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  1. Asad. You're ... I mean you're just... ...amazing me
  2. 30 adepts are allot...and unstable, if one stable protector remains with exactly 30 adepts its [b]very[/b] risky. An adept can go inactive any second..
  3. Ill buy one 4 mil heat creature with 3sc. Can you come in Loreroot, at the inn, please ?
  4. The more you got, the harder to sell...trust me.
  5. are you sure you're not going to fill me up with even more stuff? [b]Edit:[/b] Reinstalled ff I found the facemoods thing in IE, but I cant find it through addons or anywhere to remove it....
  6. I did. I also removed anything that I didnt use from Add or Remove Programs, even some trusted programs.. still didn't fixed it. That might leave it to one option, that of being a wierd kinky [color=#ff0000]virus[/color] around here ? Can you recomend a nice free antivirus or only some quick-scan progs if that is the case ? P.S.: As I read from here and there on the internet, it usually shows up anytime and in green text. Not green here and [b]only[/b] shows up after using tools.
  7. These are my current add-ons. The first addon wich is not visible is just Adobe the ones below that are not visible also are disabled stuff. I doubt any one of theese might cause the problem..[attachment=3350:Addons.jpg]
  8. Removed the recent addons (yahoo toolbar and stuff) but didnt fix anything..it actually made one more link appear >.> the only other addon that I have exept Firefox's basic stuff is the MD toolbar
  9. ...... I thought you noticed, but [b]I AM [/b]Romanian.. and I'm pretty sure I know my own language, thank you. ... lol
  10. Okay, see the screenshot. Right after I used one of my woodcutting tools (I got both, branches and lumber). The "[b]Current[/b]"(location) word from under the regeneration timer, suddenly became a [b]link[/b], and when I put my mouse on it it shows an ad to some external Romanian thing... [b]Not[/b] MD related. Edit: It happenes to both tools and dissapears after i refresh the [b]page[/b], but still occures every time I use the tools *clicks Post and waits for a reply*
  11. Same problems to me, any browser
  12. Btw people, please say at least a few words about phans ideea. Don't just click to see what's going on and then don't care about it, this topic needs Feedback! [size=2]people to train with[/size] [size=1]people to train with[/size] ...
  13. This project in overall is a good ideea, but I just can't do it at mp3 or mp4, since I won't need to train grasans and I cant waste xp on anything. The problem is (for me at least, but I'm not the only one) that many players will just stay in that location, 'training' or for chatting, or any other reason. And if I need to train I [i][b]will[/b][/i] come there and attack people with my own rituals, no offence.. Because I [b]won't find anyone to train with[/b] since most of them are in that spot, specially that there are few mp4 and mp3 to begin with anyway. It's similar to a part of GGG problem.
  14. Anyone could say "my grasan is not yet there" and still continue to get xp and wins just to sacc it for skills later. I don't know though if I should see that as a problem or not... just my thoughts as you asked ^^
  15. This is a little bit different than GGG since grasans also require heat to advance.. won't that mean quite large-scaled skill farm with them for mp5? (at mp4 and mp3 I honestly won't do it since I care about every little point of xp I get.) And if you're really planning to do this, you should have a really good way to enforce the rules.. since some people won't care about them and come to attack anyone around will always exist.
  16. Quas

    Diablo 2

    so, you guys will play on b.net ?
  17. Quas

    Diablo 2

    I'm playin' D2 on a private server (I'll keep my cash for D3 ) hihihihi
  18. sooo.. If we draw a line here, is this weaken def thing, a bug or not ? If yes, anyone is willing to do anything about it? 15 days passed since the last post and no kind of change
  19. Aww dst, you said before that you don't give a ..damn, about this XD you're so cuddly !
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