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  1. Ars Alchemy (ID:201123; Days:1217)
  2. |:H:a:p:p:y: :B:i:r:t:h:d:a:y:!


  3. *Redacted*
  4. /remind @chewett2 to read my PM on the other chewett in 5 days.


  5. WHat are we having clear and properly concise communication about again? Exactly.
  6. Long have I wished to walk underneath these blessed root shades.

  7. A good barter and exchange system is always more commendable the better each transaction is understood. With things being spelled out clearly beforehand in a sense of currency or labor can allow informed judgements be weighed upon with relative value. (would I do it for a Klondike bar? No, but I might do it for two.)
  8. Ars Alchemy (201123)
  9.   Is there any, any to recover these if discarded before it can be set into your vault?  Common logic would state that a user recognition would be prompted before permanently discarding anything so personally important as a player's Avatar.
  10. 1st- Bobo 2nd- Greg
  11. Ars Alchemy (ID:201123)
  12. Your current items: Silver coin (ID: #####) valuable A valuable silver coin, useful for trading. Has Mur\'s head on one side and a nice decoration on the other. 2011 Common Edition. No Homeland
  13. If Eon doesn't say no...maybe legit?