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  1. Mallos

    Project: BIOweapon

    Which badge are you ridding us of? yours
  2. penguins!

    1. Dhyone


      Penguins are such fascinating creatures! 🐧

  3. Mallos

    Bottomles toy chest - huge cool down

    looks fine to me :p is there a description we can see?
  4. Mallos

    Stone tablet turned into stone when used

    uh, not that I ever tested those, but weren't they supposed to be so that users with less than 5 casts (considering 5 out of 8 as normal) of a spell could enchant their spell onto the tablet, the use would be the same as regular spell stones
  5. out of most if not all of these that I gathered for ledah (as in, ledah gathered some too) on mallos besides the 30 or so morlecid ended up stealing... It was definitely me that suggested to Ledah that we could hold the heads together, Ledah was sitting in deathwhisper gathering loyalty and it seemed like a good idea at the time. I suppose we didn't need to keep the extras, but idk, didn't seem such an issue to me at the time, although I was looking for mrf to give them back to him, he was very much offline, and I didn't want to abuse my heads powers ah yes, to answer your question pipstickz, no we didnt use all of these heads so in theory no I did not use those heads
  6. Mallos

    Tithes for the Gray

    eh removed then
  7. I gave the heads back to MRF at one point when I was able to find him. (paid someone to do it actually)
  8. Mallos

    Tithes for the Gray

    Downvoted due to choice of altars... although I guess it makes sense. I sacrificed fal in golemus because by some random turn of events most of mallos' principles ended up being GG principles... not that im going to start explaining my votes the only one i picked willingly was time
  9. Mallos


    3 to 4 being because all the other ppl have up to 2? and they never got the crown, so i try to logically guess 3 or maybe 4 is more suitable and it was your Kdoc you know >.< I wonder if Sunfire has any right to any points by now??
  10. boredom not a reason to torment... tactfulness is something I've been trying to learn maybe you should too

    1. Pipstickz


      Maybe you should apologize.

    2. Mallos


      I'm sorry Pipstickz

  11. Mallos

    Travelling egg

    So uh hey guys and gals and goats I got a joke for you all today: A little old dwarf, 18 angiens and a tutorial shade walk into a dome... How many exit is up to you TKs.
  12. There are people waiting.  There are strands vibrating.

    You need only believe in your potential.

    1. Mallos


      my own saga, stop waiting on me, what are you expecting, I have a very short wishlist, both something I'd need to earn... something I'd learned and forgot or something not available to me from my knowledge, should I write it? is that the goal/ cant you tell us?

    2. Nava


      I promise.  It'll all work out in the end.

  13. Mallos

    brain dump

    Inner sun anyone? *coughs* 🌻 I prefer this one but I'm not sure if it solves the problem Aelis was asking about recently
  14. Mallos

    So how do we measure time in MD?

    The first thing I tend to think of is using pulsars, as described above, and the thought that follows that for me is exactly as you describe, to watch the flashes of light emitting from the angien egg and count them to be able to use them as our time keeping method. Something that theoretically should be visible at nearly the same intervals for everyone observing (considering flash player isn't some overarching factor denying characters from being in the same scene-universe and synchronizing the light rays, along with similar technical issues) and is something that is constant so our "clock" doesn't fail us a day later. From my observations there is 5 flashes of light before the cycle continues, so I posit we only need to count those 5 for an accurate measurement (feel like I might be wrong on that though). The main problem comes in measuring these flashes precisely as you need something else as a frame of reference to be able to determine exactly how much 'time' (" d/V. Basically, it's about movement over a distance") has passed since we began measuring the flashes of light. My initial idea was to use my pack of playing cards as my character has an uncanny ability to draw a card every 2 seconds. Unfortunately as the player I am unable to reliably refresh my inventory quick enough and redraw to be sure that I am continuing to draw cards at a steady rate. So, second idea was to use beer 🍺 as it has a short 60 second cooldown but another problem arises, the refresh that occurs prevents me from being able to count from start of consumption until the point that I would have another beer ready for an accurate measurement. Ok so third idea is to use a water bucket, and this one would work. I don't feel like counting those pulses for ten minutes though and then recounting, which would be part of the 'bootstrap' method for having a reliable result and refining the measurements. Anyways if I wanted to throw out a number , say I counted 480 pulses in that ten minutes, and the cycle is 5 pulses to a single time unit we are trying to find, you get 96 units of time within that 10 minutes, considering we know what a minute is somewhat independently as we know it takes me ten of them to be able to collect a full bucket of water, 0.16 seconds per cycle of 5 pulses (I hope I'm getting that right now, time maths bother me) That seems wrong to me and certainly because I pulled the number at random, but you can divide/multiply each 'time unit' as I'm describing them to be longer or shorter, and then use that to determine how long another process takes as long as you redo the measurement. Meaning to then know that it takes me a minute to finish a beer, we can count out the time units in relation to those 60 seconds IE count 9.6 cycles of light pulses within that one minute it took to finish the beer, if the figures line up, you have a time keeping method. Of course it's not so simple considering we already know what a minute is but you cross reference measurements to make sure you can arrive at an accurate one. A bit less science-y, I came into the topic with the idea time is between two players. Why not one? Who is to say they were ever there anyways, besides them, and they'd have to tell you.
  15. Mallos

    Farewell MD!

    Good points, good work and sad to see you go as always when players leave