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Found 1 result

  1. Hedge Munos


    Greetings, I was pondering things while taking a stroll, and I thought I'd turn one of my questions into a miniquest/contest. I have a question regarding brains. Post any questions about MY question, here. Answers will be posted here and any duplicates will be disqualified, so read the other entries carefully before you enter yourself. You, the readers, will vote for your favorite answer using the like buttons. The top 5 you choose will go to a final round, where I will select two, a winner and a runner-up. The rewards? First Place: 3 silver Second Place: 2 silver The rather long question(s): Do some brains share the same shape? If so, why do they not share the same thoughts? Just because of the way they develop? Affected by upbringing? Or, does everyone have a different brain shape? And does this affect the way our brain develops and the way we learn? Some people have better memory than others, is this because of brain shape? Or are some people just using less of their brain than others? ---------------------------------------------------- Q: Are multiple entries allowed? A: There is a maximum of 2 entries per person Q: Do you need a certain number of participants for the contest to continue? A: A minimum of 7 participants is needed. Q: Is there a time limit? A: There is no time limit for now, I will start round two when I feel like it, so try to get your entries in! Q: Can I enter after the final round has started? A: You can post your answer, but it will not be counted in the contest. Post any more questions below, thanks, Hedge
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