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  1. Basically...I think it would be a great Idea if we have the option to cluster individual items and separate it accordingly in the case of resource being consumed.. If this can't be the case then it should at least either take only what is need or give an appropriate amount of the material to be had and leave the remainder. I will admit it was because of my own folly that this happened Basically decided to try forging an ingot. Easily had enough for 8 and I have but 1. If this truly can't be addressed, then I understand...though i'd still be salty about it.
  2. ….Oh so it doesn't do anything right now you mean? Ah well...can't stop getting it so wont worry about it.
  3. I noticed this volition stat for a while now and noticed it isn't included in the descripton of stats. So what does it do?
  4. On another rnote entirely...is anoyone even passed 2k ap right now?
  5. If timers did change, ypu'd have to change the mdshop items a little to balance it out. Though if something isn't broke don't fix it. In any event regarding the negative vp issue why not have value points be gained at an highly accelerated rate when a user is at negative vp and then return to normal values when its back to being positive?
  6. Many thanks Mallos. I'd like to buy an 1 anniversary critter (15 plushies)
  7. Zetsuei

    WTB Magic

    I understand. Many thanks protector. Now I just play the waiting game.
  8. Zetsuei

    WTB Magic

    So it appears that making creatures into totems is a thing now. I personally am confused in such a use other than to make space for more critters other than sacrificing, but I'm not that brilliant. So I apparently require timeless dust for the process which comes(sometimes) from using spells. Im not sure if its from temporary or permanent spells so its guess work. Either way I be willing to pay for the spells. I'd be happy if I got permanents but I can't push my luck for such things. I also realise I could JUST buy timeless dust....but I wanna do magic *shrug* Anyways name the spells you be selling, what they do and make an offer.
  9. I understand. Thank you. It would be helpful if you aren't too busy.
  10. I see. may I have a name or names? hopefully I will be able to reach wherever they may be. I've NEVER seen an mp7....just mp6's
  11. Do you know HOW to join an alliance? Still don't know folks well. Am I also to assume that attacking alliance mates is not allowed?
  12. Lately I've been trying to get into fights to get my critters stronger so that a select few can upgrade and the rest can be sacrificed. Heres my dilemma. I've only met 1 person who is at my level (mp4) and sadly he gives me only negative honour. That said I have still attacked cause Many creatures need winds. The problem however is no my honour is negative and now I gain nothing. It should be noted that I was already at a sheathe balance to begin with. That being said I was told that joining an alliance would allow me to attack stronger and hopefully honour gaining opponents. Is this true?
  13. the border is flashing with white. The area that ha sthe scene is flashing white like a strobe light. Its just the scene. map also doesn't work. can click creatures, items, etc and they work fine. PIC.docx
  14. That's quite interesting. I appear to have the same problem for myself. Im using a Microsoft edge if that helps any. And its like the screenshot only its flashing like a white box. edit: also my heat is perpetually at 4k...if that helps. I had just solved a puzzle at loreweavers lock and then it happened.
  15. I wish to buy 4 resin, 4 used rope, and 6 paper in exchange for some silver coins.
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