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    Dragual reacted to dst in Player fraud   
    Yes, the print screen is yours, indeed. I haven't denied that. But you can go to Gateland and get the print screen yourself. Why rely on me?
    Yes, I am a flattered. I wanna be as good at a** kissing as you. You are by far the better. And look what it got you: mp7, ambassador, a new alliance. Who wouldn't be jealous on you? And all you had to do was make a duck face!
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    Dragual reacted to dst in Player fraud   
    You need to provide the screen shot if you don't believe my "confession".
    Yes BS, you're my hero! my everything! I don't know how I lived until I met you. I am now truly fulfilled! If we were in RL, I would have asked for an autograph.
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    Dragual reacted to Chewett in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    Replenish the Herbs

    MD is running out of herbs and we need your help. We need you to go and steal some herbs from another realm to replenish the ones in MD.

    The task is simple, go out and plant some herbs (or vegetables, or fruits, anything that grows really) and document their progress. Take a picture every couple of weeks showing their growth.

    Once they have reached maturity harvest them and place them in a basket. To get them to MD you need to perform a little ritual and say some words over them. Sadly this ritual has been lost to time (So you will have to improvise!)

    To complete this quest we would like to see pictures at each stage (planting, some through growing and your ritual) and how you perform your ritual (bonus points for interesting location/theme). Images should have somethin showing they were taken for this quest and by you (player and and id are good for this)

    This quest can be completed by anyone once. The reward will be 1 WP and a number of herbs (Which I promise will have a use quite soon now).

    This is a permanent quest.

    Credits go to Akasha who originally designed a similar quest, dst for digging it up and Eara for being an awesome TK.
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    Dragual reacted to Syrian in Help me go MP6!   
    jumping on the back of this, MP6 is supposed to be an accomplishment, a show of support and of people coming together, the realm as it stands right now is divided in where it wants to show its support, everyone has their own stances, beliefs, mentors and goals, and the current state of mp6 reflects this, i feel like changing the amount of adepts required to become mp6 diminishes that accomplishment a little. while mp6 is a great thing to have around, its really helpful with the loyalty, being able to summon, and as a show of solidarity and common ground, i feel like right now we dont have the activity to justify much, if any of this. 
    i would love to be mp6 again, but the activity and the realm being so divided in its goals with the split support of the people wanting to be mp6 make it not really a feasible possibility at the moment, people will support who they support, and that should be respected. 
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    Dragual reacted to Rophs in Help me go MP6!   
    Not enough players for mp6
    What if each land gets one mp6 that the king can choose?
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    Dragual reacted to Eagle Eye in Citizenship   
    Hello Dragual, Thank you for choosing loreroot. Let me check and if you failed by voting. please talk to the queen of LR. My Queen Lin. *Bow*
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    Dragual got a reaction from Chewett in Citizenship   
    I'm certain many of you all already are aware... Yet it is time, I believe, to inform the masses that I have applied for citizenship. 
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    Dragual got a reaction from Eagle Eye in Citizenship   
    I'm certain many of you all already are aware... Yet it is time, I believe, to inform the masses that I have applied for citizenship. 
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    Dragual reacted to Pipstickz in Queen of Loreroot   
    Have you ever spoken with Lintara? No memorable deeds that affected you, perhaps. Congratulations, Lintara, do your best.
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    Dragual reacted to Menhir in Queen of Loreroot   
    @dst "She saw the opportunity so she grabbed it."
    If I remember correctly that was one of those ways you walked in the past with such great success that many still talk about it years later and honestly I thought you did great. Why you still have such a deep beef with DD and everything he is or was connected with is out of my understanding. But like everyone else "you have all the time you need to find your own answers to your own questions in your life" (I know you know that) ...
    And for you Lintara ... there is not much to say besides "all the best on your journey as leader of the few who are left".   
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    Dragual reacted to dst in Demands of a Slave   
    I am still insisting that fang should not be allowed to participate. Or again, if he will be allowed then his leash should expire when the slavery period is over.
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    Dragual reacted to Eon in Demands of a Slave   
    Careful, comments like that just might bring me back.
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    Dragual reacted to dst in Demands of a Slave   
    If he'll be allowed to do this I will choose a bunch of players that will NOT be allowed to bid on my leash.
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    Dragual reacted to dst in Queen of Loreroot   
    That's nonsense. It's like saying she's nothing. Null. Zero. Zilch.
    Benefit of a doubt? For what? She did ABSOLUTELY nothing for this realm. Just because she was invited in the king's council bla bla forum she thinks she's queen material. Really? She just pulled a dd. Oh wait...I think I know where she learned those stuff. She saw the opportunity so she grabbed it. I mean, it's nice to have some cool spells and try to play with the big guys. Even if you infiltrated there like a weed.
    There is a saying: the one eyed man is king in the land of the blinds. Guess it fits perfectly.
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    Dragual reacted to Lintara in Queen of Loreroot   
    Greetings all!
    As some may have noticed, Loreroot hasn't had an official leader for months since Eagle Eye became inactive. However, on November 9th (last Monday) I have raised a question to my fellow Lorerootians if they would like me to be their leader until the day I retire from such a position. To keep the voting from going on for months with no signs of ending, as it has happened in the past, I left the poll open for a week and kept a message about it on the Mood Panel, as well as contacted all I knew, so that only the remaining active Lorerootians could respond to it.
    And so, on November 16th, with 5 votes for, 2 null votes and 0 votes against, I hereby announce that I, Lintara, am the Queen of Loreroot. :)
    Thank you all, fellow Lorerootians, and I hope I'll serve you well!
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    Dragual reacted to Azull in Queen of Loreroot   
    Well done and good luck.
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    Dragual reacted to dst in Queen of Loreroot   
    Self proclaimed queen with no experience and no memorable deeds (actually with no deeds at all). This is what LR has became? Pity.
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    Dragual reacted to Muratus del Mur in A dream of necromancy   
    Creature creation via item combiners is indeed something i am aiming for.
    In addition, without making any promises..on the long run, CUSTOM creature creation might become a reality too
    All technical aspects and concepts allow such a featureeven right now..but shhh..many more other things to do before this node will be crossed
    Os. I am seeing md evolution in terms of intersecting oathways that build nodes, nodes become announced features. For those accusing me of lack of plans in md development, here is your explenation...not something many can grasp. Retrocausality ... Nodes in the future cause their pathways/roots in the past. In short words, md evolving as a live organism.
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    Dragual reacted to lashtal in A dream of necromancy   
    I'm pretty sure Necromancers from all the lands will remember this day as a milestone, the foundation of a new era.
    Today, a first couple of headless skeletons were raised from the bones of the fallen. 
    I can't help but wonder what the future may bring: with the use of item combiners, totems and cauldrons, the possibilities are endless...
    Headless Skeleton + Skull: Skeleton 
    Skeleton + Skin (maybe Fat too? discuss pro- and cons-): Zombie
    then what, Zombie + Bandages + ... Wax?: Mummy!
    Now, a Mummy could be "usable", once in a looong time, the effect being a powerful curse on all the players in the same scene  (and their families as well! ). Imagine it guarding a scene, a clickable, a treasure.
    I know I'm going wild, I'm daydreaming. Please feel free to share your thoughts and your dreams as well.
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    Dragual reacted to Azull in Necrovion and it's alliances   
    When I joined Necrovion there were two alliances in this land. The Necrovian Sentinels and The Tainted Warriors. The Sentinels were disbanded by a player during Jester's reign for much the same reasons TW are disbanded now. I never asked for the Sentinels to be returned. This alliance was the result of a covenant between humans and shades. It's destruction and subsequent lack of reactions from the shades was a symbol this covenant no longer exists. The only thing that remains is that humans are allowed to live in Necrovion. I feel the Sentinels should remain dead until such time a new covenant is made. (which seems unlikely to happen anytime soon) Of course there is a practical reason too. An alliance with that many seats is impossible to protect. And since alliance taking has become such a popular and in many cases easy to do hobby, why bother.   In August 2011 after Jester left Necrovion and joined SoS in the east, Tainted Warriors were  disbanded by a player who acted as Mur's cats-paw. A few days later the land was closed and we were left with nothing. But it didn't mean the end of Necrovian society. Quite the contrary in fact. Some time later the alliance was given back to us because of a wish rewarded in an unexpected way (ann. 2034). Over the past years it was taken from us twice more because of misplaced trust and treason. Twice we got it back by use of illusions. With Peace gone this is not an option now. But is that such a bad thing? We don't think so.    The Necrovian social and political structure we built is not defined by its alliance. In reality an alliance is a tool with a few useful features and a badge (of pride). Nothing more. I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise. Four years ago we made the foundation for this Necrovion without an alliance. Having none now doesn't affect us beyond the loss of a few gadgets. Necrovian society, or whatever colorful name one might prefer for us, still exists. Having no alliance doesn't change that.  
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    Dragual reacted to dst in Fate of Necrovion   
    Good thing you redacted that Azull because I have NEVER used the "role leader" card. Btw: this shows the level of ignorance you and others in your ally have (but this is a different discussion).
    You are NOT role leader of TW (at least yet, I cannot know what the future will bring). You are not entitled to ask for the ally back based on that reason.
    Now, this is my opinion of what should happen to Necro (yes, since I was the one to CONQUERED it, I think I have at least the right to an opinion):
    I would not close Necro. On contrary. I would open it for everyone. Including restricted places. At least for a while. Or more.

    No, we don't. I haven't asked for anything. Not from you not for Chew or Mur (they can confirm since you will never ever believe me). There are several reasons for the takeover. Mine is simple: I wanted to knee you and your hive. And I managed.
    Also your reaction:
    just confirm what I said above.
    Thank you for making this public.
    Have fun!
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    Dragual reacted to Azull in Fixing the tag system   
    As Syrian says >>>and as such someone leaving or being removed from the land will get to keep the benefits of such a tag even though their land loyalties have changed and as such should not remain in that group.
    Well you could look at it like that. In my opinion though the summon by tag group has a specific purpose and being part of it is a responsibility you can't just put aside when it suits you. 
    Perhaps this option can be at the land leaders discretion? In that they pick one.
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    Dragual got a reaction from Aethon in Happy birthday Aethon!   
    Happy birthday!
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    Dragual reacted to gonzalocsdf95 in are saying?   

    last avy is to Miq , sorry for the size
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    Dragual reacted to Chewett in Demands of a Slave   
    Roll a dice probably. In all seriousness it would be an entirely objective decision based on what the slave owner presented and arbitrary judgement. You cant quantify it nicely hence why in the past made arrangements and discussed with their master.
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