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  1. I have left this quest up for all to enjoy should they so desire. I have not changed any clickies or anything (though there may be some clickies that change locations permanently to make room for new quests as I write them) The rules of still only having 2 guesses and 1 clue is still in effect. There will be rewards for completion (in addition to knowledge that should prove useful in chapter 2). They will be updated here once I have access to more rewards. For MP3 & MP4 players, completion of this quest will earn you more than it will for an MP5 player, so the earlier you complete it, the better. Oh winners of above race will be put in this post once I have confirmation from chewett about final details. Check out the personal creature -attached- that is one of the creature reward options. (As I was one of the first people into LR and you can't recruit this creature type anymore). Every other winner will get a 20 anni creature 1st Place: @Ledah (finished 1st overall and 1st MP5-7) Reward=WP, 2GC(since he let Tissy have first creature choice he gets 1GC from my personal stock), and 1 anniversary creature 2nd place MP5-7: @jakubhi (4th place), Reward=1GC and Anniversary crit (4th choice) 1st place MP4: InnervateD(3rd place) Reward=2GC and Anniversary crit (3rd choice) 1st place MP3: @Tissy, (2nd overall) Reward=2 GC and LR Archer below (2nd choice) All other participants get the silver participation prize. Congratulations to our winners and participants! Stay tuned for Chapter II! (because there will be some parts of Chapter II that will be easier to solve if you did Chapter I, I urge participants to not give people hints to solve race, future quest-goers can ask me)
  2. I must say, I too, was under the same impression as Zetsuei. If the help page is waiting until a bigger update when the entire thing gets redone, then that makes sense. But perhaps the Gateway Island explanation, as Zetsuei suggests, should take precedence?
  3. Just ask Chewett2 what he saw! It should be easy!
  4. Indeed. Did you like my strawman-like position? It wasn't on purpose. It is just my gut-reaction, my first thought about the points you rose. Also, not just theoretically, but what mechanically could we implement to support this difference? If there isn't a difference, but we feel there should be conceptually, how could we make this happen using the mathematics in the code to simulate it?
  5. Is it not something that is both gained and lost simultaneously? Why constrict it to the mere comprehension that we claim to possess? The real question is the trichotomy Zets does put forth, of your homeland, the neutral lands, and other lands. What, from a theoretical stand-point separates the neutral lands from the other two types of land?
  6. For some, the ability to leave home may even rewarding as well, however it could also make the returning even more potent.
  7. 5 hours left before submissions will no longer be included in judging and thus, no plushies or other rewards given
  8. This is my contribution to this challenge. I based it on the comments on self section only and went from there. I wanted to make the scales look SUPER heavy to show the burden they cause, but I guess I was still thinking meme because I tried to draw that salt chef meme guy. The extended hand is supposed to show the support and guidance he purports it is crucial to provide. For the record I have NO EARTHLY IDEA what happened with the eyes. I claim full responsibility for the butchering of what was otherwise a time-consuming and effortful drawing.
  9. Wow, Thank you! I have picked the Rustgold Drachorn. Good job everyone! I know it forced me out of my comfort zone!
  10. Sorry. I just couldn't resist. And congratulations to all of the outstanding participants! This was truly one of the most fun things I've had the pleasure to do this go-around. I want to especially compliment @Ailith, who not many of you know, but had NEVER memed before. I wish to applaud her for her extraordinary prowess at this art form, as well as the bravery she displayed in breaking out of her comfort zone!
  11. So at MP4, I have to make sure that I get within the acceptable range of % lost, my rit could only have 3 of one kind, so my rit could have 2 lvl 3 heretic archers, and 1 level 4 heretic archer 1 barren soul 1 lvl 3 water being & rustgold drac lvl 2 The heretic archers hit my max of identical creatures, regardless of what game says, for the contstraints of this challenge. However, if my opponent uses more than 3 of the same creatures in their rit as are in mine, the outcome isn't valid for entry.-->the point of this constraint is so everyone does not use the same backbone to their ritual, to create diversity in the creatures used. This way, everyone just doesn't put 3 trees into the ritual they use. This is as I understand Tissy's intentions.
  12. Welcome! We're so glad that you joined us!

    1. Caruon


      Thank you. It's nice to meet you too.

  13. In honor of me re-discovering my now-favorite meme format of all time. You're welcome in advance. P.S. Just imagine every pun that Miq makes being said to this sequence, it makes it so much better.
  14. So my memory starts in MB and goes into NC. I remember this very vividly because it was very soon after I came back and it was the first time someone offered to do more than just talk with me (actually, I think Azull offered to take me through NC first, but our logins didn't really coincide). It started off when Zets had just turned MP5, I think and we were sitting and talking. I mentioned that when I first played NC was there, but very much not a place you went to casually. We went into NC where Dan and Zets left me behind because of AP. But I remember how funny it was when Dan had to say about everything, do NOT click this, do NOT click that, DON'T go there or you will get lost. It was awesome and hilarious, also it was an hour very much well-spent. It all would not have been possible if Marble Dale Park was not the main meeting hub besides GoE that it has become (without it, we all three would have been roaming the land, not interacting).
  15. WHO: Your lizard brain/brain stem. WHY: No matter what your desire is, your innate physiological desires tend to rule the day in terms of what you do. I do not mean strength as in total, absolute control. That kind of control is fragile and has low tensile strength, it does not bend, it breaks. True strength lies in the ability to control almost all of the scenarios that occur, such as almost always your brain stem tells your heart to beat, it beats, it tells you to breath, you breath. It is the master of its system.
  16. I woke up in jail to find that I am covered in scratches and smell like death, but also of baked goods. Confused, I go to Ailith, the obvious first choice where baked goods are concerned. It is there that I learn that I started out the night happily baking with Ailith. She had decided to attempt to teach my neolithic self the science of baking. Apparently it had actually gone quite well, particularly as Ailith had done most of the work. My role was more of a "mash that", "hand me that", "could you please be a dear and move", "now watch how I soften the butter first" kind of deal. After a somewhat fruitful afternoon, I had decided, according to Ailith, to stroll through MB. It is hard to distinguish recent memory with rote muscle memory of a repetitious task. It appears that while strolling through MB I chanced upon the giant statue that Slotsh was busy working on removing, hiding away, or... something. Honestly, I have no idea what he was doing, I just remember him jumping up and down excitedly banging on wood and iron. Strange. While I was walking by, the stupid little blighter on the back end of the statue bit me! This put me in a very foul mood, not to mention, on the way to MB I had been turned into mouse briefly as an illusion, which then meant that I was chased around by a bloody knight on a super giant horse! He kept trying to kill me! So I burrowed into a hole to gain a brief respite, when I was then mercilessly intruded upon by a bunch of fools blathering about buried treasure! Could I get no rest?Luckily, after I escaped the shovels and the horse the illusion came undone. I wearily drug myself out of my hole. I watched as the celebrants from the party I had hosted in Sage's Keep, stumbled past. I doubt they will remember anything of this night. I decided to take a stroll through Necrovion since it was still open. It turns out I was an idiot, it wasn't open any longer. I ran around NC running from lashtal, when I hid in the cemetary, pretending to already be dead. Apparently lashtal was satisfied with this or was actually fooled by my deception. I brushed myself off and made it out of NC by using all of my heat orbs. I went to Sage's keep to rest up. There I encountered Advisor, lurking in the shadows, going on and on, mumbling about silence and staying away. I told him a story to get his mind off of things. Turns out, he really didn't enjoy being the plot point of my story. He said "You always do this! Now people think I'm crazy or something. I'm FINE, F-I-N-E, fine! So leave me alone!" I proceeded to attempt to placate him. Apparently, this set him off even more and he lashed out at me with the mattock that he still had from Gateway Island somehow. Horrified that MaGoHi had been giving possible murder implements to individuals without at least checking their background first, I attempted to defend myself while running away. We were outside Sage's Keep when I realized that Advisor would not leave me alone, so I desperately came up with a frantic plan as I saw Slotsh doing what ever it is he was doing. I ran as fast as I as close as I could past the head of the statue with Advisor hot on my heels. The head lashed out and got Advisor! It maimed him, advisor tried to run away, but I just stood and watched, oh well, guess he gets to be another plot point. As Slotsh watched horrified, I offered to help Slotsh move the statue, I dug a giant hole in front of the statue, and borrowed Slotsh's stash of mechanical junk and made a bunch of engines that then pushed the statue, with advisor in front of it, into the giant hole. Then I helped Slotsh bury the statue and the remains so my King, the most esteemed and gracious ruler that he is, would be so busy with the anniversary quests as well as coding that he wouldn't find out. I would have gotten away with it too, had it not been for Slotsh telling Ungod all about the story! While I was idling in Marble Dale Park the guards jumped me! I couldn't even put up a fight. It seems I have been sentenced to 6 months in prison. Apparently murdering a new player and using quests to hide the evidence, as well as making an accomplice of the village idiot are all crimes that are frowned upon here.
  17. As always, This is what I have ALWAYS imagined being the music played at Champion's challenge. I think it really speaks for itself for me. Not that there is really another combatant except for the puzzle itself, or perhaps your mind. But I like that the song adds an urgency to the feeling of the scene (if the scene had the puzzle working again XD)
  18. Thank you, Lady Ailith, for making such a superb event. I felt like it was one of the highlights of the entire festival for me.
  19. Okay, so I made typical "American I-can't-cook fried sandwich". It needs (besides an evil mind to commit egregious damage to MaGoHi's arteries): 2 eggs // 2 slices of bread // some cheddar (colby jack works to) // some swiss cheese(or any mellow cheese)/ butter,margarine, or vegetable oil // sausage or bacon (or sometimes beef) // a pinch (or dash, whatever is smallest) of salt // 1.5 tablespoons of fresh dices bell peppers (or 1 table spoon of diced onions if beef) 1. Basically you start off by heating your pan on the stove (opening your browser) 2. cook your meat until it is brown (get your fingers ready-open forum) 3. Crack open your eggs --> I leave in same pan, because what is heart disease? (This is you taking your mind from outside MD, breaking down your mental barriers, and entering into the realm) 4. Scramble your eggs a little (you don't need to keep your ego defenses up while in the realm) 5. While eggs are cooking, let some of your cheese start to warm to room temperature-->so it is softer You should lightly spread your butter/margarine/oil over 1 side of each slice of bread Also dice your peppers or onions (You are getting ready to get into the character of your RPC) 6. Put eggs to side with meat. Now, put 1 slice of bread, coated side down on pan <reduce your heat at this stage>Put your sharper cheese down, after cheese begins to melt, put the diced peppers or onions on the cheese (This is you bringing your creature into the NML, you're waking up-I like to imagine every time a player logins they briefly wake up at GoE and then go to last location) 7. Put your egg on top of vegg, and your meat on top of the egg. <you want to hurry at this point, so you don't burn bread> (I have no idea what this symbolizes -checking to see if all of your creatures are dead when you idled in MDP last night?) 8. Put your mellow cheese on top, and the last slice of bread with coating up. When bottom bread is stiff, flip sandwich cook until bread is stiff again(You've checked your inbox now, and forum, you're almost ready to start playing for real) 9. Remove from heat, sprinkle your salt on the bread opposite from the peppers/onions <otherwise the flavor profile is monotonous> -->eat after letting cool for 30 seconds (Now you can chat in the window, or go back on that hunt/recruit and saccing run that you were in the middle of the night before) 10. ENJOY! This is how you make it. If I can make it, anyone can. I recommend you have some fruit with it, and just water, you don't need anything else that's unhealthy for you at this point. Please note that I burned mine (I was making coffee and forgot to turn off the kettle) in the pictures (I also ran out of bacon, so I used ham as a lighter meat, though my wife said a dash of sliced chicken or avocado works better) For those of you wishing to die: substitute the bread for potatoes (read hasbrowns). My wife suggests having fresh celery or grapes on the side so you have a different texture profile and can wash the palate to fully enjoy each, juicy, protein-filled bite.
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