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  1. Story 8: VOTING IS NOW OPEN! Remember, vote with reputation. like=+1/Love=+2/Dislike=+0. Closes on The 16th of May, 2020 at Server Time 23:59. P.S. The hope is that you DON'T pick my submission, because then there will be one-less hilarious RP item in the realm.
  2. Greetings everyone! Our judge has completed their judging and the winner will be announced #SoonMD. Before that happens, we have a second part! This quest was all about community involvement and this time around, the community will decide. The community will decide which version they like best through reputation (like=1 point/love=2point/dislike=0point). This will be based on whatever paradigm you personally choose. I did not specify because of reasons, I wanted a degree of randomness to arise. I will post the contestant's entries AS WELL AS the original story in separate posts below. DO NOT REACT TO POSTS UNTIL YOU SEE ONE THAT SAYS VOTING IS OPEN. If the 'actual' story wins, then I will give the runner up 3GC and some some plushies. (If tie, then 1G7S for runner-ups and 1/2 plushies). If a contestant's story beats the actual story in reputation, then the winner will get 3GC as well as a one-of-a-kind commemorative T-shirt! It is white, and it says "I ❤️ the King & Grand Duke" on it, with the heart in big red color. It's pretty cool. Reputation-giving will cease to be counted on: The 16th of May, 2020 at Server Time 23:59.
  3. Steno

    PHP 7 progress

    Nevermind. You can still view/retrieve things stored on StoreNOW. It's just PHP for StoreNOW is throwing up its own errors so you can't add more stuff. I apologize for the confusion and mis-labeling of the problem at-hand.
  4. Steno

    PHP 7 progress

    Store NOW functionality missing from messages and RPCQ clickies
  5. Aia has now solved the SECOND puzzle for 18 plushies with a record of around 27.5 hours! Way to go! I will leave the puzzles up as well as the clickies. I have not decided what the reward for solving them will be yet going forward (ask me after plushie shop opens ) Also a grand total of ~49 plushies were given away at the ascension, so this plushie shop/auction should be feisty indeed
  6. My alt can’t retrieve papers still don’t know if this is same issue or not so posting in case. cant even view full error message because of sizing on mobile but that’s all I could grab Went and grabbed full error code @Chewett , when I tried to grab military ways &beliefs
  7. next line added. completing this riddle will now be worth 18 plushies
  8. Fixed! Thank you Mur!
  9. I’m sorry that I broke it! Now when I try to login on Chrome or FF I get this error before I attempt login. it seems Upon inspection that someone accidentally forgot the the “L” in magic duel
  10. In spoilers is the unfiltered log of Ascension party for @Ailith
  11. New clue added to puzzle TWO! If not solved within 16 hours I'll add a line. Please Forum PM me with answers in case I idle or log off
  12. When people ask how I feel after turning MP5:


  13. With a record of approximately 8 minutes Ledah has solved the FIRST puzzle! New clue line added to puzzle number TWO!
  14. With a record of approximately 7 minutes. Lazarus has solved the THIRD puzzle!
  15. Hello all! I have been back in MD for a few months at this point and I have been enjoying it quite a lot. I have pondered many of the mysteries that MD still provides. I have aimlessly wandered, seeking to re-discover long-forgotten events of the long-buried past. I have sought to learn more of what has happened in my absence, to contribute more to the realm as I feel within my scope of talents. I am not sure what Steno's inevitable role will be but for now I have decided that Quest-making and story-telling are what Steno has a strong desire to do. He is unsure of the quality or permanence of his contributions but he shall attempt to make them anyway. He enjoys these endeavors and finds that he loves it when the realm is full of these kinds of aspects. Steno, being a believer in that most famous phrase by Mahatma Gandhi "be the change that you wish to see in the world". Therefore he has endeavored to ascend to MP5 to discover more, but more importantly to advance his creatures to offer better rewards for the quests. If he enjoys quests then he wants to make quests for others to enjoy as well. The best gift is the one you give yourself. Steno needed to meet the Role-playing requirement in order to ascend. He would not have ascended if there were not enough people present who believed that he was ready to ascend. So thank you for believing in him! For those of you at his Ascension, he shall grant plushies to those in attendance. If you solve the riddles and get the clue word by guessing the location and password then you come back and tell steno in sage's keep. First person to answer each riddle will get additional plushies. Find below the riddles that he has given. You can attempt all three if you wish. All three are up so if you're stumped on one you can move on to the next.
  16. Does bob not already have a separate reason that he blooms? (don't need explanation as I don't want spoilers-just simple dismissal or agreement. If bob is not coded to have other reasons to bloom, then that might work, as new art would not need to be created.
  17. Hello all! @Ungod and I have had several discussions of late concerning role-play and how one makes changes to their role/tag/self within MagicDuel itself. (For reference you can look at this topic to see what I mean. I think everyone should read part of this log as it is informative and is the breeding ground for the discussion that follows in this post) All that to say, Ungod had an amazing suggestion. What if there was a hidden clickie in the world of MD that only appeared if a player had 90%(or more) of wins and/or 90% (or more) of the needed to move up a MindPower (for both MP4 and MP5-could even be done if you have 9 or more adepts for MP6 imho). Once you met the criteria, this hidden clickie would then become visible to you, just to you. When you clicked this clickie, it would have a message about how you were close to ascending. You could choose if you wanted the world to know about it or not. If you clicked that you DID NOT,nothing would happen. If you clicked that you DID want something to happen then the clickie would change that scene (haven't thought of a way to turn it off yet) so EVERYONE could see it. Imagine this: *Note: I also think that once players realize that the flowers are blooming because of them, it will foster a desire to utilize RP in that moment, which is something I believe is one of MD's greatest strengths. Please comment away. This would require of some coding to generate the if-then statements for the thresholds as well as some other particulars that I don't know enough to explain. However, this is a truly fantastic idea (in my opinion) I am merely writing it up for Ungod.
  18. Everyone's invited, just FYI. 

    invitation final.png

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      this took WAY more space on the feed than it was supposed to, sorry world. I guess this is what happens when you get bored at work

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      Hey, it's a Steno event. Worth.

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