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  1. "Game intro" toplink

    Clicking the "Game intro" toplink just gives this error message, I believe it used to link to the paper cabin introductory sequence or otherwise our scroll in the left bar but since the ongoing quests are now placed in that section instead it seems to be causing this error, making the link rather useless.
  2. Caretaking your heads!

    The contest has started! Good luck to our contestants and anyone who wishes to steal from them. It should be noted that I will not be attacking any player who holds heads until the contest is over vs vs
  3. Sounds like you need a SecretAry
  4. We should know by now that dst prefers to take things public than to pms when it comes to drama like this. Yes, common sense is, unfortunately, not so common. It varies from person to person and place to place and you can probably only expect the average half of the population to have any of it, which means below that and the people wont have any, above and they probably wont need it. My idea of common sense for this topic is to pm the person who my card didn't reach and ask them why it got returned, this way we can reach a conclusion. Somewhat of the opposite happened here. I see three possible points in this situation: 1. Dst sent the card, Nava gave the wrong address purposefully. Then Nava is mean and shouldn't have done that. 2. Dst sent the card, Nava gave the wrong address accidentally.Then Dst is being rude in this topic. 3. Dst didn't send the card. I doubt this one.
  5. Caretaking your heads!

    I'm sure all mp levels would like to take part in this contest if there was enough participants @Aia del Mana
  6. Caretaking your heads!

    Yes Blackshade Rider is going to sponsor a wishpoint! The winner from the first MP level to get 6 participants will be rewarded the WP. I should mention that you do not have to sign up to participate in this contest, only return heads at the end, but signing up is required to start the contest and for heads to be distributed (plus you get extra points so it is advised).
  7. Hello, I will be attempting to run a Heads Contest each month starting on the first (12th) day of tranquility and ending on the second (24th) day of tranquility. All participants must apply here in this thread by stating your playername, ID and mind power level. After doing so, if there is at least 3 players in your mp level, the contest will start for that mp level on the first (12) day of tranquility and all participants will be given an amount of heads. These heads must be returned on the second (24th) day of tranquility of that month to receive points in the contest. How to gain/turn in your heads for the contest: Basically come find me or let me find you and I will give you the heads for the contest. Receiving: Come to the Gazebo of Equilibrium or nearby scenes and try to be online around 0:00 server time or 12:00 server time of the first (12th) day of tranquility and I will attempt to find all participants and deliver their heads to them. If you cannot remain online for long or can not make those hours directly, try to "idle" your character to keep it online for 6 hours until the nearest listed time and I will do my best to find you. Any participants who are unable to gain heads during the day of tranquility will still be able to participate in the contest but will not be given heads on later dates. Returning: Come to the Gazebo of Equilibrium or nearby scenes and try to be online around 0:00 server time or 12:00 server time of the second (24th) day of tranquility and attempt to find me and deliver the heads to me. I will attempt to remain online (or idle) throughout that day to accommodate those who wish to return the heads to me. Any who do not return heads to me on that day will not receive any points for that contest and cannot gain a reward. Anyone can return heads for points regardless of signup. You must be able to show you returned the heads to me, detailed below. When the contest ends send me a pm here on the forum with screenshots showing me a few things: 1. Server time 2. Your portrait showing how many heads you held / heads count returned in the form of a chat message showing how many heads were given (try to give in specific numbers instead of all) 3. Triggers box with your name or ID triggering a burst (bonus part of scoring process, must be done on separate days and only 3 per contest) Please refrain from any doctoring of the photo beyond cropping certain areas to show the required information, all screenshots can be posted either here on this thread or preferably by pm to me. Example- Scoring: Essentially the more heads you return the better, and showing that you trigger a burst during the contest will earn bonus points up to 3 times each contest. Signing up gives a bonus to your score. 36 points for each head given initially 36 points for each head returned (anyone can return heads) 36% points for excessive (heads beyond the total given out in the round; generated) heads rounding up from .5 ; each 100 heads = 36 points Burst combos give 36 points (3 per contest, must be done on separate days, submit screenshot showing date/heads count, 0 heads doesn't count for points) = up to 108 points Rewards: For each contest the winner keeps 36% of heads returned by them in that round (rounding up) - everyone else returning heads keeps 1 Extra rewards (pending): First place - Wishpoint For first place mp5, 5 silver and a colored Joker! ID: 846320 Stored Heat 769404 Age 770 For first place mp4, 5 silver an assortment of herbs! For first place mp3, 5 silver Good luck and if there are any questions/concerns/comments/suggestions/etc I can answer them here as I keep this contest updated. I understand a big concern is being able to be there on the 12th or 24th and finding me, I may be able to get helpers to maintain some around the clock coverage if necessary. Also, more rewards are pending if this seems to be a good idea and I hope the TKs can sponsor this.
  8. Mentor and Apprenticeship

    Lone Wolf hasn't played in a few years it seems Although I saw them online during xmas. If you want a true mentor perhaps find an older player from a land that you like, there's at least a few from each land if you look hard enough. If you just want to be an adept of someone try adepting Fang Archbane he is trying to go mp6 currently. If you want to worship someone try MaGoHi, Chewett, or Syrian
  9. spam topic

  10. spam topic

    not enough spam,new a forum spam topic?
  11. A Renaissance of the Eclipse

    I support this^
  12. Triggerbox improvement

    Agreed, seems every time I tab back into MD (maybe every few minutes) I have to click through several tips that I've read many times to check the triggers.
  13. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    I believe No one's question for you Chewett was this: "It might just be that there is a "space" in my name which causes some issues as seen in "No's engraved ring" (id: 136283) where the second part of my name is missing." Basically that the ring should read No one's engraved ring but it (presumably because of the space in the name) only takes the first word No.
  14. I miss the water can Awiiya and Handy had, there was a lot of good stuff written in there.