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  1. Venenya vilyanirwanen ná quanta as angolingwi

  2. LOVED your Drachorn apple

  3. all forms must be filled out with a #2 pencil using blue or black ink

    1. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      Finger tattoos mandatory, in other words?
    2. Mallos


      I prefer blue ink.
  4. After some contemplation over some of your entries, I decided that an exchange of lessons or assignments would be a much more healthy exchange than a one-sided monologue of lists to preform. Instead of my perviously suggested format, we could pass off the tasks weekly to one another and write to collaborate our findings. Is this perhaps more acceptable and less egotistic? RE~1: Personal Hate List Uh... What? I don't think talking to me once every few weeks is going to teach me anything.

    1. Ars Alchemy

      Ars Alchemy

      Goodnight, Mrs. Finch--wherever you are!
    2. dst
    3. Ars Alchemy

      Ars Alchemy

      posted as a valediction for a previous adept of mine
  5. DD had it with Detector. thanks DD! Too bad the game is down now; I was enjoying it.


    1. ignnus


      Unleash the fury
  7. “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”

    1. Guillak


      I'm super-wise!
    2. Dragual


      It's hard to tell Guillak he is not... >> xD
    3. Magistra


      I know I am a fool.
  8. In Soviet Russia, ride pimp you!

  9. No matter how many times I click on the 'Understanding the Fighting System' button, I still don't...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Chewett


      iv ignored that for the "Do whatever you want" button
    3. Grido


      Yeah, that's going to get edited properly soon (That's a Grido "soon", not a Mur one :p).
    4. Prince Marvolo

      Prince Marvolo

      Sacrifice all your creatures - problem solved ;)
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  10. Imagine beinging magically whisked away to Delaware.

    1. Lord Jaguar

      Lord Jaguar

      .......nope sorry can't imagine it :D
  11. When your instincts are wrong, what do you trust?

    1. Maebius
    2. MoM


      I liked G and Chewetts' answers ;) you could also trust your brain, and Maebius, Nutella is evil -.-!
    3. Neno Veliki

      Neno Veliki

      oh yes! pancakes with nutella *drools*
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  12. which was neither straight nor crooked. What kind of wood was it?

  13. Trying to get a spoiler out of him is like trying to get one out of an MP3: it just can't be done.

  14. Attempting to find a good exorcist. Area purification speciality preferred

  15. Seeking artist to help illustrate an Avatar in exchange for credits.

  16. Gasp! Where did my little worship-y guy go? o.O

    1. Ars Alchemy

      Ars Alchemy

      Yay! He's back. ^_^
  17. I've never played another game where it is so difficult to lose a fight

  18. It's disconcerting to wake up in a completely different place than where you went to sleep!

    1. Guillak


      Hopefully you'll wake up with the same person you went to sleep with ...
  19. Alas, poor Frosty. I knew him well.

    1. Stipple


      Hamlet is having a wake for him and serving well iced mugs of root beeer.
    2. Stipple


      Hamlet is having a wake for him and serving well iced mugs of root beeer.
  20. Updated my Personal Hate List

  21. Are we allowed to start complaining about Viscosity yet?

    1. Muratus del Mur
    2. MoM


      great : COMPLAINTS COMPLAINTS COMPLAINTS! I've been stuck in the tribunal for 3 days ='( that's not good for a guy as hyper as me ='(
    3. Guillak


      See Ars, viscosity is a good thing after all! ;-)
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  22. Just kicked Shop Guardian II's donkey!

    1. Maebius
    2. Udgard


      PETA representatives will be contacting you soon...
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