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  1. Tried to make a monthly 5$ Subscription for MD. Made a PayPal account, activated it, entered my card REALLY correctly.. multiple times..and, [color="#FF0000"] "We were unable to verify your credit or debit card. To proceed with your purchase, please select a different payment method or add a different credit or debit card, then click Continue."[/color] Any advice please ?
  2. Quas


    Search me too ! Sarus Saa'Zach
  3. Yes. And it's not like the general dual personality, like one gets "offline" when other is on. They're both in the same time concious...most of the time.
  4. *looks around*.. Well, first of all, Hi Mr./Mss. Reader.. Decided to make a short description about ourself(s) here so that maybe we'll clear out some confusions among people We meet. We'll tell this on short... When I, Quas, was born (Can't remember where..) .. not long ago.. my parents were so happy that they organised a huge party with all sorts of people, clowns, magicians, everyone could join.. A nice thing, i suppose. After a long time partying, someone with a dark 'aura' came with a huge cart.. everyone stopped and stared at that man. The dark figure approached my parents and I, and told them that in that cart, was the new definition of Fun. He said that in that cart full of urns, lie souls, human souls.. and with a strange device in the urn, they could sip the souls and have the same effects as a Nightshade, only with no danger of dieing and with a huge extatic pleasure. They hesitated at first, of course...drinking souls isn't so common.. but they finally accepted it.. and did the biggest mistake of they're (ex)lifes. After few hours everyone had his/hers Dose of Souls, including me. in one moment or other, the dark figure approached the center of the hall and made everyones attention focus on him. Suddenly he put his hands on the floor, and activated a strange symbol.. a powerfull wind started to whip our cheeks.. The dark man dissapeared, like he was nothing!..suddenly everyone including my parents started to scream in pain and they're corneas turned pitch black.. After a full hour of screams they stopped.. and turned to dust.. Only very few people (like five or six, from a total of a hundred and two.) survived God knows how, including me.. Since then I'm not alone in my body.. The soul my parents made me consume now shares the same vision, hear, taste, smell.. I named him Sauq, due the fact that he's totally my opposite.. [b]Ok Quas now shut it, my turn !.. right..so.. i'm an old prison mate, died in a cell decades ago(lame >_>) ..and I live in this scums body..that's all you need to know! get it punk?[/b] *shakes head*.. Right.. so.. back to the subject.. None of us can control the thoughts and actions of each other.. ([b]yet[/b]) We have different thoughts , totally independent.. we often both speak in the same sentence, Sauq being the evil arrogant 'jail like' grandpa.([b]watch it kid![/b]).. I think that would do for the moment.. I am sorry for those who got confused or ..perhaps insulted by Sauq.. please blame him! >_> [i]~Gathered from an annonimous letter towards me, maybe it was the dark one, I don't know..~[/i]
  5. If that is true, i wish I knew the reason for the change... and i doubt its like you say, it should've been posted in the Announcements. right?
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