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  1. spam topic

    not enough spam,new a forum spam topic?
  2. A Renaissance of the Eclipse

    I support this^
  3. Triggerbox improvement

    Agreed, seems every time I tab back into MD (maybe every few minutes) I have to click through several tips that I've read many times to check the triggers.
  4. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    I believe No one's question for you Chewett was this: "It might just be that there is a "space" in my name which causes some issues as seen in "No's engraved ring" (id: 136283) where the second part of my name is missing." Basically that the ring should read No one's engraved ring but it (presumably because of the space in the name) only takes the first word No.
  5. I miss the water can Awiiya and Handy had, there was a lot of good stuff written in there.

  6. Complete list of scenes and resources

    Is it just me or did Chew hack a floating 2 into his post just above above? (maybe firefox being odd when I hover over it i see "found two errors in this text") A lot of people, some mentioned, have put together lists like this. Personally I have a list of the scenes that have flavor text in them
  7. Principle Documents

    But I did it the other day and definitely got stats http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17792-mp4-darkness-bug/?tab=comments#comment-178503 There was just a lot less points where you do get them. And yes that is my point that people descending and ascending again could be coded to not send you through story mode (by story mode i mean the game intro where it asks you go to kill the shades) when you've already done it once for each mind power level. In that case, principle docs for the principle you lose and have to regain I would love to be able to descend mind power levels I would go back to mp4
  8. Principle Documents

    Great idea in my opinion. Reminds me of this topic: Considering if losing a mindpower level would also cause you to lose a principle, then it would be useful to have ways to regain those principles when you advance again. Obviously this can happen through story mode as usual but I feel this opens up a potential abuse, story mode gives you stat gains (and aren't they percentage based? if so people could use that for huge stat gains, repeatedly losing/gaining mp level to repeat story mode for these stats) having these documents is a good work around so people do not have repeating story mode in this case. Also I disagree on reworking the token bonuses based on principles it's fine(ish) as is, if you want to give a reason to have suboptimal principle choices then give principles more uses as Chew suggests and I am all for that.
  9. Snow is falling

    In the event you don't want to put it in the quest page... Perhaps a new use for the art page? (toplinks)
  10. Sign is wrong

    I can only guess he means this sign. While I am unaware of where or which side the mattock comes from I didn't seem to have a problem finding it before. I assume the real issue here is that how to find your inventory is not described well as I do remember explaining how to do just that to several of the new players.
  11. MP4 Darkness bug

    I cannot say for the Gateway island start, but for an mp3 who started at the paper cabin advancing to mp4 is once again sent to the paper cabin, the story mode tells you to click through it (without needing you to do anything) up until the point that it tells you to "deal with the threats you encounter on your way back" head to the house of liquid dust and fight the shades there and the fields of abandonment as per usual (interestingly the old mans shade can be ignored and will remain at the scene impeding your progress should you go there later) and it will put you into story mode, giving the "you entered story mode message" clicking continue gives you the principle selection. Choosing one worked for me.
  12. Opinions about people redacting posts

    1. No, there is a lot of history on the forum and removing posts removes the integrity of that history, I would like to think I and others could go back and read these posts and be able to get the full picture of what was going on. 2. Yes, large swathes of redacted posts should be restored for reasons I give in point one, a single post here and there I am not so concerned about. 3. No... I deliberate to say no here as saying yes removes the need for redacted posts to be restored in the first place, but I feel being able to edit posts is a nice thing and I am unsure how to take away the ability to redact posts without taking away the ability to edit them. Perhaps the best way would be the edit history as suggested and I support that idea. On the other hand not being able to edit after a reply has been made is a bit extreme as certain times replies can come within seconds.
  13. Not getting loyalty from underground

    Apparently not as he has informed me he has received underground loyalty since then.
  14. Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    "Or are you "asking for a friend" Based on how Fang quickly mentions me as the option for who could hold such a tool it is reasonable to assume he may be asking so I don't have to. To clarify: I have no want for a wiiya tool outside of that if one was put into my inventory I would try to do a goob job of distributing wiiya bubbles. Prior to him posting this and mentioning me I had no knowledge of his want/need for such a tool. But I do find it odd that such a resource as to be used with a readily available creature would be not so readily available within the realm (one person inactive the other not so visible for approach on the subject of wiiya, if I was to ask them would I get one? Perhaps, perhaps not, but they seem to hold a monopoly if there is in fact two, one gone, people who can distribute)