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  1. I have a semi-aged one at 198 days. If you are interested, give me a forum PM with you offer
  2. living_puppet


    Witches are women who practice dark magic with only 1 intention: to bring back the souls of the damned from the beyond. Witches can be recognized by their black clothing and certain specific items like : the black cat, their "love" for halloween, their broom or the cauldron with the strange goo. Now a little about why these items are in corelation with the witch. 1. The black cat : It is said that the black cat is a reincarnation of a hell's or a witches' soul trying to break free. They are considered to be the familiar because they often are more active at night and because of the gloomy eyes in the dark. [img]http://www.clipartpal.com/_thumbs/pd/holiday/halloween/black_cat_pumpkin.png[/img] 2. The "love" for halloween : It is said that on the night of the halloween a gate opens from the beyond allowing the trapped souls to come out into the real world. And the witches can catch the souls withing their cats to use for a later ritual or the have a better affinity with the pet. 3. The caouldron is a "device" to get the souls faster out of the abyss. With the circular spin of the spoon within the cauldron's liquid because of the centrifugal force the sides tend to go upper than the center and this represents the posibility of the souls to climb from the middle to the top and eventually exit their prison. Also, the cauldron is very much used on the halloween's days. [img]http://dryiceandgases.com/img/smoking_witches_cauldron.jpg[/img] 4. The broom (not the flying broom) : Witches are solitary persons and they prefeer to stay in the woods. They will have to cut their way clear of all the vegetation there by using a stick. But they don't have a stick, so the use the long end of the broom instead. Because of people's fear for the witches they have given the broom supernatural powers with would allow the witch to fly and scare people. [img]http://images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/61126.jpg?is=350,350,0xffffff[/img] Also the pumpkin may be reffeered as being a witches' tool, because on the night of the halloween they guild the souls with their light.
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    I will open this with 2SC
  4. This is the incantation to steal dst's future Morph (when she aquires it) and make her rage badly so she goes on a rampage: 1. First, a lot of players have to group and decimate Eon in the most horrid way until he decides to idle in Wind's Sanctuary instead of attacking everything and steal all his heads and pray he has medusa's head from one his victorious battles. 2. Find the Confused Santa and make him give you his bag of gifts. 3. Enter the bag of gifts and search until you find the corpse of a dead tainted angien. 4. In the halloween day revive the tainted angien using a grassan ferment 5. Stick medusa's head on the ciling of the hall of sun balcony 6. Call dst and invite her 7. Once dst arrives make the angien tickle her with his wings' feathers until she falls to the ground laughing so hard that she fells of her back 8. Once she is looking up she will see medusa's head and gets petrified for 1 hour. 9. Quickly steal the morph and replace it with a grassan Say : "Happy halloween dst", laugh and run away until she wakes up
  5. Never put a CTC here (dunnow if it's valid tough)....
  6. Trick or treat, Don't like meat, Gimme sweets, Perfect treats.
  7. [attachment=3269:avatar.jpg] [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3360"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=3360[/url] "[i]Your time to be my new prisoner of fear has arrived.[/i]"
  8. Well, little active days but I will give it a shot. Game Name: Living Puppet Active Days: 70(100%) Current Allegiance: N/A Tag: N/A Clean record I think
  9. I would +1 you if I could. Love the idea of the new depth quests.
  10. [quote name='Brulant' timestamp='1318571105' post='94074'] Good luck! And remember to have fun. If it's making you unduly angry, leave it be for a while and come back to it. [/quote] Hard one for me at least. But thanks for making this, I will keep trying when I have some spare time.
  11. [quote name='ChildOfTheSoul' timestamp='1317509401' post='93076'] It went something like 4 days without a post... and I already bid 3 silver per. Anyways, update on my bid, grasan 1, 3, 4, 5: 1 gold(15 silver). [/quote] Kamisha, ChildOfTheSoul bid 1gold for 4 grassans. You have 5 for sale. And darkfire bid 4sc for 1 grassan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total for all your grassans = 1gold + 4sc 4 for ChildOfTheSoul 1 for darkfire
  12. Well, I think we should let Metal Bunny decide this. If he doesn't want to sell 1 to me for 6sc won't mind it
  13. 6sc for 1 angien(Claw III > Gold Belt > Blood Drop II)
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