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Found 2 results

  1. I am announcing the first artwork quest of the community garden project. A number of artists have offered to contribute to the community garden project, but as of yet the only contributed artwork has been the drawing of a single flower. (an excellent drawing by Marvolo, I might add) This artwork quest will require several pieces to be contributed, and the reward will be a wishpoint if the work meets my expectations. The goal of this first artwork quest is to bring to life the work of the previous design quest winner, Brulant, who designed the pond area of the garden. His work can be found at the bottom of the first page of the Community Garden Plant List: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9588-community-garden-plant-list/"]http://magicduel.inv...den-plant-list/[/url] Completion of the artwork quest requires the following series of drawings: One drawing of each plant listed in Brulant's design A drawing of the windmill A drawing of the greenhouse A drawing of the aeration stream (including water-filtration plants) A drawing of the entire pond/greenhouse area, including all plants and elements (dimensional proportion should be the same as an MD scene) [b]ALL ARTWORKS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE COMMUNITY GARDEN ARTWORK THREAD:[/b] [b][url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9589-community-garden-artwork/"]http://magicduel.inv...garden-artwork/[/url][/b] Feel free to add new plants or elements if they come to you. Please look through the Community Garden Design thread to gain an understanding of the function of the various garden elements. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9566-community-garden-design/ All drawings must be black and white pencil in the relative style of MD. Bear in mind this entire area of the garden is representative of Marind Bell, and the use of MB symbolism is encouraged. Post your drawings as you finish each one. I may have comments, concerns, suggestions about each one. Some drawings may need to be tweaked to fit the design. Others may need to be redrawn. The deadline for a first drawing to be submitted is the final day of year 6 (12/31/2011). There is currently no deadline for the completion of this quest. If anyone wishes to sponsor this quest with lesser rewards, they will be given out for the individual drawings, with the wishpoint being given for the completed quest. I encourage everyone, including those with little artistic experience, to participate. Each area of the garden will undergo this kind of quest, and a little practice now may help you win a wishpoint later if you do not win now. Thanks for your important contribution and good luck!
  2. I will be hosting my yearly artwork quest as part of the Feast of the Cycle. This year I am choosing to do it just a bit differently than I have in past years, as it will be related to a principal that the Children of the Eclipse value highly: [b]Cyclicity.[/b] [b][u]1) Description:[/u][/b] [size=3][i]Cycles move the realm. They turn the community in waves that continue crashing and returning, and crashing again. Everywhere you look, a cycle can be found. Kings come and go. Fellow players sleep and return awake. Leaders fall and rise. Rain falls in the realm, and then stops, and falls again. Alliances thrive in activity, then fall silent. These are the cycles that surround us as we move in the realm, and they are found everywhere.[/i][/size] I would like all participants who enter this contest to write a story about Cyclicity and then illustrate it.[b] [/b] [b]***If you are not confident in your ability to draw or illustrate, team up with someone who is able to. If you have written a story, find someone who is able to illustrate it. If you have illustrated an artwork, and cannot do a story.. find someone who might be able to write something around the artwork you have presented[/b] [b].***[/b] The Principal of Cyclicity (description of the principal) can be found on the Magic Duel log in page. But for those who do not want to take a moment to look on the front page, here it is: [spoiler]Each event could either take part having a certain shape, having its own cycle, repeating itself after time, or could either be part of another superior event that has its own cycle. Events like daily routine, or the changing of the seasons, or the shifting of the planet Poles, or even the world itself are all cyclic events. Symbolic, all events occur on the shape of a circle, two opposites intertwining, just like a snake, biting its own tail. The cycles actually represent a Balance either between the consumption of energy and its (re)generation, either between different evolutionary steps. In the Principle Hierarchy, this Principle reigns over others, but is also inferior to some, making it very difficult to precisely reveal its importance. It exists in absolutely in every event that could have an opposite, for its role is that of creating and maintaining the Balance. Due to its repetitive nature, it can cover very long periods of time, or can even part from existence, due to the fact that the Principle can apply to that too, for even existence has an opposite, even if it is abstract and hard to understand. The Principle takes many shapes. For example, a simple thing like cutting a thing in equal halves, and then halving those, and so on to infinity, even if it doesn't look like it, applies to this Principle. Also, the perpetuation of a species, through never-ending cycles of deaths and births, or even in the evolution of science, that at one point causes its own downfall are cycles of the same Principle. In a battle, the Principle occurs when defense follows the attack, or when a series of attacks are released in order to weaken the adversary. Many forms of consumption or energy reloading can happen in only one cycle. But if one action(cycle) is modified in such a way in which it could cover more cycles, the result would be colossal in energy.[/spoiler] [b][u]2) Rules:[/u][/b] There are no limits to how creative you can get with this contest, however there are some limits in regards to the story portion of the quest: - Please do not write more than two pages, the limit is a half page to two pages. [b]*This is set in place this way so that the judge(s) do not tear their hair out and murder me.[/b] - Your story must be in 'story format'. Meaning it has to have a character that is actually doing something in the story. The only limit I will place on artwork is that you should send in illustrations that are 'complete'. I will be judging based on creativity, skill, and how closely the illustration matches the story you submit. [b]**The artwork must be your own artwork.[/b] If I find anyone who steals artwork to get a reward, they will immediately be disqualified- no matter how good their story is. [b]**You may only submit [u]one[/u] entry, multiple entries are not allowed.[/b]** Artwork submissions are to be placed in this thread using an upload link, or uploaded post attachments. [b][u]3) Judging:[/u][/b] There will be two sets of judges for this contest, and the judging will occur the week after the quest is over. (Aka. The week of New Years) Artwork Submissions: Amoran K Kol, an Marvolo will judge these submissions. Story Submissions: Tarquinus (and possibly one other judge) will judge these submissions. All submissions must be in this thread by [b]December 22nd![/b] [b][u]4) Rewards:[/u][/b] 1st: Wish point. 2nd: 5$ credit pack 3rd: Enter Oak Tower stone 4th: Two cups of Aromatic Tea or one sponsored creature. Because I would like everyone in this contest to get at least SOMETHING for entering a submission, sponsored rewards are also welcome as well! If you have any questions regarding this quest, please do not hesitate to ask. [u][b]5) Sponsorship, Donated Rewards:[/b][/u] Each year I hold this quest I make a point to ensure that each participant gets at least SOMETHING for their entry. Artwork is not a difficult thing to do, and the same can be said for writing. If effort is shown, you will get something- no matter how small the reward. The more effort put into the quest, the higher the reward is likely to be. Thank you to those who choose to donate to the quest. If these rewards are not used, they will be returned to the person who donated after the quest is over. [b]**Please, when you send me a sponsored reward, message me as well so I can know who the reward came from.[/b] Esmaralda: 3 silver coins, Tea, Grasan Ferment, Rainbow Candy, Syntropic dust Lashtal: Mirror Ritual stone Marvolo: Weaken 5 stone Jolla: Imperial Aramor, Sharptear Mysterious Gifts (Thank you!!): Silver, Timeless dust, (2) Spicy Pickles, Rainwater, Flowers [size=2][Edit: spelling error, added information.][/size]
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