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Found 1 result

  1. Mining can get you really valuable stuff, but how valuable that stuff is depends on two factors... what you find and how rare it is. A gold coin will always have the value of a gold coin (only in MD, because the outer world is fucked up long ago already). A chunk of pure gold or a uncut diamond or a shard however, will have variable value and probably will slowly settle to a fixed currency over time. I actually want to make something semi-automated to allow you to convert such valuable resources into coins! This will also train you a bit about stock market and make you understand much more about the value of things, why its better to buy some times and better to sell other times, and much more...very educative things really so for now, before the actual numbers come forth, what do you think about the coin equivalent of these resources? Normally it would only make sense to talk about this if you would have NUMBERS to compare percentages and such, ..so those of you that want to say their opinion later on when numbers will be provided, wait for it. Those that have something to say now, i am listening, and it might matter a lot to hear a raw and untainted reaction about this new yet ancient concept of mining for gold. In the end of this discussion, i want have a formula of how to calculate how much one of these resoruces values in coins. Later variations will be possible, alongside with associated roles...like for example an uncut diamond can be turned into a brilliant and considerably increase its value! ...hmm... nice no? I will actually implment this now,
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