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  1. Extended until May 5th. Just like all of my quests. So it will be easier to remember to do them and to remember their deadlines @Tissy
  2. Extended until May 5th, so people have plenty of time to complete. It is the same deadline as the hangover and Sage's Keep so it should be easy to remmeber: Cinco de Mayo, all my quests come calling. There will be at least a Chapter 2, and there may be parts of chapter 1 that will help you complete chapter 2 -possibly other chapters(help, they are not required). Just to encourage more people to finish.
  3. P.S. That's because they're all due May 5th.
  4. I see my name is at the top. I like what you did there. sunfire and clockie are my votes
  5. I would like it to be known that the revisionist school of historians (read Leadh) would like to correct the above meme to say that he made 4 SC off ME, and 1 GC off Miq. ... Which is, of course, complete hogwash
  6. By popular demand, it seems I was derelict in my duty to meme about the goings-on in MD-land. See below for the night in the Drunken corpse entry into the Memery journal
  7. P.S. Sorry for duplicate meme. It won't let me delete one.
  8. Your puppers is adorable! Also for those of you unfamiliar with the meme:
  9. Nevermind, I read it again and found due date. Grasan-dumb vitriol or blind rage. I feel as though this creature is the primordial anger that one uses when something hurts you to the core. This is symbolized by it's haotic damage. It only focuses on 'other' hitting anything. It doesn't matter exactly how hard it hits, just that it hits. This has happened when I've felt so hurt I didn't know what to do. Water Being- I feel like this is the creature that symbolizes kindness, sympathy, but not empathy. If I'm not mistaken, this is because the Water Being, unlike the Barren Soul, turn into the Medusa, able to steal from others what it at first gave. It is the manipulative aspect of self in many ways. It may not be intentional in its usage, but sometimes, that pity or sympathy merely stands as another cog in the machine to keep the situation the way it is. I feel like I use this frame of mind everytime I don't fully listen to someone, when I just give surface-level attention, not actually attempting to empathize, merely to sympathize. Remains: This creature is mood when you give of yourself. When you self-sacrifice. It is when compassion is shown, when something is given at the detriment or loss to the self. I think this mindset is the one undertaken by all of those who have had hurt inflicted on them, but choose to use that hurt to help others rather than lash out. As a learning experience. I feel like I have used this mindset when I meet with some of the clients that I work with. Eh, my answers aren't very relevant to many, the first 2 are closer to what I think than the remains one. I don't know enough about creatures to make better entries. Sorry Ungod.
  10. I only do it because I care. Plus, memery is a nice distraction. It only takes like 2 minutes a meme so it's my brain break! P.S. I'm just trying to get Aia's thread over 1k views. I mean, it deserves it.
  11. We have come so far, but in the end, it does it even matter?
  12. Also, it's become apparent to me that I have no discernible style. Merely the style of the artist whose work I last consumed. I like having avatars with their backs turned. They feel more natural than trying to draw faces. Also, I'm most proud of the texture on his pants, it actually showed up!
  13. Ladies and gentlemen for your consideration for yesterday's events. @lashtal
  14. LAST 8 DAYS of ENTRIES-Remember this goes until MAY 1st, not the end of the anniversary.
  15. BUMP Remember, to get prizes you must complete the quest! I am willing to give out 1 hint for MP5 and above, and 2 hints for MP3-4. PM me for hints!
  16. All in favor of sending DG to ToA so lashtal can get him, give me upvotes. *PS. this is a joke*
  17. I already solved it anyway. DG just doesn't want to admit it
  18. To your first point: I'm unsure as to this assertion, I wouldn't know. Second point: That is a topic for another day. I am merely asking if this were a possibility for now. Yes MD changes over the years. The scope of this topic were to make this thought-train leave the station of just my singular head. I would think that hopefully no quests were left loved in conversion. However, certainly a scale would be introduced in terms of a quality (I STRONGLY believe that such a scale should be introduced to create meta-data for ALL quests, especially current ones, more data=more information for future quests). The best source of data about what players like are the CURRENT players who have stayed, a large majority of variables impact who plays MD and who stays, internet access, boredom, free time, outside committments, a feeling of family, of communitas, the search for mystery in this world that Mur successfully created, a love for role-play. I do posit that one of the coolest aspects is the quests. The quests that have stuck with you and possibly changed are by that very quality themselves, worthy of further inspection. If you remembered a quest, it has changed you, in both a MD way, and irl way. Therefore, it should be considered that it has changed the face of MD forever, if however in minute, often imperceptible ways. (I am writing this while in a meeting, I cannot fully flesh out this concept here. I do propose @Ungod, that you you either splinter this into a future forum topic (if my start of the discussion here warrants sufficient community support to require action), OR a PM where we can flesh out what you mean and what I am trying to communicate, the result of which would become said further forum post.
  19. The worst part about this quest is that it always makes ME hungry... again. Every day. Each time I read that someone has posted in it or reacted to it. Thanks Mag for making me put on weight.
  20. Only downvoting because I didn't win. And I want to KNOW the answer! -not actually mad Got rid of downvoting, I don't want to give you(DG) any bad rep because of me being funny
  21. Me: looking at all of the up-votes but no content like=
  22. So after several conversations with several players over the course of a few weeks I have thought a lot about this topic. There are a lot of quests out there in RPCQ elements from players that spent a lot of time and energy and creativity to make. There are some (like Burns and Fyrd) who made HUGE quests that spanned the entirety of the realm. (I have stumbled across a few, but can't pick up the thread to continue or end). Several of these have spectacular content, but the player hasn't been online in almost a decade (a while by any amount). Is there an administrative tool that can view all of the content of RPCQ elements (even if they aren't maintained?) This would be a MASSIVE undertaking, but could, if found, bring a large amount of content back into the realm (by having players complete ancient quests, and getting rewards from a quest pool reward system (something else that could be discussed-something like Ungod talks about here). I'm just thinking that if we were to save even 4 ancient quests that are worth saving (ancient players like Chew, Ledah, Dhyone, Metal Bunny, and others could definitely help with identifying old quests worth salvaging. Second point: You know that billboard thingie at the broken LR bridge? I don't know what the purpose of it is. But I do propose this: It becomes the new quest board. Move the quest doc out of the compass and into a scene item. Players can pick up start points for quests here (Or even "rumors" of such quests-ie riddles that point to a password at a certain location) Please, leave comments on this idea below (and/or suggestions for quests you REALLY enjoyed in the past-mainly clickie quests, if you have others that were forum-type, please stipulate). This way I can create a tabular data entry of quests for admins to consider (when they ever have time) moving out of RPCQ into A25 (for more permanence) If possible, please spend 30 seconds trying to find forum links to quests. If you can't, still mention, this just might help future endeavors.
  23. Doing quests for Miq be like:
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