It all depends on the total amount of vitality taken from the opponent. If you win an attack you can view the stat increase only once. When you view the battle, and go to the report page, you will see what increased just above the report. Winning a defense you can view the stat increase at anytime by replaying the battle and going into the report - scroll to the bottom of the page for this information. 8. Heat Heat is used as a bonus multiplier for a victory. The maximum heat that a person can build is 3000. When you move around in Magic Duel you will build heat. Heat counts down 1 second per point. On average, heat is 25% of your briskness (fractions do not count) + 1-10. The higher your heat, the greater the potential reward. With no heat built You will be able to gain .1 in one or more stats for a challenging victory. With heat, this bonus increases. Max heat (3000) can award a gain of 3 times the bonus(.3). The heat modifier is also added to experience and value rewards. If any of this information is in error, please let me know and I will correct it or remove it completely - Thanks ~____________________________~ I hope some of this has helped you out, and if I have missed anything (and I am sure I have) the people who post after me will fill in the gaps. Good Luck, and enjoy Magic Duel! Disclaimer: King Manu's word is law - If he states anything thats contradicts or corrects what I have written here, that is the final word on the subject. If/when King Manu says the word, I will change the information provided in this post. The "Edit" at the bottom of this post will reflect any changes I make. Thank you Edit: Latest Content Added/Changed: 16 Nov 05:46 Corrected number value in "Gaining Honor" from 7 to 4. Added "Stat Increase" Added Disclaimer Adjusted experience info Changed Stat increase info Added heat
  8. I have not had success putting a picture in my pages. What exactly, and very slowly...should I do?
  9. Main target of this post are MP3 players. Purpose of this topic: - explain the purposes of the rituals, - why should they be created and - how are the picked If you feel you are too advanced for this ... then ... you might still read it and send me some info I missed. For any comments, please use the the "Comments on basics" topic. LE (one year later ): This topic was made by the previous owner of dst's account, currently known as No one. As you can see it is really old (happy B-day Mr. Topic!) but it did not lose its...validity. I checked it and they are few things that need to be adjusted but I will do that as soon as possible. I will keep it locked and add new info as I see fit or as I receive requests or even small texts from players. So, if you want to contribute, use the other topic we made: "Comments on the basic" and I will add the info here as a new lesson/stage/etc. There is in the other topic a nice reply from STF. I will use that one to improve the current topic. Hope new players will find it useful (and why not older players ). Have fun!
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