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  1. I"m supposing that MP3 are not allowed?
  2. *jumps up and down* I love your kid too! no seriously, he's adorable... reminds me of when I was younger, I used to put a bag on my head and run around bumping into ppl just so they would notice me ! anyway, great quest Maebius ^^ keep it up!
  3. as the game suggests then, you should make a list of all the mistakes you find, and send them all at once, preferably with screen shots.
  4. not 100% sure X, but my logic says : GG citizens are conservative of their land and it's resources, and as such we are forbidden from taking any with 1/1 resources, and forbid any other players from doing the same, we are not greedy as well, and will respect other lands and their resources, but when we find the resources being depleted, it shows that that land does not enforce any rules regarding the matter, and does not mind using up the resources, and as such, we would use them.
  5. since there's no fee for the tools for Golemus citizens, that means we work on a first come first serve basis? and since we have to get the tools originally from those who have access to that lab, does that mean that if they require a tool which is rare (say memory stone detector, only 4 of which exist) and they want some, we have minimal chance to get one, right? if not, I'd please like to know how not, thank you in advance.
  6. MoM

    Trick Or Treat

    the thing is, they're LOTS of scenes, very much separated, and in the middle of high-viscosity regions. but of course, a certain 'tactic' might wreck the fun of making them run around... it might be that they're a large quantity of scenes, thus they HAVE to keep walking a certain PATH, that won't be too easy for them to do, esp with high viscosity of tribunal and GG (yes, Tribunal is not up there, but it could be...) and tricks so that you can go from LR directly to MDA (using the secret route) not to mention your teleport spells, it's also not an all day event (thanks for telling me post updated) so if for 10 minutes, you be smart, you might be better than those who're just running around...
  7. MoM

    Trick Or Treat

    who doesn't (or didn't ) love running around and asking for candy as a kid? well, MD doesn't have candy (not that I know of, and I'm pretty sure they won't just be given away for free) but it has scenes (take them as houses) and in almost every land! well then, I guess we can see who gets the most candy this Halloween, are you up to it? [b][u]Explanation :[/u][/b] In every main land (LR, MB, GG, and Necro) + NML, a scene will be selected, to win, you simply have got to have gone to that scene more than the others who are fetching candy. [u][b]Rules :[/b][/u] You have to first send me a snapshot that shows your id (so I know it's you) plus the vists there (on the bottom) so that when I check for how much times you've went there on Halloween, it's accurate (It can only be sent at the start of Halloween, at the time it starts, no earlier, and if sent later , then it's not really my fault...) It's not an all day event, this works for only about 1 hr - 30 minutes... The count only counts for the one where you've visited the LEAST. So if you've visited scene A 12 times, B 14, C 21, D 4 and E 543, it only counts as if you visited each 4 times... all spells are around (including move lock and teleport).. [u][b]Another Suggestion :[/b][/u] as this means that you could adopt a certain strategy to get you maximum number of visits, it doesn't make certain that you'll do an all round trip just to get everywhere... so I'm thinking that placing my alts at certain locations, and handing out certain items to show that you've been there could make it better, but still, it seems very complicated there's an alternative, I could script clickables, though I don't have the ability to do that, and don't know the code to do it, so if anyone would like to help, I'd more than glad... [b][u]Almost Forgot : REWARD :[/u][/b] Well I'll try to get a wish point for this, but if I can't, and there are enough participants (note, if ppl sign up but do nothing, I won't count that as participation), I'll offer my 3 angien collection (enough days for direct upgrade), imp (good age), colored joker (1.5 mil heat), pimp (good age), reality coagulator re-caller (you can make money off renting coagulators), and some stones... also, anyone willing to sponsor anything is welcome (I'd rather not lose EVERYTHING I have, but I have to keep the quest interesting...) and enough people is decided by me, when there is a good enough challenge for it... post in here if you'd like to join, and EVERYTHING is open to discussion (esp which scenes, whether to add or remove some lands...) [b][u]FINAL NOTE :[/u][/b] Necro is closed, I know, but I'm still going to consider it untill the last few days.
  8. it isn't exactly roulette, but it's close, with higher chances for you, we use a 20-sided dice and it has to land on what you pick ^^ everything is using dice, unless someone comes up with a good game on a click able... and enough players isn't exactly a number, but obviously, it wouldn't be a good time if only 4 people were there, it's mainly that when we have a good amount of players, we'll try to decide a time when most will be online at the same time...
  9. Well, they're finally here! The Casino has come to town! and they bring with them a multitude of gambling games for all! apart from the regular one-on-one games you've seen so far, there are a multitude of others! slots, roulette, and much much more! and that's not all, there will be (close to the end) a grand roulette! with a prize of ~ 80 silver coins! (note, to enter this game, you have to pay a fee to start, according to how much you pay, you can pick more numbers, also, the grand prize is subject to change depending on whether we have enough people or not) There is an (optional) entrance fee of 3 - 5 silver that will go towards the grand prize in the end, date is undecided (waiting till we have enough players), place is undecided (we need a place easily accessible, and is not where n00bs are likely to be) List of Players currently there : 1.MoM (Master Of Magic) 2.BP (Blood Price 3.KB (king bull) NOTE : please keep all your negative comments to yourselves, if you do not like gambling, others do.
  10. acutally he did it for fun and for testing he said mind if I curse you I told him hit me with ur best I didn't think he'd actually hit me with his best -.- and no, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting it as a punishment, as he keeps telling me that 'when contact takes the things back, come to me for your reward' so I'm being rewarded, not punished =D EDIT : also, I never get stat gain, so even with the 2800% boost, I should stay at 0 stat damage...
  11. should we resend already sent requests?
  12. I'm not sure, but this : [b]regeneration[/b] --44.766 [b]energeticimmun[/b] --44.8 [b]tradesense[/b] --44.8 [b]briskness[/b] --44.8 [b]initiative[/b] --44.8 [b]defence[/b] --44.8 [b]attack[/b] --44.8 [b]power[/b] --33.6 [b]luck[/b] --6.72 shouldn't really be for an MP3, should it? what's going on?
  13. [quote name='ColdSteel566' timestamp='1317257991' post='92778'] Maybe there is a way to get that phone money in cash back? [/quote] sadly no, I could use a different method (recharging my phone with less credits than I usually do) but my parents won't give me whatever change is left, so then I won't have some physical money, nor will I still have my credits surplus though I keep searching for 'pay-by-phone' methods, I found this, and if what Mur said at first : [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1312838596' post='89853'] ... I keep them more so people can use that method too, not because of the income that is ridiculously low. [/quote] still stands true, then maybe this could be implemented (cz they only take a percentage, and from what I've read, only 10%) NOTE : I am not by any way saying that Mur wasn't saying the truth or anything like that before, and I mean no offense to anyone who understood it like that.
  14. none of them can work, cz all I can do is send via my phone, other than that, I don't really have any money ^^ and CoTL, I live in Lebanon, a small country in the middle east... and no we barely have anything there !
  15. okay, so here's another site I found : [url="http://text2pay.com/"]http://text2pay.com[/url] hope this one can work out =S from what I've read, they don't charge a monthly fee, but rather 10% take from what you take originally, not sure I read thoroughly though... side note : in case Mur doesn't see that, any suggestions on what I should do? or would the Master advertiser (Mr. Move-Lock me when moving BFH) look it up?
  16. MoM

    Selling Spells

    I'd like teleport to papercabin and toadspeak together please I'll provide the stones, can it work for 9 silver ?
  17. MoM

    Resource Depletion

    seems this will just die... and now that we know what fight cause is, I don't think it will really help, anyway, I'm not sure how resources are (was in GG all this time) I'll be out today hopefully, and I'll start trying to do something at the park...
  18. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1316562753' post='92337'] i do intend to clean it up and make an original representation, to avoid unwanted connections. [/quote] that's all I wanted to hear, and as for the rest, a symbol is a symbol, you're right, but to have lost friends and family members to Israelite bombing, and to be forced to pick yourself up and go from place to place just because there is a probability that it would be bombed... it kinda makes me dread that symbol more than anything. I hate them, no offense meant or anything, but they took away those I lose, they took away those that loved me, they took away those who shared laughs with me, those who at one point made me happy when I was sad, and for what? to expand? well I just hope they'd expand into the sea and disappear... Also, I'd like to mention a day Lebanon would remember : the day when a children's cancer center was bombed by Israel, those children who had hopes of surviving despite their illness, those that had faith, were killed. What's more, on the bomb, there were pictures drawn by children, Israel's children (real children) showing how Israel is better than us, showing how they would be kings and we they're slaves, it was a message from the young to the young, believe me if you want, don't if you don't, but I know what happened, and I'll be sticking to my opinions.
  19. I'm talking about this one : [attachment=3202:horrid sign.png] it represents the Jews, and their's so-called Israel, no offense to it and them, but in my country, and all arab countries, they are not a state, they are a so-called one (we call it maz3ooma, as in they say it is, but they're bluffing) and as much as I would rather not contradict anyone about whether it is good or not (everyone has his opinions, and I don't have anything against Jews, it's those that did what they did in all those wars that I have a grudge against). Back to my main point, almost all Arabic countries BLOCK all such content from us, (not just from internet, they rip out anything related to them on books, delete movie scenes, everything and anything), now I was showing my grandfather something online, and i opened MD, and he spotted the sign, suffice to say, he yelled at me for about 15 minutes for opening 'the enemies content' my point : does MD really have anything to do with this? or is the fact that this sign popped up purely coincidental? (even though I doubt this) if the first question answers no to the first part, is there anyway this can be removed? now that I think about it, this might be why Egypt wasn't allowing me to connect to the MD... also, in all my time, and all my searching, I have failed to find ONE Arab player NOT from Lebanon also purely coincidental? I don't think so...
  20. wow, and to think I actually bugged you about the forum, on your birthday XD! sorry... and happy birthday =D
  21. seems dst has a lot of gold to go around, she is clearly *coughs* cheatingly * coughs* winning
  22. MoM

    Resource Depletion

    actually, the greed problem is harder to solve than that, it comes in a third form : "darn, it's the third day in a row that I'm too late to get even one - AGAIN, that's it, I'll take more than it's allowed, because if I don't, I'll never get any" doing a limit per person would solve that, but here another problem arises : "I don't deplete, but I'm going to take as much as I can whenever I can without letting it drop to below 66%" some people just believe that since they showed up early, they have enough right to take as much as they want, and since they're NOT depleting, they're being fair, but greedy, and after a few times of that happening, we have saying one again... of course, the regeneration interval helps, but what for those unlucky soles where 0:00 st happens to be 3 midnight? I - personally - wouldn't stay up that late just to grab some resources, esp considering I'd most probably have school, and some might have work... one more thing, all this talk is great, but it will be useless if we don't start, I think that if we start working something out, it will start to form itself, so in the first post, I'll write a table containing names of those who harvest, and (via pm or in forum) I'll get to know whether or not they agree on taking some action or not, also another thing to do is to make the public aware, those 'newer' players who just happen to be lucky enough to grab a water bucket might deplete all the water in the place, without knowing the consequenses of his actions, also, please tell me names of harvesters so I can ask them, and/or ask them yourselves, and tell me if they're ready to do this, [size="4"][size=7]SUMMARY SO FAR [size=3](ready for change) [/size][/size][/size] [size="4"][size=7][size=3]1. Resources must NEVER go below 66% of their maximum[/size][/size][/size] 2. Players will be restricted to harvesting a certain amount of every resource per week, and exceeding this amount will be treated as if someone has depleted a resource 3. Players who break these rules will face a communal punishment, such as a limitation on trade, and anything and everything that the community can do to make sure this will not be repeated.
  23. MoM

    MP3 group(s)

    okay, disregarding everything mentioned before, I'd actually like to get this up and going, as far as I know, about 7 of those in the group (dunno if I updated this) are still here (after 1-2 months!) some even have their first wp! it might not be the group, it might not be our efforts (me and the group members, ALL OF US), it might just be luck... but if we can help new MP3s, well, we should help them =)... but we need a new thread, this is 'polluted'... okay ummm, chewett, is there really a way to start a private thread? (aka, only those invited can see it) and if so, can a regular person make one (someone like me?) (side note, if you want me to take this via pm, I will)
  24. MoM

    Resource Depletion

    Synex, I know the UN is unfair (I participated in MUN (model united nations) and was in the security council, so my trainers told me everything about how unfair it is and use it for myself) but what they do have is some type of balance, take it this way, if, in the security council, a small country which had 0.002% of the world's population, but was contributing to 5% of it's pollution (+ other factors...), they would all agree that this is too much. it's almost the same here, you won't have that 'arguing' you want have all of the negatives in the UN... also, I never wanted MD to turn into UN, I wanted it to just DO SOMETHING, and I used the UN to show what I mean, and as for the 'treated accordingly', well that's the hard part, what can we actually do? I can attack lock and mirror ritual him/her, someone might movelock him, other will silence him, heck, if we're lucky (and they are MP5) we might get the chance to trap him/her with Eon... since it will be community effort, it can not and will not be something like 'go to Mur' or 'report him/her' it's whatever we can do to teach them a lesson... as for LWP, fight cause can not be used for a lower level, and there might not be enough ppl online at the same place and time to actually have an effect... and as for the flaw you mentioned, well you should remember that to harvest, you'll need items, which also depend on time zones, so if ppl act well, ppl from all time zones will get a chance to harvest, week-in, week-out maybe, but still. and if you're still not convinced, then tell me this : would you rather a person harvest 28 in 4 days, then go around selling, I dunno, 5 for 1 silver, than you get in these 4 days, only 1? resources can be sold, and if a lot of quantity is present, the price will drop, simple economics. Edit : by the way, I think that the council actually is a UN for mischief and wrong-doings...
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