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  1. Day of Tranquillity

    I vote no because its 'use' is a forced one, we have to use it as we cannot attack during it, if it were optional that may be a different story. For how it used to operate there may have been uses for it, as example I used it to guarantee a day I can move around the realm at no risk of losing my heads but the day itself doesn't register as very "useful" to me.
  2. New ideas

    Alternative (once a year) day of tranquility
  3. Day of Serenity

    Now that the day of tranquility is gone (that pesky day we had twice a month that disallowed anyone to attack on the 12th and 24th) I have been waiting for the $%@king day where we finally have some serenity, and I propose this would happen once a year. I suggest the date March 9th for personal reasons, to remind us of the day we lost our serenity < / 3
  4. Crown

    As an Easterner, I would expect 3 to 4 points to earn the crown, I question why you would intend for 8 points. I only see one here that is worthy of a point in my eyes and it's not this one: 2. Having a plan to protect the herbs in the East (before Eon got his crown point for copying me, I should note) What's your plan?
  5. avy3.jpg

    one of my avatars, only uploading so I can use it as my forum picture since it seems the regular way to change profile pics is broken or something D: can be deleted if someone with that power ever reads this
  6. A more readable Adventure Log

    Something like this maybe? https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/all
  7. Declassification

    I see a lot of arguing about who holds the crown lately, but of the two who hold the most points to the crown neither are actively trying to become the King. Maybe they don't have enough points to do so yet or in Eon's case transferring points doesn't work, but I feel this is a very strong point towards what the King of the East would be likely to do. Join us, we have cake and tea Ann. 2773 Priority: 1 [2013-09-10 04:18:08 - Stage 12] Tribunal Crown I am starting a long term quest for whoever wants to become King of the East Lands (excluding DoM). It will be based on points that you gather..and how you gather them is a secret some will discover most won't. Eon and Shadowseeker are entitled to one ..or two..points as a start, if they can remind me (in-game only) why they deserve them. Once a point is obtained by someone I will post in TB forum the reason, so others can see it and understand the nature of this quest.
  8. Crown

    Miq I'm sure we will have a spot for you as well as Pipstickz in the East, everyone is welcome. Specially Loreroot
  9. A Tale of Two Villages

    Burn the goat! Who needs goat milk anyways?
  10. Mystery tournament III

    hmm sign me up!
  11. Mystery tournament III

    I'd love to participate! But most my creatures have tokens
  12. Travelling egg

    As long as there is no other force to interfere. What about the weak force that results in nuclear decay, does that cause the egg to move in these scenarios?