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Found 1 result

  1. This is my first mini quest. Be indulgent. And make it a success please. Eon was killed ingame a couple days ago. Then she was revived. I asked around what happened, but people were rather silent about it, or elliptic in their answers. This quest is very simple: you are a reporter Free Lance. [b]You have to investigate about facts and make an article that will be published in Legend Speakers forum.[/b] The basic question you have to answered: [color=#4B0082]- [i][b]who killed Eon ?[/b][/i][/color] [color=#4B0082]- [i][b]why ?[/b][/i][/color] [color=#4B0082]- [i][b]who revived her?[/b][/i][/color] You can of course elaborate around that. Style of your article is free, but it must be an informative article based on facts, not a polemist entry supporting a judgement on actions of individuals involved in the murder. I will ask my fellow legend Speakers members help me judge the submissions following those criterias: - quality of information contained in the article (the more unknown an information is before the article is published, the better quality) - conciseness of the article (go straight to the point, imagine you are being published in a daily newspaper) - objectivity of the article (well, if we find it too subjective, it will get penalty points) - other secondary criterias that I won't disclose (and no good English is not a criteria as I can't judge it... just make it so that I can understand, and most of the other readers will be able to understand too) There is no restriction in the participants. So yes, the murderer and the victim are more than welcome to submit their contribution. [b]Send the article to me as forum PM please[/b]. I will publish all submissions after the event is closed. You may require anonimity if you wish so. [b]Deadline: Sunday november 27[/b] midnight server time. Oh yes, [b]rewards[/b].... [i]EDIT: we got support from very generous sponsors. I will split and freeze prize list later on, depending on the number of participants and quality of submissions. So far we have enough to reward the 3 best submissions and maybe add some consolation /specific prizes.[/i] So far we got the following in stock: [b]One Wishpoint[/b] sponsored by [b]Dark Priestess[/b] (Peace ingame), reserved for the winner. [b]1 Gold and 4 silver[/b] sponsored by [b]Tarquinus[/b] (Keith Moon ingame sponsorship) [b]1 Marksmen[/b] aged 80+ sponsored by [b]Neno Veliki[/b] [b]1 Pimp aged 230+ with Black tear token[/b] and [b]2 silver[/b] provided by myself. Come on now. Take your pen and let us know the true story of Eon's death.
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