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  1. Happy birthday dst

    many belated returns!
  2. The Path to Pipness

    Ars Alchemy (ID:201123; Days:1217)
  3. |:H:a:p:p:y: :B:i:r:t:h:d:a:y:!


  4. Necrovion demands blood!

  5. /remind @chewett2 to read my PM on the other chewett in 5 days.


  6. We need organization. Let's try PC again.

    WHat are we having clear and properly concise communication about again? Exactly.
  7. Long have I wished to walk underneath these blessed root shades.

  8. Masks of the Mist Booth

    A good barter and exchange system is always more commendable the better each transaction is understood. With things being spelled out clearly beforehand in a sense of currency or labor can allow informed judgements be weighed upon with relative value. (would I do it for a Klondike bar? No, but I might do it for two.)
  9. A Prelude to A hunt - RICA Spinoff.

    Ars Alchemy (201123)
  10. Avatars

      Is there any, any to recover these if discarded before it can be set into your vault?  Common logic would state that a user recognition would be prompted before permanently discarding anything so personally important as a player's Avatar.
  11. A Deranged Christmas Dinner

    1st- Bobo 2nd- Greg
  12. Fairy Princess in Distress!

    Ars Alchemy (ID:201123)
  13. List of backslash (\) occurrences

    Your current items: Silver coin (ID: #####) valuable A valuable silver coin, useful for trading. Has Mur\'s head on one side and a nice decoration on the other. 2011 Common Edition. No Homeland
  14. Crown

    If Eon doesn't say no...maybe legit?