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Found 4 results

  1. Accepting coins, resources [preference to tea herbs or sand], memory stones. Bid here, PM me in game or forum. Time availability: Currently unlimited until I change my mind. [u]Angien I[/u] -ID: 656197 -Age: 429 -Heat: 4492532 -Tokens: None [u]Angien II[/u] -ID: 656335 -Age: 429 -Heat: 2719343 -Tokens: None [s][u]Bird I[/u] -ID: 700801 -Age: 274 -Heat: 1161476 -Tokens: None [/s] Sold [s][u]Bird II[/u] -ID: 701698 -Age: 272 -Heat: 1155095 -Tokens: Firedrop [/s] Sold [s][u]Bird III[/u] -ID: 702825 -Age: 270 -Heat: 1200752 -Tokens: None [/s] Sold [u]Toxic[/u] -ID: 733374 -Age: 221 -Heat: 1106388 -Tokens: None [u]Pimp I[/u] -ID: 714609 -Age: 67 -Heat: 20036 -Tokens: None [s][u]Pimp II[/u] -ID: 758733 -Age: 54 -Heat: 8923 -Tokens: None [u]Pimp III[/u] -ID: 758734 -Age: 39 -Heat: 13918 -Tokens: None [u]Pimp IV[/u] -ID: 758744 -Age: 39 -Heat: 6143 -Tokens: None[/s] [u]Pimp V[/u] -ID: 758745 -Age: 36 -Heat: 692842 -Tokens: None [u]Imp[/u] -ID: 764113 -Age: 27 -Heat: 1660949 -Tokens: None
  2. I need to sell some creatures to keep up with my stone buying, so I started this thread. Bidding will end a week from today, or 24 hours after the last bid after the deadline. I reserve the right to keep a creature if I feel the final offer is to low. Good luck, and happy bidding. Imp (Buyout - 2 silver) Age: 26 Day Dreamer (Buyout - 10 silver) Age: 67 Stored Heat: 483k Tokens: antifreeze, claw 3, stardust, black diamonds, dark shield Bp (Buyout - 8 silver) Age: 34 Stored Heat: 385k Sharpie (Buyout - 1 gold) Age: 27 I will accept silver/gold and enchanted stones that I do not have as bids. I will also sell each creature immediately for their buyout price.
  3. [s]Elemental:[/s] [s]ID: 614943[/s] [s]Heat: 105887[/s] [s]Age: 703[/s] Pimped Grasan ID: 605916 Heat: 170371 Age: 733 Imperial Aramor ID: 695035[color=#999999] [/color] Heat: 0 Age: 369 If you are interested, make your offer.
  4. [i][color=#808080]crits for sale:[/color][/i] [color=#808080][s][i]2 Imperial Aramors[/i][/s][/color] [color=#808080][i]2 Pimped Grasans[/i][/color] [color=#808080][s][i]1 Joker[/i][/s][/color] [i][color=#808080][s]1 Soulweaver [/s] [/color][/i] [color=#808080][s][i]1 Rustgold Drachorn [/i][/s][/color] [i][color=#808080]all very fresh[/color][/i] [i][color=#808080]interested in pretty much anything (beside common crits unless they have tokens)[/color][/i][i][color=#808080]: coins/resources/items/?[/color][/i] [i][color=#808080]post offers here/forum PM/in game PM[/color][/i] [i][size=2][color=#a9a9a9]edited to add crits and info.[/color][/size][/i]
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