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  1. code guardian day

    Thanks for coding (among other things) for this awesome game.
  2. Triforce!

    I would be left with wisdom for greatest effect, power close second but outshined and devalued by my own principles, not that I'm the best for any of these three. In my opinion Fang Archbane inherits the courage as I see him try often against severe odds, continuously defeated to still continue and persevere once more. And as such Dst encompasses power for sheer effectiveness in enacting change within the realm time and time again whether liked or hated. I may leave out old/inactive vets in my choices, but they aren't so eligible because of that.
  3. Guardian of Tools

    Is there anyone willing to take the tools for the MagicDuel Archives and the Tea Market in the East?
  4. Guardian of Tools

    The tools listed below are currently in my possession and may be open for reassignment, please apply in this topic if one of these spots interests you. WindSanctuary Tool Legislator MDA Tools Legislator TeaMarket Tools Legislator The Golemus Lab Tools Legislator ^Is also open as it wasn't initially assigned though I am not in possession of it. Your application has been received Fang, I will resend it soon and hopefully we can get some more people in the mean time.
  5. Christmas Wish list

    A shade to fight with or against? I suppose I want that bloodthirsty feeling back.
  6. Opinions on item interface

    With the new "Favourite" link there is a lot of red links to be seen, perhaps if the "upload picture" link was only available through the "Full Details" page it would be easier on the eyes.
  7. After having spent over 2 and a half years not defeating the tutorial shades at mp5, I would like to document a few of the effects of leaving them around. This means to not finish the tutorial in its current state. To start, the tutorial shades are the NPCs you encounter on your way back from the Aramory to the Path of Loneliness while following your scroll's directions, as part of the tutorial for the game. They initially appear at the Old Man's Road to block your progress north, and continue to show up at the House of Liquid Dust and finally the Fields of Abandonment. Defeating the last shade "Road Shade" initiates story mode and sets you on the path to completing the tutorial. Refraining from doing so will keep you from removing certain limitations your account endures while beginning the game or upgrading mind powers. There are two main limitations I have noticed that I will now describe. You will not get to pick your next principle. For instance, going from mp4 to mp5 will leave you at x/5 (x being the number of previously selected principles, 5 being your current mind power) so someone who has 4 principles will be Mind Power 4/5 until they finish the tutorial and select a fifth principle, becoming Mind Power 5/5. You could also be MP 2/4 or MP 0/5 for example, but you will not be able to pick the max amount of principles available to your mind power until you finish the tutorial (this might not be the case for mind powers other than 3, 4 and 5, as other mind power levels can have some interesting implications). This seems to suggest a degree of partiality in your character until you deal with the shades and finish the tutorial. You will be very limited on where you can move to without aid. You can still access locations but you will need to do so through other means than using arrows and clickies (as they will not show up), such as being ported or pulled by leash. The restricted locations are a bit variable and I will describe the factors that will be limiting you, as follows (warning, potential spoilers): - Clearing out all the shades until the Fields of Abandonment will allow you to walk freely from that scene to anywhere south of it, but you cannot move north until finishing the tutorial. Accessing the mainlands from here will normally require going through Golemus and the Labyrinth. - At the Gazebo of Equilibrium you can not move south, as well as at the Path of Loneliness you can not move north (since the bull will remain there). This combined with the above point makes scenes from the Paper Cabin through to the Path of Loneliness (and in some relation Necrovion) almost entirely inaccessible. You also can not move east to Berserker’s Way. - The statue at the Marble Dale Park will not be there until you finish the puzzle, at which point it will appear then disappear when interacted with, allowing you to go underground. In its place will be a cover keeping you from going underground. An effect of finishing this puzzle before finishing the tutorial is that after finishing the tutorial the statue will reappear, and disappear when interacted with while not having to resolve the puzzle. - The guards to Willow's Shop will not appear. This will keep you from being able to enter the shop. - The guards to Loreroot will not appear. This keeps you from being able to enter or exit Loreroot through the front entrance. - The slime at the Meeting of the Roads will not appear. This will keep you from walking south from that scene to the Fenth's Press. Other implications of not finishing the tutorial may include fewer tools/resources and creatures available to you without spending wishpoints or obtaining pass papers or ports, as well as fewer item collecting locations and armor/weapons available and less possible token principle combinations. So asides from being able to sit and have a chat with a shade, a privilege not often obtained, refraining from defeating the tutorial shades comes with two main limitations being fewer principles and less accessible locations. Many might find this a very unattractive scenario to be in, but personally I quite liked it. Limiting myself in such a way was nice, to see how my behaviors in the realm had to change and adapt, and I still somewhat regret dealing with the last shade although doing so frees me to fulfill other responsibilities. Perhaps a question to be asked is... Since defeating the tutorial shades frees us so much, what do we have to gain (or lose) from defeating the shades in Necrovion? ... I for one, would like to find out (I know this isn't perfect evidence of my 2 and a half years at MP 5 and not finishing the tutorial, but it's the best I have screenshot wise. It's 3 pictures put together for slightly easier viewing, not having to link 3 images)
  8. Event: Day of Necessity/Newbie Focus

    I will be hosting the first Newbie Focus day on September 25th, anyone who wants to participate can meet us in the Paper Cabin or throughout the realm as the day goes on. I am particularly looking for individuals who would be willing to provide tours of their lands and anyone who has simple quests they can give to younger players, PM me if you would be willing to provide such (even if not for this event). We will be emphasizing activity around the realm and hoping to provide targets for newer players to train on and interesting players for them to meet.
  9. Selling shmsh

    About how much resources in herbs would you accept for a shmsh? PM me if you want. I'd want one but coins are not a preferred payment method for me (I can possibly "haggle")
  10. Things that can be revived in the dead O.o

    Well a combination of fenths heat water maybe some syntropic dust and clothing items (possibly from personal items like an eyepatch for instance + woven clothing out of unidentified herbs) would be what I would expect could *recreate* a Water daimon if necessary. I do believe (though quite likely mistaken) that the database can some way track creatures you've had previously through old IDs and maybe logs of sacrifices? I know there's lots of database logs for items currently in MD it wouldn't surprise me to see similar for creatures. Similar recipes like for a regular elemental egg might be a larger amount of heat (no water or clothing) as well as more dust and ashes (if a certain caretaker recipe goes live) and a personal item such as..... omelettes? I'd list more recipes but I'd have to think it through, similar schemes apply can apply. I would be skeptical of any type of resource or personal item's ability to be revived after use as they tend to leave some hard traces of their existence leftover from processing, rather than stats and possible fenths produced by creatures. +Chewett's opinion is a good one, most people will tend to want to see input from the person looking for info before giving info out, it's all about information being valuable and trading it. Most cases you give in order to receive but personally I find reaching out to gain info is a step most players don't take on their own unless compelled and should be commended/rewarded when the info is being made public.
  11. A good game

    I think the opposite in a sense... At infinities things break down and don't make sense anymore (to our finite brains) and thus limiting infinities in a game could be the sole reason players have to continue playing such a game as grinding endlessly without some sort of reward or endgame, while fun at times, is impossible to humans. This is why most games cap out level wise. I do like your metaphor for creating an image of infinity but I disagree with the premise. These "images" are rather abstract if you do not set a specific value to them, and as such players also will not be able to set a specific value to the "images" thus making them either worthless or infinitely valuable, which to me are both worthless. Think of infinities as godly powers... We have yet little to no reason to believe infinities actually exist in real life (outside of a singularity which is ill defined). Infinite is only a concept that exists in mathematics and abstract thoughts.
  12. You know you've been on MD too much when...

    When you have to quote Pipstickz to roughly summarize how you've spent the last hour in MD... On the forums reading topics in the "Say hello, Goodbye, or something else" section to find only 1 person who said they were going to quit then did so. "2. This is more accurate: "MD quitting" - when you think you're quitting but you're really just taking a break."
  13. An odd occurance...

    Bump I saw Eon at the GoE the other day, was odd. (S)He might have been trying to kill someone. I also see Akasha hiding inside Kelle'tha's Cannon on occasion.
  14. Looking for Helpers

    I can do tasks depending on what they are. I particularly like helping new players
  15. Judgment on Nomad Bring-In

    "Why do they have the abilities and why are/should they be different to the current rulers (who have a significantly weaker version)" http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3903 It's stated in the announcement above why: "After long discussions with Mur about what he wants to do with the bringin spell he has decided on it being replaced with a more fitting spell. All those who had the bringin spell from land leadership have had it replaced by a weaker spell which has two limitations. It is only able to be cast on members of the land you were king of and you must be in that land when casting the spell." "The two leaders of the nomads, Syrian and Azull, have been given 20 non regeneratable casts of bringin, This replaces the permanent bringin spell Azull had and represents the fading of their kingship powers." Personally if I had to have the spell changed I would make it work only on anyone with a nomad flag but work while cast within any land, and give them 2 spell casts. "It is only able to be cast on members of the land you were king of and you must be in that land when casting the spell." Why give them extra rights with it than other ex-leaders? Because for them to be in Necrovion officially they need to be on tour or hiding from the Death Patrol and this is hard to do without being dead (and bringing in others is likely a death sentence, not too lenient), I don't think they should be restricted from using their spell as they are ex-Necrovion and don't currently seem to have a homeland. They have a traveling nomad camp already so if the spell is changed it would likely benefit their camp. How to change the spell would be up to dst/Burns or Chew/Mur, since they already chose as per the announcement. But maybe @Azull or @Syrian would like to give input on this topic
  16. Judgment on Nomad Bring-In

    When the Caretaker's quest is available this can be done through donations of resources by any player and extras that we have we intend to use on any dead players so contact me if you need to be revived, other than that the dead should contact any player in realm that has a revival tool. Higher powers might not always be available to contact and sometimes the current revival tools are on cool-down so having a backup plan is usually a good thing, you can always pm me here or in-game if you need to be revived. "Um, I haven't said I see it as abuse (find the point where I said they had)? I said "abuse" as I was comparing nad's with situation to this, as they're largely similar. " Largly similar but vastly different, the connection is rather small as it's basically what dst and Burns think on nadolski banning people for depletion which was a point brought up by Mur while this topic is about Azull bringing Aethon and I into a very restrictive area in Necrovion (where we could not exit alone and could have been killed). Honestly I see no actual "abuse" here just a rather unwanted (by us two, Aethon and I) behavior that could borderline abuse if done differently, such as bringing a lot of people into Necrovion to be stuck or dead without help (remember "exiting" Necrovion the way I found was still involving a sacrifice). Although dst wants to have the spells changed, it doesn't look like Burns wants to make a ruling on this topic based on what he's said so far. As Aethon still wants something done, I wonder what Z thinks on this topic...
  17. Judgment on Nomad Bring-In

    Waiting on the input from the populace perhaps? 20 casts isn't that much if it gets replaced by the new bringins afterwards. I had more than 100 casts left of my spell to send players to the gate of the bored, I used it on a few players and then started porting some aramors (before getting the spell taken away for porting the aramors, I'd rather they told me cause I ported those few players). But spells like this are immensely powerful... Combined with necrovion... Mainly when used to teleport several players in one spell cast. It all depends on how severely the supposed "punishment" is received by the victim(s).
  18. The Fusioneers still have a section, hurray! I mean I guess most previous alliances keep their sections? Anyways I am Falronn the previous Leader and (left then rejoined and re-assumed over Change, yes kill me for it [sarcasm, I mean hate me]) Leader of the Fusioneers and I am willing to confess to my version of events that happened during the "takeover" and eventual disbanding of the alliance (by laylah?). I can say that I was a previous leader after Kiley had left, and I had worked to help set up the current members with tools and stones and knowledge/experience with the fusioning tools so that they can be used properly and without damage (as they can break and require coding to fix). After I had left the alliance the first time and rejoined to help with the largly inactive state it was now in due to Kiley and I leaving, I had started a task to teach Rophs after some wait how to use my (fusioneer's) Fusioning tool. After handing him it for usage he refused to hand it back to me or co-operate with me further. I assume this is disobedience and thus continue my actions with the other members and usual business within MD while what happened remains in my mind (for being handled and dealt with later when Rophs may be more willing to co-operate). Sooner or later I grow weary as my actions (making heat stones) have been put to a halt as rophs still has my tool. I believe this is when start telling members that they need to leave (Gort Hedera and Laylah) so I can replace them with new members (Fang archbane, Achshan, and Panthea [not panthea actually she came in next step). I proceed with new plans to make alliance members active and ready to help with the guild and tell Panthea I intend to make her the leader with time (boom takeover? not really if they intended to do it legit). Soon I get kicked from the guild (while I had highest loyalty, I know this as I rejoined and members had same loyalty scores and not above how much I had previous to my loss as rejoining an alliance cuts your score). I gain more heat (and pray for loyalty) as per my daily actions and confer with members of the guild and invite Panthea before i am kicked again. I am kicked again. Grido is online during this and I am to assume (as he was king during the time) that he is using a tool to remove me. I have no further influence within the alliance from this point. I am posting this topic so others can ask me questions and I can speak my truth as I see it. I am also posting this due to rereading this topic: There is evil and I say it's not me. At least not all of it. References here: It says she placed change in charge of the fusioneers, I agree to this, but I also had a forum pm from Kiley long ago saying I was to be in charge some day. Of course things *change* but she was also invited after me (and partly due to my requests) and she did lead the alliance for a short time but not much happened, no offense. I was "leading" for a peroid of time before her leading officially. And unofficially "leading" after my arrival the 2nd time.
  19. @blackrider We are well aware you have been ordering deaths as I have been tracking this closely since you came to me asking for help reviving the Fusioneers. I am all for your goal of reviving the guild with your participation with the fusioning tool you own but I cannot sanction deaths such as these when Grido has already been jailed and Miq killed through the Death Guard and his minions. Deaths like these must be stopped. Perhaps it's time to officially rebel or bring the guild to another land?
  20. To defend the pub in the east with my tools as a Caretaker of the Tribunal, I have already spoken with phantasm the current pub owner ingame and by pm on my thoughts long ago. I had come to the conclusion you may grab as many tools from the pub as you would wish, as long as I do not catch you transferring them to alts that are your own (through way of giving them to your friends and they hoard them all too and give them to your alts perhaps?). Essentially don't take all the liquor or I will be mad. (I was hoping I wouldn't have to be the first to open a topic like this as mine is rather inconsequential in the current context of MD)
  21. Necrovion demands blood!

    Yes I am.
  22. Necrovion demands blood!

    I'd love to come but currently I'm stuck in the trial of agony with no way to exit, would this make my application forfeit as I'm sure to movebind me you might have to come kill me first? I'd not allow this, I'm very against killing me and might try to kill you back you know.
  23. One last spammy mood panel update before I go back to blocking myself. I know what I want, I know what others tell me. I know you tend to never get what you want, as this is less satisfying and less intensive on actions you must take. I will get what I want, whether my wants must change or not. For now I just wait for "phase 2"

    1. Mallos


      ok well i'm still going to block myself sometimes just not super often. memes + spam are fun right? Don't worry I do more than just spam (sometimes)
      step 1 - incite chaos, step 2 - bring friends, step 3 - ???, step 4 - profit?
      ungod imma wreck your writing contest

  24. Guardian of Tools, Mallos (Tribunal pub)

    See, my idea was that Nadrolski wished for his land to be able to counter depletion with his tools, and since his King is inactive to post a rule allowing him to do so the "favor" I performed was to help nadrolski counter depletion, by banning nadrolski. Since nadrolski has been officially forbidden to do so on his own even though there was something of a general consensus within the guardian tools depletion topic that depletion would be counterable by using these tools, I figured I would be allowed to do so since I have not been told not to counter depletion (only nad was told that). Am I wrong for using his tool? Yes. Will I use it again? No. That's all I have to say.