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    Mallos reacted to Syrian in Bounties - invalid email.   
    there is currently a bounty up on my screen (1:56gmt) but trying to claim it gets the following the error "Your account email is invalid. Please fix this first by going to your settings page and changing your account email to a valid one." even though i've had my email verified for several years
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    Mallos reacted to fallen god in fat reply - Change regarding the creature recruiting cost   
    A bit late to reply, and just adding a few comments on how the change happened from a perspective of a half-way player. I was a returning player, with stats so insignificant, which had then grown to a reasonable numbers through farming.

    In short, the progress was painful at first, not to train, but to grow the necessary inventory slots and the prices of the more costly creatures.

    I have but a single commentary on the process: You are not gated by the creature costs, other than early on. You are instead gated mostly by free slots, and the efforts required to train these crits.

    The changes struck me as odd: the result being far, far from intended. There could have been more, much more methods that isn't so terrible as one you had chosen. Let me be blunt: The change had little effect to long term players, who could proceed to farm as much as they are willing to spend the time to. Further down this reply, I shall demonstrate this effect with simple graphs illustrating my points. In short: this update effectively make training extremely unrewarding, boring, and bad for those without the stats to start recruiting.

    Let me start by commenting on the intended purpose of these change: To gate the process through which a player gain new statistic. The intention is clear, but there's no sense of direction of how you wish to approach it, nor any efforts to envision what results you wanted.

    First, the rates through which an account may grow its statistic. What should have been the question, is to ask how fast people are acquiring them, at which stage of the game they were, and then deeming it acceptable or not. The rates for Vit, more likely than not, correlate directly to how frequent one is, whereas Vp, how frequently does one bother to purchase eggs. While the number of eggs one can keep and grow their Vp could grow beyond reasonable, the rates one may grow their Vit is almost dependent on their efforts in the realm. Both of these, however, are linear, unlike those provided by the shop, which is exponential. A linear growth is the very least, desirable, and does not propels out of control. From then on, there should be a question of how fast this rate should be.

    Second, the cost growth of recruiting, compared between Aia's measure, and the solution implemented by Mur. I shall provide two graphs, one of the individual acquisition cost, one of the total acquisition cost:
    Unit cost Accumulative cost The unit cost shows that Mur's formula is outscaled by Aia's during the 16 crit range, while the cumulative cost is taken over at around 21. This implies that Aia's formula is far superior to the desired goal, which baffles me as to why the alternative was chosen.

    However, this does not interfere with the fact that the cumulative cost to recruit a number of creatures is still a static number, a number which does little to gate those with far superior status, but a lot to deter those new to the realm, nor simply possess inferior numbers. Had it been the case where not only one's stats, but also their free slot, and their utilization of these free spots, to increase, which implies an exponential growth, the solution would be much deserved, but alas, it isn't. One may aim to grow 15-20 at a time, which then is simply the question of if they are able to reach the now elevated cost to acquire such creature in a single batch. What would happen, however, is the march toward such goal would become much, much slower. On top of which, if one choose to own a few of said creature for usage, would bump the starting cost even further, and the resulting final cost much, much further as well.

    I must suggest that a proper goal to be set, and a carefully engineered solution be present. Directly related to the issue, perhaps it's the reward of each individual creature that should be tweaked to yield the desired outcome.
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    Mallos got a reaction from Aia del Mana in fat reply - Change regarding the creature recruiting cost   
    I would like to point out that such features of growing costs for creatures would be easily avoided by asking someone to recruit them for you, transferring between each recruitment. edit Syrian also points this out
    I don't think we should be making them cost more for each, as stated this really just affects players that have little stats to begin with. Also this is quite inconsequential if the values are not very high after each recruitment, what does it matter when max creatures in a ritual is 6 or less. Of course stat farming comes into play, but this is exactly in opposition to the main point you are trying to prevent. You want them to be able to stat farm less, although the stat farming will allow them to circumvent your restrictions.
    A set limit of how many you can recruit in a time period is my solution as I have put earlier, maybe not the best idea but that's my opinion.
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    Mallos reacted to lashtal in Bad/Funny/Strange Roleplay thread   
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    Mallos got a reaction from Fang Archbane in MD 14th anniversary plushie shop   
    I would like to buy, with Fang's plushies
    Item 1: Anni creature 2019. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.)
    For a total cost of 16 plushies, being 15 of Fang's plushies and 1 of my plushies.
    I would also like to redirect the remaining amount of Fang's plushies, which to start is 80 minus 15 for his anniv minus 15 for my anniv for the remainder of 50 plushies...
    15 plushies to @Steno
    15 plushies to @yokin
    15 plushies to @Zetsuei
    to remain 5 plushies unused. To those I've quoted here, I choose this 15 plushies figure for a specific reason, choose w1sely
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    Mallos got a reaction from Fang Archbane in MD 14th anniversary plushie shop   
    I would like to buy
    Item 12: 1 wiiya. Price: 1 plushie
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    Mallos got a reaction from Chewett in Is it possible to change the account email   
    Yes on the bottom bar there is an 'options' button that will take you to a page where it gives you the option to change it under the email tab.
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    Mallos reacted to Steno in The Power of Emails   
    Hello MD community!
    It has truly been along time! I had dwelled among you about a dozen years ago and played consistently for at least half a year. I even managed to try to do a promotional thingy for MD where I managed the game's ratings on other sites (and tried to get us hosted on others as well). I had a lot of fun, well I never beat BigC, but I did have a lot of fun.
    Then... my computer broke and I couldn't get a new one for 6 months, which led me to stop being a part of this community.
    I am so glad that I was summoned back through electronic communication. Apparently the spell that Mur cast, called MagicDuels was not through with me yet. Nor was I through with it. 
    May both MD and myself keep growing!
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    Mallos reacted to Steno in Weekly silver   
    It's really long. Sorry.
    The Pain of Inspiration's Joy by me
    What is it about pain?
    That it seems necessary for
    the realization of true expression.
    Is it just the epitome of the saying:
    “All good things come with a price”?
    With pain, or suffering, the price
    and beautiful words and moving pieces the things?
    Is it that pain is the key
    to a door deep within our beings;
    a door, which behind, is that very
    essence of human nature which we all have,
    the essence, which, for a price we can glimpse?
    Or is it that pain is really just a mode of self-deception?
    We feel great feelings
    that are inexplicable through words.
    That pain unleashes
    unusually poignant thoughts,
    then words.
    Because especially deep pain
    is really just too great,
    so the mind, in an attempt to conceive
    of the enormity of it,
    pours out its expression
    in phrases more beautiful than
    what is otherwise impossible?
    Is it out of self-recognized necessity,
    that it unlocks a myriad
    plethora of ideas that, connected,
    merely drip with emotion and feeling.
    Pointing such a vivid portrait
    that we can feel almost the
    exact same feelings as the
    time when the feelings were transcribed.
    So its exquisiteness can be replicated.
    As, being human beings,
    we tend to forget the bounty
    we all have available to us.
    So, in vivid and deep records,
    in times of ungratefulness,
    we can look back, and read.
    Thus, remembering that which
    has come before that we have conquered.
    To remember that life is good.
    To help remind each of us,
    that, while remembering the pain,
    that we do not want others to feel what we have felt.
    As no one deserves any pain.
    That our objective,
    first and foremost,
    is to help others.
    That the human race and
    those whom we love and
    care for and those unknown multitude.
    That pain is really
    just an obstacle.
    One that can be
    overcome, conquered.
    In the recognition itself,
    its true fragility is revealed.
    That pain is inevitable.
    But that pain is also
    simple, easy to understand.
    Pain comes, yes, but only
    in one form.
    Like beauty, coming
    in the forms of love,
    nature, kindness,
    physical beauty, wonderful thought,
    simplicity and yet complexity,
    the exquisiteness of the senses,
    or in the marvel of a world
    that we live in, yet, do not understand.
    Like beauty, happiness comes in many different forms.
    The magic is when it is found and recognized.
    It is always present.
    It shares many of the forms that beauty does,
    it even is a type of beauty
    in and of itself.
    So what is pain,
    in comparison to its foes:
    happiness and love?
    Very little.
    The way we look at life,
    matters much. Yet is still malleable.
    We even have easily two eyes to view through.
    Not to mention the eyes of the collective society,
    these artists of pen, brush, or bow
    who really speak to us.
    Also through the eyes
     of those whose hearts are tied to our own.
    We have merely to change our perspective.
    To look with both eyes.
    looking, looking,
    but never quite grasping
    that little candle flame
    right in front of us.
    The happiness and love
    that illuminates and warms our world
    eludes all of us.
    The pain releases our expression
    and imagination.
    Yet we do not have to
    use that key to open that
    door to view our shared being.
    The staircase with an open archway at the top
    begs, beseeches, and yearns for us to climb it.
    Looking through at the greater chamber
    of not only who and what we are.
    But on to who and what we choose to be.
    This expression, when experience is not
    really replicated, as it is truly incomprehensible.
    Not understandable on any level.
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    Mallos reacted to Sunfire in A stumbling block   
    If you want to join an alliance you will need to find out which land you want to join.
    Joining a lands alliance makes you an inhabitant of the land.
    Some lands have more than 1 alliance too so inform about what each alliance stands for too.
    Us veterans can point you to the right people if you have questions.
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    Mallos reacted to Muratus del Mur in Weekly silver   
    I just want to say i find it beautiful that you do this with your "weekly coin", as you called it. This is so much in the spirit of MD that you give what you earn.
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    Mallos reacted to Azull in Weekly silver   
    “This is the awe-inspiring universe of magic: There are no atoms, only waves and motions all around. Here, you discard all belief in barriers to understanding. You put aside understanding itself. This universe cannot be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be detected in any way by fixed perceptions. It is the ultimate void where no preordained screens occur upon which forms may be projected. You have only one awareness here—the screen of the magi: Imagination! Here, you learn what it is to be human. You are a creator of order, of beautiful shapes and systems, an organizer of chaos.”
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    Mallos reacted to Muratus del Mur in Sounds of MD   
    sounds as they are cool they can become annoying. If someone keeps md in a background window, just to hear if anyone sais something in that scene (the chat sound), it will be frustrating to have to listen to whatever song there is there, or to stop it each time they visit a scene with sound.
    I intend to keep just very few scenes with sound, as a reminder that there is a use of the voice spell that could speak onto someones computer without them clicking anything, great for spooky interaction for some quests
    over the years sound proved to be a major element in keeping player in a scene, or away from it. Having this in all scenes will make all players either decide to stay or to leave, and eventually what is too much is not good, so they will at least keep md on silent, missing important sounds such as trigger activation, pm, or why not, chat.
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    Mallos reacted to Muratus del Mur in Shop changes and new items   
    I would like some feedback on some things i want to add or change in the shop, to know if they are ok to be added to the shop, how deep, how many, etc.
    Please understand that my account is messed up with all sort of tests and changes and i might not accurately know what some items do or how they really influence you , thats why i need your feedback on this.
    stock changes are already in effect
    (id9) Bronze Avatar - removed for now, the interface no longer supports this
    (id20) Raw energy - loads 1500 heat, i want to change this to 1 heat stone
    (id21) Overcharged energy - gives 2500 heat, changed stock from 10 to 50, planning to make it give 4400 heat (max the erolin can hold active at one time right now), or load all heat orbs.
    (id30) Mechanical Movement Aid - change stock from 4 to 20  , planning to increase ap boost from 50 to 500
    (id33) Goblet of energy - change stock from 2 to 5 additional heat slots 
    (id25) Sack of Gold (gives value points) - change to give more vp but also 1 silver.
    (id24) Map Activity Overview - not sure what it does now after flash change, but i am thinking to make it show the online playerlist that is now scrolling under the map
    (id48) Map location of online players - does this work?
    (id54 - mp2) Mass Heal Creatures - heals 16 crits now -  i plan to make it heal 40  
    (id53 - mp2) Illusion points -  increased from 10 to 20
    (id36) Sacred Goblet of Energy - gives heat slots, increased stock from 2 to 6 
    (id91) +50% AP Boost - increased stoc from 12 to 20
    (id95) Token Removal Gel - increased stock from 20 to 50
    (id8) Great Concoction of True Self - increased stock from 8 to 16
    (id1) Vitality Elixir I - increased stock from 4 to 16
    (id31) Gold Bottle of Learning - increasess skills by 3 permanent , stoc increased from 1 to 20
    (id32) Bottle of Alchemic Gold - gives 800 max vitality pernament, increased stoc from 1 to 10
    Regeneration Ritual of Youth , Regeneration Ritual of Vengeance - regenerates 8/16 crits and gives a modest boost, i want to make this percentage boost not fixed, for example instead of 60 attack, to give you plus 60% attack, its temporary aftrall
    increase tokens stock - changed to 20 
    I want to put enchanted stones in shop, i am waiting for suggestions, what would be ok (not to powerful but not to little) to have in shop?
    An other things i am planning to change, is the number of shop items you can see at one time. Right now the "slots" where designed to match 1 stoc items more, but over the years i added more and more items with multiple stoc, so i will increase the shop slots of items you can pick from , by at least 1 slot. (opinions?)
    Let me know what you think
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    Mallos reacted to Muratus del Mur in fat reply - Change regarding the creature recruiting cost   
    You have some very valid points, i might change my mind about the change. However i would still like to fix the original issue that made me want this change, maybe you have ideas how to.
    The creature prices for old players are meaningless, this allows absurdly easy farming of crits. Filling your creature slots should be increasingly difficult, not easier. The advantage given by Wi and more creature slots should mean you can grow more crits, but not faster or at basically zero cost. 
    The way it is now, it takes away the challenge, and creates exponentially faster growing creature farms, so to speak. 
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    Mallos reacted to Ungod in fat reply - Change regarding the creature recruiting cost   
    The way it (still) is, the player had to do some efforts to get to some bare minimum values in order to progress. With percentage costs, that effort disappears, so keeping a fixed value apart from percentage would be a way to maintain it - if we consider this approach for new players useful.
    'Farming' would be a bit harder with percentage values instead of fixed ones, but vitality is not that hard to regenerate. The (ex) value points were always the problem, though. You could get to -1mil VP from a fight with someone and it would take weeks to get it back to 0. If we had some way to regenerate WI easier, the percentage wouldn't bother us much. Then again, how do you increase world inertia?
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    Mallos reacted to Muratus del Mur in MD Screen on big monitor   
    Oh but MD needed this and quite badly. 
    I am happy people give me feedback on the interface, i qm just not happy that i can't satisfy everyones taste with it 
    To make it clear , without flashless interface MD would have permanently died in just a couple of months, making it impossible to migrate later. Flash support is being dropped by all browsers permanently, and is already disabled by default.
    Without a wider interface we would have been stuck in a pre 2000 style design, unable to add anything new and usefull to it. 
    Without mobile friendly responsive, interface MD already paid a drastic price losing more than 70% of its audience.
    Without more space for tools and interface, the tools wpuld have been difficult to use, and they are md's future in what the gameplay is, and what things are being created for its players, by its players.
    All this made this new interface absolutely mandatory, and i am saying this for years, i just intervened now before it would have been too late.
    If this stagnates soon, it is already something anyone else would have taken many months of work to accomplish as it is now, and thats no overestimation.
    I don't afford to hire a couple designers to make a look everyone would like, and a coder to code it, and me alone this is what could do, Chew does his part as well, thats it, Period.
    I was hoping to get constructive observations, not the feeling that i disturbed you by creating something absolutely unavoidable, that you think its just my passing mood.
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    Mallos reacted to Syrian in How Do you like the new interface so far?   
    @Muratus del Mur
    it makes sense now yeah. i'm not a huge fan of it personally. i think the biggest thing that i dislike is the online players and resources sometimes being at the side. i can see how that would be useful to some people who like to use the horizontal space more. but i think it makes more sense to have that stuff always underneath the scene, beacuse it just takes up so much more space to have it off to the side like that. 
    i'm a very "central" view person, i like the important things to be direct centre, so for me having the scene image off to the right is very confusing, and i think it just looks neater to have the scene in the middle. i understand that (
    https://gyazo.com/92a4783428f7c17c530cc876ef8bb109 ) this info is being used on the right on wide screens, but maybe this could be shifted elsewhere? perhaps into some pop up when the scene name is hovered over if you wanted to avoid more tabs. this would allow the online list to shift back under the scene and be back in the centre.
    you could place the "players in this scene" section over on the right near the mini player profile

    that way when people click on a name, there is minimal eye and mouse travel and it's still tucked away. maybe that mini profile pops up over the top of the scene player list to reduce mouse and eye travel
    the biggest reason for me having to zoom in so far on MD is the tiny text size, would there be a way to implemenht some system for having user options to change the chat font sizes?
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    Mallos reacted to Ungod in How Do you like the new interface so far?   
    Can we make the notification box appearing when moving to another scene smaller (width-wise)? It's usually covering the entire scene and I can't move to the next one without having to wait 2-3- secs.
    Also, when setting up rituals, the default is 50% VE, but the slider is on the far left (0%). So I if I want to set 0%, I have to slide it to the right and then to the left again...
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    Mallos got a reaction from lashtal in How Do you like the new interface so far?   
    1. How do you like the new interface
    I like it

    2. Compared to current MD interface, how do you find this one?
    Worse, just because of resolution issues and other small errors or missing features

    3. Do you think its ready to be go live on main MD?
    No, same reasons it is worse

    4. What do you like about it?
    Colors/Animations, darker page background is nice. Pin/unpin buttons are good, I think the compass wheel needs something similar to keep it open so we can use the left bar links more easily, as the compass closes quickly when you mouse away.

    5. What do you hate about it
    Page structure, obvious resolution errors. I don't think the scene art to the right side of the online players/chat is the best place, maybe on the left side instead or above like in MD. Different positions for certain other elements too, specially the live help operator button since it is on the bottom right and I didn't notice it with the mood panel pinned, it could go above the achievements book.
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    Mallos reacted to MRAlyon in How Do you like the new interface so far?   
    Look at screen for some suggestions... Let me know if you understand what I mean

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    Mallos reacted to Muratus del Mur in How Do you like the new interface so far?   
    In comparison this is md screen on same device :(... cant believe this was so all these years..you understand how important this is to change

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    Mallos got a reaction from Fang Archbane in Warventure Wip   
    Some misalignment on the bottom panel where the pictures for your items show up, after using the inventory icon.

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    Mallos reacted to Aia del Mana in Warventure Wip   
    (Some feedback about the user interface for mobile devices: having dynamic elements which change with screen size isn't ideal for pinching and zooming, which tends to scale them so they block lots of other things and/or the element you are trying to click on won't expand... or sometimes it just crashes and reloads the page.
    On a mobile webpage platform this could maybe be alleviated by either removing the dynamic scaling so one could pinch and zoom the elements to be large enough to select with our fingertip, or to use larger elements, although screen real estate on mobile probably makes this difficult. Thanks again!)
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    Mallos got a reaction from Fang Archbane in Warventure Wip   
    Well on 1920 x 1080 resolution there is a lot of overlapping elements, I also can't use the scene arrows

    For comparison here is the mobile client:

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