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  1. Mystery tournament III

    hmm sign me up!
  2. Mystery tournament III

    I'd love to participate! But most my creatures have tokens
  3. Travelling egg

    As long as there is no other force to interfere. What about the weak force that results in nuclear decay, does that cause the egg to move in these scenarios?
  4. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    " "Undefined entity commonly reffered to as a Shade. Usually being a Fragment of a Larger Cluster " So if shades are part of a whole what would that mean about why they don't move around? Where does war fit in to the difference between aramors and shades? Historically (in the AL) Golemus and Necrovion were at war and for a long time now that doesn't seem to be the case .
  5. Travelling egg

    You could have two different velocities for the objects so that they never collide.
  6. Travelling egg

    Maybe plus votes and general praise? So in this case.... It moves around but it has mostly chosen the shrine as its home. Is there a reason for that specifically? If it moved elsewhere... Where?
  7. Travelling egg

    Does the egg move of its own will?
  8. Golemus Golemicarum & Necrovion

    Research clues should not be shared publicly. Let's try to keep in mind " Shades rule the obscure side of this world, ballancing for all that is oposing them." Balancing is not the same as "Mirroring" someone mirroring my actions would be, depending how you define mirror, either doing exactly what I do, or doing an inverse of what I do. Balancing something is not as simple as inverting the actions of what you're trying to balance, it requires that you have knowledge of the system as a whole and act in a way that preserves the integrity of the system when such actions that you are balancing is disrupting that integrity.
  9. Caretaking your heads!

    This month's contest has ended and Ledah has won after returning 3 heads! Congrats Ledah. The point totals for this contest was as follows: Ledah - 216 Aia del Mana - 180 Fang Archbane - 108 Pipstickz - 108 I am changing the scoring process to hopefully emphasize a bit more activity (fighting) required to be able to win. Points per head given = 12, points per head returned = 24 (both down from 36). In light of this change and applying it to previous contests the overall point totals are as follows: Aia del Mana - 337 Ledah - 108 Fang Archbane - 72 Pipstickz - 72 Nepgear - 36 Signups for the next contest are welcome as always. I am going to reduce the amount of players required for the extra rewards to 5! That is, a wishpoint (one for mp3/mp4/mp5 upon reaching 5 signups) and a swordsman creature (to the first mindpower to hit 5 signups) to the winner of the contest. Two gold coins will be given to the winner of each mindpower level, unless there is 5 signups for a mindpower level in which case it will be given to second place. I will give an assortment of herbs to the winner of mp5.
  10. Fangs Newbie Discord channel

  11. Caretaking your heads!

    The contest has begun between Fang Archbane, Ledah and Pipstickz
  12. Caretaking your heads!

    In that case there should be little to worry about. I only take issue in the ability to at whim gain unattackable status, for example getting heads and instantly going mp6 to avoid losing them, and then being able to drop and gain heads again, repeat. I feel gaining mp6 legitimately would be ok, they may not be able to choose when exactly to ascend or drop and it would be difficult to use it to your advantage. To some degree there is an issue with Gateway Island inhabitants participating if they could also use the ability to warp back to Gateway, something nobody would be able to pursue, by the same logic these players would be requested to remain on the mainlands. Although I feel these players are somewhat unlikely to sign up and using that ability could be frowned upon. At any rate, we have 2 participants for mp5 currently. 4 more are needed for awesome rewards!
  13. Caretaking your heads!

    Ok, there will be a wishpoint offered for each mind power level 3, 4 and 5 in the event that they reach six participants, not just the first mind power level to do so. Limit once. Dead players are allowed to participate, reason being I am not going to disqualify a player who signs up alive and happens to be killed during the contest. Signing up dead is no different. While there is some advantages to being dead, there are also massive disadvantages to remaining dead, if one worries of losing to a dead player then perhaps they should take the precautions necessary to not lose. An mp7 may sign up as well, I will start an mp7 contest if there are three mp7s signing up. Otherwise it may be best for those mp7s to participate on mp5 instead.While there may be an advantage in that mp7s could take heads of a lower (or higher?) mindpower level, they may also be taken from. The only thing I feel could be an issue is players that can go mp6 at will, as mp6 is unattackable by other mindpower levels normally. In that case I would hope (or even require) such players, if willing to participate, would stay mp5 for the duration of the contest, or mp6 if there were an mp6 contest. Remember, heads contest is unfair