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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome this event will be star in October 31 at 20 hours I will hope all can be present (Alliance Members and Mp 5, 7) As this say the main objetive its lower the stats of Eon as much as possible but I need all the cooperation from players present in the event so the a list of the things that we need Fist and most important at least 25 players that will help each one with just one Fight (well 2 and tree) (attack or Hit) against Eon and in the fight cause [b]input weakening but in time when the instruction will be given[/b] The second a King or Queen that can cast and do us the favor the spell summon Third Players with this: Spells at least one of this but we need all Movelock Silvertounge Attacklock Mirror Weaken 5 levels Guardian Army And most of the players that will help in each Hit Summoned Army Creatures (maxed if u can): Toxico Dendrite SoulWeaber Revolted Skill Vampire And a favor from the council or Muratus del Mur (don’t know who has the rights): The Summoned army *Skill Damage 666 [b]Active[/b] for the players that can use the spell other army (well if isnt active) The dynamic First if the target isnt in the location the King or Queen will summon to that place (also the leader of the alliance where the target belong) Then move lock, silvertounge, attacklock, Mirror magic, Guardian Army. (All of this spells will be cast on the target Eon) Them all players (25) that want to do it will strike with non damage or 0% influence if you want to deal damage and the Weakening on the fight cause (max heat please) Them the owner of the Needle will active it on the target (after all the hits 25 weakening fight cause cast on Eon) Again the spells Movelock, attacklock, silvertounge, weaken all 5 levels and Guardian Army. (Maybe the mirror will lose the effect) Them, Summoned army and the players that cast the spell will hit towards the target and use 100% influence Hope all helps and will enjoy this halloween in This event will be rewards like aged creatures Silver and gold coins also the satisfaction of less loses of stats if the stats of Eon will be = to 0 (for some players and the test of a item) Why coins and prizes it’s because cooperation and participation not more Please players that want to be at the event and colaborate post mame and what they can give for the cause (spells, creatures, items ) so im sure this can be done
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