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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all! I have been back in MD for a few months at this point and I have been enjoying it quite a lot. I have pondered many of the mysteries that MD still provides. I have aimlessly wandered, seeking to re-discover long-forgotten events of the long-buried past. I have sought to learn more of what has happened in my absence, to contribute more to the realm as I feel within my scope of talents. I am not sure what Steno's inevitable role will be but for now I have decided that Quest-making and story-telling are what Steno has a strong desire to do. He is unsure of the quality or permanence of his contributions but he shall attempt to make them anyway. He enjoys these endeavors and finds that he loves it when the realm is full of these kinds of aspects. Steno, being a believer in that most famous phrase by Mahatma Gandhi "be the change that you wish to see in the world". Therefore he has endeavored to ascend to MP5 to discover more, but more importantly to advance his creatures to offer better rewards for the quests. If he enjoys quests then he wants to make quests for others to enjoy as well. The best gift is the one you give yourself. Steno needed to meet the Role-playing requirement in order to ascend. He would not have ascended if there were not enough people present who believed that he was ready to ascend. So thank you for believing in him! For those of you at his Ascension, he shall grant plushies to those in attendance. If you solve the riddles and get the clue word by guessing the location and password then you come back and tell steno in sage's keep. First person to answer each riddle will get additional plushies. Find below the riddles that he has given. You can attempt all three if you wish. All three are up so if you're stumped on one you can move on to the next.
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