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    streaming realm DJs, paper cabin roof parties
  2. as for the rookie list... i cant provide a full list of course, but i can make a start. i dont know how old they are (except myself) but here are a few: - Duke of Malfi (already in an alliance, dont know about role and his interest in researching the realm) - Quas (see Duke) - Guillak (i know from chats and other readings that he is very interested in the symbols of the realm) - Zori Ca (thats me, 50 days old) some words about me: i am not a roleplayer or better: i dont take MD as a RPG. i think RL is roleplay enough. i am very interested in fighting mechanics but most important even more interested in researching the realm and its symbols. i am not a citizen/in an alliance. i just cant decide yet. maybe i stay unallied and without citizenship forever. take me as an independent seeker for now. can this be a role?
  3. Zorica


    [quote name='Zorica' timestamp='1322793616' post='97014'] the account activation links from the bbgsite both dont work for me. any ideas? [/quote] seems to work now
  4. Zorica


    the account activation links from the bbgsite both dont work for me. any ideas?
  5. lock all creatures that are upgraded above your MP level during HC/BHC! i am a new player, 45 days of age, and i was under the impression that MP levels have meaning. to proceed to higher mp level for a short time only to upgrade crits feels wrong to me. as for the mp6 dilemma (ad hoc thoughts): change the system, add some kind of mp6 stability stat. a minmum number of that stat is required to become/be/stay mp6 every adept adds a certain amount of points to that stability. the longer you are an adept of the same mp6-player the more you add to his stability. example: you need 30 stability to stay mp6. at the beginning each adept adds 1.0 points to the stability. this increases with time. after 1 year you add 2.0 points (which is max). so when you manage to keep 15 adepts for 1 year those 15 would be enough to stay mp6. the increase of stat addition per day would just be 1/365 quality>quantity
  6. for me it would be thursday....do you mean 02:00 or 14:00 ST?
  7. Zorica

    HC Bug?

    and why is it unfair?
  8. Zorica

    HC Bug?

    yes brulant, i am aware of the difference between wins and victories above mp3. it seems like you cant get the heads from an attacker only from a defender @hedge: it might be stated at the sign but it would still not match the rules linked in today´s announcement. and that is confusing as you expect rules linked in a current announcment to be more up-to-date
  9. Zorica

    HC Bug?

    ok, seems to be that way as i got 47 heads from her when i attacked her. it should also be stated in the rules that you cant always be attacked while in sanctuary but a certain amount of heads is needed in your possession the be attackable there
  10. Zorica

    HC Bug?

    well, that isnt stated in the rules AND i actually received a head from winning that fight
  11. Zorica

    HC Bug?

    from the rules: If you are VICTORIOUS (read rules when a fight makes you victorious or just winner) you get ALL the enemy heads. i was attacked by catalin (she had 16-20 heads, cant recall the correct amount) i was victorióus (i can prove it by log) but only received 1 head. do i miss something?
  12. [quote name='lashtal' timestamp='1322304383' post='96610'] I confirm normal Grasans lvl 2 work as they should. I didn't try with Pimps. lashtal [/quote] #2
  13. maybe the grasan needs some heat to start the reaction. have you tried letting it participate in a few fights? thats the only thing i did when i got my wiiya. only the first day and only a few fights. it probably has nothing to do with it...but...who knows?
  14. 1 silver for the colored paper
  15. sadly not enough money to participate
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