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  1. I was just wondering if you are on + or - honor =P ?
  2. How much honor do you have =P ?
  3. I never get -% ... dammit =P. What do you do... attack helpless children ... or kick the crap out of a cat ... =) ?
  4. Thanks... and consider it done =D !
  5. Nice =D ! I have not seen that counter go above 200 for me... haha =)
  6. Do you mean the circle in the upper right corner ? I remember that occasionally I get some numbers counting down there... but didnt know what it was =D Btw, you got 3.5k+ ... of what ?
  7. See what... my current "Heat" .... where... =P ? How long does that temporary increase last ?
  8. Ok, now... I think I do understand what "Heat" actually does... but there is something else that I want to know. Every time you go from an area to an other it says that your heat increases... but it cant be that its permanently increased. That must mean the "Heat" increase is temporary and that its on a counter... so my question is... how long does that temporary "Heat" increase last (assuming that im right and it is in fact temporary =P) ?
  9. Its fixed now after the relog... thanks =D Well, the point is... why does it stop at 16 =P ? It has been at 16 for ages now =P
  10. My "Exploring points" have been capped at 16/10 for a very long time now... at least four or five 24 hour meditation sessions. Why did they stop at 16 ? Can someone who knows this maybe explain ? Also my "Vital Energy" is displayed like this... 1475/1380. But I guess that will be fixed soon.
  11. I believe King Manu said earlier that sorting creatures will be taken care off later. Though I agree on the part where you should be able to prepare a ritual even if you are not even close to a battle.
  12. Hmm, this girl is pretty damn unstable ... nice mood swings =P
  13. I found this so funny ... haha =D Though I figured something is bound to happend. I mean, you are in a place... a square room that seems carved inside the wood... has no windows and no doors... and there is a girl there who wants to play (obviously something is wrong ... right ? ... when you are in a situation like that you better cooperate =P). I did pick that I would play with her... but if I saw the candles burning up I would probably start to get a bit worried =) EDIT I remember when me and two friends of mine where playing a game ... not sure what the exact name for it is... but you know when you got a piece of paper and roll dices... stuff like that =P. We didn't have a book at that time so the third person was making up the story as we went along =). At a point there was a bomb involved... and me and my friend tried to disarm it but failed... the timer went to 00:00 but the bomb did not explode... it was something wrong with it. I was relieved and figured we where lucky... but my friend thought the bomb was fake and then took it upon him to kick it... and of course then it exploded resulting in killing us both =P. We had a laugh about that for some time =P. My point with this is... I like it when decisions we make can have crucial outcomes... same as with the girl who just wants to play with you =D
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