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  1. General price was no less than 3 sc but varied between person to person. PM with an offer and name.
  2. I'm certain many of you all already are aware... Yet it is time, I believe, to inform the masses that I have applied for citizenship.
  3. Zombies could be loaded with simple commands... "Whenever (person) enters the scene, cast this spell or say this thing." They could be used during quests. They could be used as defenses for larger scale battles and wars... Perhaps, even... Skeletons can be assigned a very simple task, while Zombies might be allowed to be assigned multiple tasks. Though they could be easily destroyed. You could even ask them to attack other players, and they would have their own creatures, of sorts... Nothing too fancy, but if you wanted to modify their rituals you'd have to load them with your own creatures. Yet if they are defeated, those creatures become Fenths... You might even be able to possess the most complex of undead creations, moving them and controlling them from afar. Also, Skeletons should require sticky goop and resin to be combined into a sort of material for the limbs.
  4. I don't know if I'll be on on said day. I will try, however.
  5. Dragual

    Demands of a Slave

    Isn't that basically what MD court is? 
  6. Dragual

    Demands of a Slave

    This doesn't just apply to him... How would you judge this on ALL slaves. If you don't want him to receive "special" POSITIVE treatment, then he also shouldn't receive "special" NEGATIVE treatment.
  7. I'm looking to obtain Skin and Wiiya. I need at least 15 skin.
  8. Make an offer.   Sharptear - 832841  Age - 125  Tokens - [sunshine], [jewelshards]   Sharptear - 832842  Age - 125  Tokens -   Pimped Grasan  - 758696  Age - 535  Tokens - [onyxfangs], [blackdiamonds]   Tormented Soul - 775351  Age - 1228  Tokens - [emeraldglare], [onyxfangs], [claws1], [osirisbelt]   Rustgold - 797177  Age - 461  Tokens -    Rustgold - 829253  Age - 167  Tokens - [blackdiamonds], [sunshine]
  9. Title says it all, happy birthday Tainted One! :D
  10. I don't have any real experience, but I'll apply. I could help with running the Facebook page, updating Quests and such. 
  11. Dragual

    Clickie Spells

    Basically, the idea is that it would be nice if Quest Makers could set up a clickie which would trigger a spell if you did it in a certain way. Maybe if you make a mistake, a Lock in Agony Spell is used on you, setting you back in your adventure. So you could store Spell Stones in a Clickie somehow, and tell it when to use a cast from it.
  12. I offer...   Flowery pendant Creepy doll Mini Sun Mosaic Mosaic Skull Unfinished Treasure Map   Along with a $10 Credit pack and 2 gc.
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