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Found 1 result

  1. This is a wild experiment for me. All well known quest makers are invited to participate, except Kyphis and Yrthilian. They are already on the list with something else:) Yrth can use the details here to present his own that we discussed in private. Kyph should focus for now on the other one he knows about :)   There are some new features lately. I will offer my partnership for one quest. You need to plan a quest that will follow these specifications, and the one i will pic will receive my technical support to be implemented fully in the realm. I will pick just one, for now.   This is my way of "playing" :)   requirements:   - the theme needs to be simple yet captivating - needs to be perpetually replayable. The way it will reset it will be discussed, but you should anticipate the potential abuses - needs to use the new clickables system. I will provide artworks and implement them, - it can use the new pickable items, progressive and simple combiners, no cauldrons this time. - you can ask for 1- 5 custom items based on an existing functionality, with reasonable variations as needed. - It can use creature totems for rewards - it can use "no transfer items". These are items that can;t be transfered at all, helping with abuse control (prevents hoarding, or alt use) - needs to require traveling through at least 15 scenes to be solved - needs to be playable continuously, without requireing any pause or waiting. This means that if your brain helps you, you could start and finish it the same session, not tomorow. - Difficulty level: easy, long - Can offer one wp as reward at the end (dispatched automatically) - you can require of me a volume of approx 25 tasks ( will use this when deciding if i accept an entry or not, lets say it will be some sort of work volume estimation for me. I have no limits when it comes to work done for md, but i need to impose such "limits" to myself so i will be sure i can also finish it, not just start it)   - IT NEEDS TO BE FULLY AUTOMATED       Legend:   "it can use" - means you can require such functionality in the quest, but it is not mandatory "needs to" - means it is mandatory to use that feature or respect that requirement "you can ask for" - refers exclusively to the items belonging to this quest, as part of the quest functionality, and you need to think of a way for them to remain within the quest. These are not for rewards or your personal use. "the theme" - refers to the general theme. look&feel of the quest, not just to the quest idea. For example this includes the way items appear in size and built, the names used, etc.     NOTE TO SELF: make a sort of clickables that appear based on other inventory items. Example: pick a detector item, other items show up. IF this feature is done in time, i will add it to the options here.   -----------------------   Once approved, i will require clear tasks, like "create item x with description y and art to follow z ideea, place it in _coords_ scene" ..and so on... but till then , for now, just present the quest idea     WHAT TO DO NEXT:   1) write in very few lines of text, what the basic activity will be in this quest, and try to describe the intended look&feel of the quest. I mean, present your quest suggestion in a few words but in such a way that i can use my intuition to imagine how it might look like in the end. (i am not explaining something simple in complicated words, i am just underlining a certain perspective i am interested in, instead of just saying "describe your quest"   2) list the features it will use   3) list the new features or feature variations it will require. The less the better     Thats it   to be honest i am not sure if this is something complicated or it actually makes things a lot more easy for all the quest makers out there. Afterall, more options might mean more freedom to make an awesome quest, but might also mean lots of complication. We shall see :)     I will consider three things when selecting:   1) how easy it will be for me to do the required things. For example if you require something that conflicts with other features or does not exist yet, your entry will most likely fail 2) how accurate you seem understand the potential use of these features. If i feel you understand them well and you won;t come with nonsense, it means less stress for me when doing what you will require 3) how nice the idea of the quest is, its theme     Ask me if you need more details on one or the other feature. You could also ask me fast if a certain quest idea sounds good to me before you elaborate it, that way we avoid deception.     GOOD LUCK!!   ps. depending on how this will go, i will offer certain benefits to the quest maker, assume you will be richly rewarded if you are selected..not sure what yet.
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