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  1. Princess Fang, my liege, heiress to the throne, vassal of Golemus, keeper of the sky flame, dethroner of tyrants, monicker of the foolish, infector of the wise, slayer of none, maker of MagicDuel great again, the dog which became bird, holiest of smiters, deepest of lacerators, leader of the pack, countess to the familia, bringer of redemption, savior of Azeroth, burner of nightshades, the one true prophet of the new era, I shall forever abide by your powers until I one day overthrow you. Until then we will bring new justice to these lands and unite what has fallen into ashes to be reborn anew as swiftly as the flames ignite. By my approximation the East has seeded its powers unto me to make me the Duchess of the East beneath the holy Emperor Sunfire beneath the God-King Ledah and I shall act upon their behalf to bring righteous glory to MagicDuel and all of its lands once again.
  2. Taking applications for an adept, one slot available. Apply below xD

  3. I will indulge in your vote need just to share in the frustration of the lack of coffee. ☕
  4. Mallos

    An odd fear

    Yeah I'm at a point where random day to day conversations seem very pointless to me, so often I go days without speaking. It would just be better if figuring out immortality was a little easier and maybe I'd have more to talk about. Would you forget how to ride a bike if you haven't done so in a long time? I'm sure you will retain the ability to speak, just that your vocabulary and pronunciations might degrade over time. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes.
  5. Trees set if anyone needs them.
  6. That may be the case considering the 6 I applied recently all went onto creatures with preexisting tokens, one of which the token was a broken one.
  7. This bug doesn't seem to be occurring anymore as I've applied 6 tokens since then that all worked, not sure if random luck, but I still have 6 creatures that have broken tokens. Is there some way to fix the problem with these tokens? 854381 854853 861468 861469 863544 867661
  8. As stated, not being able to participate after a win destroyed the amount of participants after a while. I'd suggest making the winners be disqualified for the next contest or next two contests, but no more than that. This way they rotate out who is playing and you can make tactical decisions whether to fight this one or the next based on who is going for it currently. Also most of my heads contest ideas involve some form of distribution of heads through a player considering I cannot control automated spawning of heads, so making either an npc that can hold heads or a "container" that can dispense them upon certain conditions would be ideal to circumvent the problem of players not being reliable dispensers. @Imperius you are thinking of Boss Heads contest, which nullifies stats/tokens, heads contest is free for all heads spawning on participants
  9. My straightforward opinions here are that only the leader or players designated by the leader should be able to invite players to an alliance, and that alliances should not be able to be disbanded by any action other than an administrator of the game deciding an alliance is no longer needed. Allowing just any player to invite other players is a recipe for disaster in that you need to strongly trust any new invitee if you are worried about your loyalty values being overwritten by some rogue invitee kicking you and all your members out. This creates, in my opinion, a distasteful attitude in the community as a whole that we are unwelcoming to any new players and that they need to do much to gain your trust, sometimes being impossible. Trust is a valuable thing but it shouldn't be in the way of being accepting to others. I personally don't understand the need to join an alliance just to be able to kick everyone out and then leave, disbanding an alliance, even if you don't like said alliance. Again, it hurts the community as a whole when some members of a land/alliance lose what they have held in high regards, such as I feel with the Caretakers and the East, and I think this is one of the biggest issues in the game for many years now. Just think of all the Children of the Eclipse members and Tainted Warrior members who had something nice going, a niche group or specialized part of a land as a whole, fractured by outsider actions. I feel this causes many players to leave, moreso than players who have left due to being killed. I can agree alliances can change leadership even by hostile takeover but if those players gaining the alliances for themselves do not want the alliance then what right do they have to let nobody have it?
  10. More death anchors and ability to get between them on occasion while dead. That way players aren't shut out from playing MagicDuel, considering that interaction with other players is a key part of the gameplay, rather they have various limitations on doing so. I'd argue that alone would fix about half of the issue of being dead which is being stuck in the graveyard the whole time. Currently very few players are able to kill other players so retaliation is almost a moot point. Revival items are also very rare and in some senses more costly than the kill items. If you revive a player you risk someone killing you and having no protection for yourself. If you are killed you may have to pay for a revival, just to be killed again. The killer is gaining in whatever their motive to kill was in the first place so the kills usually pay for themselves. I've thought about this one for a long time now and besides the new death anchor feature the only thing I could think of to make this better is to actually increase the availability of kill and revival items. A tangent on grave wreathes: I understand kill and revival tools being exclusive and not giving just everyone them, but we already have independent harvesting tools alongside public tools and the independent ones are mostly for convenience, kill/revival tools can be used in a similar way. I'm proposing making a "shared tool" equivalent of kill and revival methods, very similar to what the grave wreathes provide now but in more abundance. If these tools need to be worked towards through significant resource usage or similar effort then it can provide a counterbalance to the independent kill/revival methods in that no single tool can create a monopoly of power. This will allow those who don't have tools to be able to fight fire with fire against killers as well as help provide more revival methods that can't be shut down by any single countermeasure, such as depletion of the realms herbs. This would also allow more free usage of these mechanics as a whole instead of it just being an offhand thing we have to deal with every few months, it will be a legitimate gameplay mechanic we can always be on our toes about.
  11. Torch contest was so long ago that I was still new and I don't remember it too well, but it was a bit intimidating to participate in from the whole dying mechanic even though you would get resurrected afterwards. I suppose this could conflict with the current death mechanics by giving the dead a free way to resurrect by participating, if that is even possible while dead, or it could be looked at as a free resurrection opportunity for long since dead players perhaps depending on how frequently the contest would be run. The problem with torch in some sense is the rewards, if I remember correctly they were to be distributed to the winning land and that required some treasuries that we didn't have/still don't. I suggest that the reward for the torch contest would be the winning lands extend their influence into No Man's Land for a short time after each contest, and the point would be to try to reach your land as far towards the GoE as possible with consecutive victories. Basically, when your land wins your land converts a scene in No Man's Land into part of its land. So upon a Necrovion victory the Howling Gates would become part of Necrovion once again, and subsequently (skipping over Established Housing) the GoE would become part of Necrovion, perhaps up until the gates of the other lands, but not within them. The other lands would need to win in order to counteract these conversions emphasizing a true competition for citizens to be able to move more freely into their own lands and others through the gates.
  12. Just a quick idea: Change how the mp6 adept count is done, make it so you only have to meet the adept count to become and stay mp6 allowing you to drop below the 15 adepts and stay as mp6. What will cause you to lose mp6 status is if someone else from your land reaches 15 adepts as well as passes you in number of adepts, thus allowing only one mp6 for each land determined by who has the most adepts. *slight correction: you will need both 15 adepts and to be the highest adept count in your land to become mp6
  13. 0 currently, 1 maybe but it is generally not worthwhile to do. It is less likely now with tool guardians being able and ideally ready to counter such actions. In the past it has happened at least 3 times I can think of, between passing to npcs or hoarding on other players.
  14. Transfer by ITC tag restricts passing directly. We do already have a return mechanic in the tool guardians, which will return all the tools that you took from a specific location and stop you from taking them for a day. I don't see a need for this feature other than slight convenience for people who take too many tools and then want specific ones they can't grab themselves or no longer can grab, which better inventory management is suffice to avoid most of the time. The need is also lessened when there are other people willing to take the tools off your hands. If I had to make a suggestion though, make an NPC you can pass tools to as a quick fix, like the aramors but dedicated since you can't pass to them anymore. That can open up abuse by itself if people can pass all the tools from a location to them, would need to be limited somehow.
  15. Ann. 4630 - [2019-03-05 01:27:07 - Stage 14] - Permalink - Posted By Muratus del Mur 4 likes Research and connection clues taken from personal notes I posted a new research and connections clue in Gateway Island doc. Honest feedback is welcome. Also based on your feedback i will decide if i should continue to post unfinished work as clues or not. I have A LOT of notes prepared for my second book about balance, and i am not sure if i will ever be able to put them in a coherent form to form a book with start and end, but as pieces of information they are valuable and interesting. If you would like me to populate md with "reserarch and connections" taken from these notes, even if they are not md related, let me know. Even if not MD related, all my research is greatly influenced, and even caused, by the md experience and by the things i learned in md...so in a way they are related somehow. ^First poll question as per this announcement. What I want to know is if people think the way clues are obtained now is appropriate or not. You can currently create a new alt and have 10 unused research points to collect any clues you don't have with your main account, and if you don't care about the wishpoint usage on that alt, age it to get active day wishpoints and use those to unlock more clue points to get the deeper level clues. Doing this would easily save having to use the wishpoints for clues on your main account which is attractive, at least to me, because there are many good wish shop choices and few wishpoints to use on them. I don't see myself ever using a wish on research and connection points because there's about 30 wishes I would buy before then out of the 7 wishpoints I have earned so far. So maybe it could be changed how clues are obtained? I suggest as an item in the shop, you could have one credit per clue, or maybe more exclusive like a wishpoint reward code and instead being a clues reward code.
  16. Mallos

    Free Will

    To put it simply if you could know the laws of physics perfectly and all information about a system you could describe and predict everything that will happen in that system after a specific moment. So in my opinion it is a bit of semantics, what you mean by free will. Does knowing what will happen diminish the choices made by a conscious entity in that system? You can't exactly make the choices for them, only influence the choices if you are a part of that system as well.
  17. Mallos


    Good idea, it would be nice to see more items to use in those slots. That could simply be extra stats, rings are considered valuable and sometimes 'powerful' items so it would make sense to give them less combat related stats like energetic immunity and briskness, or possibly boosts to resource related skills. While one might not protect you like a shield it could possibly increase your defense while lowering your attack among other variations, or just be all normal positive values but I think that's less unique and fun. I would prefer it to go the other route, causing specific mechanics to change while equipped such as allowing access to a scene for a set amount of uses before breaking or needing to be recharged. The possibilities are there but it would be nice to see a list of things that could be done and decide which ones are viable from that point on, then allow for some customization.
  18. Is there something specific you would like people to do for you to aid in your resurrection?
  19. No the problem occurred with more than just the tokens you have given me from that santa
  20. When using vial of token essences some of them have trouble applying properly to the creatures. Watching the popup box in the triggers when applying the tokens it didn't seem any problems occurred but when checking the creatures page it is obvious, certain creatures affected can no longer load the portrait correctly on the creature page (loads fine in the create ritual page though) as seen here. somewhat similar to http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18042-html-crit-inventory-page-bug/ The issue being that these tokens have no effects in battle, exhibited below. I'm not sure which tokens have this problem or the consistency but I have several different creatures from several different types of tokens that have become useless.
  21. "this role, in its current form, isnt needed in MD. That it may become more important in the future but for now it shouldn't be something that time is spent on managing and distributing tools for. Most agreed that it would be better to move them all to shared role based titles, so people who belonged to the land could become it as needed." I'll just echo this statement, very few times have the tools been used to ban a player and I see only one location that is perhaps in need of a guardian, which is the candy boxes since there is so few of those to take. The role isn't necessary to spend admin time on, maybe in the future with more players it could be useful to have more guardians. Automating obtaining the role in some way would be the best result for it in my opinion as stated and this would also take care of the inactive guardians.
  22. I have a similar issue, certain creatures with a broken token applied to them are not loading on the HTML 5 creature page (loads on flash) as seen: firefox browser These broken [] tokens were applied with gelled tokens, and I have several creatures that have this issue currently. The tokens have no effects in battle.
  23. I'd like to see more rainbow candy types added, particularly one that uses the language flask system that made you speak in a different language. Possibly ones that would add small amounts of stats to your profile similarly to how land/alliance bonuses work, for a short time. One for exploring points. One that can add a temporary bonus to one of your principles, or preferably permanently remove some of your principle points. Now personally I'd love to be able to use that nice golden avatar Sushi drew for me 💀
  24. I'd like to refute your presumptuous claims a bit, I know you think highly of yourself dst but thinking doesn't make things true. Now you're here essentially arguing in favor of continuing the AL as it would be common sense while simultaneously telling people they can't do anything and I assume by upvotes agreeing with subverting the process of (patiently, I might add) returning the altars back to a functional state through the actions of people within the AL, so consistency out the window now. I'd suggest you either relearn about the MD community or learn to be less critical. Currently there is a pm group of people that had some very interesting input on the AL of late and while they might not be taking it ingame so much it is at least something. 70% of all statistics are made up, I don't see where the 95% came from, most players seem rather engaged when they say something and we see Nava at least trying to get some activity going among others like Aia who rallied for the Eclipse back. I'm sure some amount of bragging is always going to happen but I don't think it is a rampant issue, a lot of players have achieved good things through real effort and we still see a lot of it today, take the Gateway Island guardians as an example or the Necrovion Death Patrol. Now maybe we can get back on topic a bit, I'd still like to see more action rather than a complaint. In fact I have an idea that I am mulling over and might post soon.
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