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Found 1 result

  1. [b]WARNINGS : The following will be very emotional , sad. Girls r requested to have their kerchief standby. Try not to Cry .[/b] Yep my bank balance have come to negative and my parents/friends had enough of me. Also my ship is ready so me going to sail again will be back only after 6 months. Will start ..my Sea adventure from 2marro...[i]Sao Paulo[/i] Brazil (I heard Girls r awesome over there ) To friends : Hey guys i know u might be very very sad by hearing this news ...But u know all Good things have to end *coughs coughs* To MD girls : Yeah i can see the tears flowing down ur gorgeous faces. Don't cry girls ..It makes me sad. . But It doesn't mean u won't be logging to MD anymore. Plz do login, there r other guys here too ..SS, FS, Princ Rhaegar, Meter Shem and many others. Give them a chance ..ofcourse they aren't smart like me but u never know even monkeys goes bananas..hehe. To my Dear Enemies : Don't think this is my End but its actually the beginning of ur ENd. Prepare urself for the rebirth of Lord Tipu... say ur best prayers ... I SHALL RETURN ....MUWAHAHAHA.... "When u r confused which path to choose Right or Wrong ...u can take Left or Straight - Lord Tipu " .
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