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  1. I am not sure if this is where to post when they have occurred or not (not totally clear on the procedure of this initiative since I haven't seen Ailith for a bit. But I didn't understand coding at all, let alone MDScript. Chewett spend over an hour answering questions, walking me (the blundering fool) through the hurdles of basic MDScripting to do some basic things that are incredibly handy in quest-writing. If you want to check it out(or need the proof), go to the discord, and go to language learning channel. Search for "Timer starts now, 16:50" to find the beginning of the lecture"
  2. Since I myself was struggling I figured many of you were. so here is a good place to start for ancient LR history (besides the announcements): Also #19 is way too vague. Here's an additional hint: has an alt that shares his name but also has the surname Dragon
  3. Why so secret? Can you post the graphs for the rest of us? In my personal opinion, while creating an artificial economy might be a good idea (also with Ungod about now I’m confused about the “problem”) I am of the personal belief that making resource trade-ins valuable for stat boosts Or even buffs (which I find more intriguing) will be the easiest to affect change. The way I see it this could even be tied into lands or alliances. i haven’t thought this through to the end and I know people have very strict ideas about what loyalty points represent. But choosing to donate my resources to MB to get loyalty points and/or a buff (that is MB or SoE themed- such as my water gathering skill gets +10 for 1 hour with 100 resources. Or my briskness gets the boost.) random thought I had.
  4. Well even though it was my idea, it was half- devil's advocate. It is very much like loot boxes, that chew mentioned. If for some reason, against literally everyone's better judgement this (as in a slot machine) was implemented, it would need to only have 1 outcome, and that outcome should be negligible if achieved. Another idea that has been suggested in regards to the creation of more of an economy is one suggested by Ailith: That one could take 20 branches, and if a person had a certain level of finesse, say 25, they could make a limited-use herbs basket for themselves. This basket would have only 20 or so uses in it, but it would be a way to incentive people actually using branches.
  5. It has been discussed several times by many people about how a present economy in MD would be very beneficial. This economy would need to utilise the resources in-game, at all levels in order to function properly. Several ideas were thrown out about how to introduce said economy. Some were: Make quests/creature recruitment/keys/permanent stat boost/buffs obtainable by exchanging resources, similar to the heads resonator in MDP Make a slot machine that spins (very important feature) that you can pay 1sc into with the change of getting a permanent bump to luck. Toxic plants -> posion -> Intoxicate aura token Make some weird bank thinkie with dynamic resource exchange rates in Willow's Shop < @MaGoHi can explain more> @Chewett had some other ideas too, but wanted someone else to make the post. #ChewettMadeMeDoIt
  6. I apologize for the delay! This one is not very good, I must admit, I should have done more research beforehand, but I didn't want to push back it's release anymore! (The website also lost my first 2 versions of it, so... yeah. From now on, the First to finish (put picture of completed puzzle in a spoiler) and the person who posts the fastest time within a week of posting will get 1 silver--doesn't work for this one. P.S. Some of the facts presented are just from my opinion/understanding. If you feel I got something wrong, please let me know, I implore you to use this as an opportunity to teach me and the rest of the community about historical aspects of MD (looking at you, Mur/Chew/other fossils). P.P.S. If you want your land/alliance/topic to be featured in next month's puzzle, just send me a message with some words/clues! P.P.P.S. Thank you Aia for your help in this month's puzzle!
  7. July's Word Puzzle has been delayed, as I have been and will be intermittently out of town for the next week. I hope to post it when I return. I apologize for the delay in releasing what I know you all wait on with baited breath.
  8. Steno

    Time dilation

    So you’re more looking for hey, here’s an idea. How could this be applied? Could viscosity not be an application of this? That our perception of the time and the energy to move could be intertwined, one in the same, or even two symptoms of the same cycle or phenomena (in this case the principles that dictate the MD realm).
  9. Can pocket lint be moved to this category? But like the descriptions changed to the kind of pocket lint you found as a kid that was wrapped up in a candy wrapper in your pocket so you thought it was candy? I mean, asking for a friend.
  10. Were you still working on this Aia?
  11. Steno

    New Weather

    If you desire for it to be disastrous, then I fear the provisions discussed previously aren’t quite sufficient, particularly for such a difficult hurdle to reach. perhaps 10Ap per scene would suffice. But also something could be gained from weathering such a storm, much like rainwater when it rains? What is the timeframe within which the parameters have to be met for world-magic to occur? 24, 48, or 6 hours? A week? The longer the time or the lower the threshold the less impact and less the inhabitants stand to lose or gain. Just some thoughts.
  12. Steno

    New Weather

    Interesting, could timeless dust be gathered from the dust storm? (just a way for an uncommon resource to be able to be gathered would be interesting. I find the fact that you want it triggered by world-wide actions incredibly intriguing and thought-provoking. Could it also provide an impairment buff, like increase cost of movement throughout the realm by 1-5AP per scene (like it is more difficult to see through the dust, therefore more difficult to move?)
  13. Same rules as last month, first person to solve gets 1 silver https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1220597/ This month's theme: Marind Bell
  14. If you are in the middle of this quest, I made MAJOR changes to this quest today and will likely do so again going forward. I request that until you see an update here that you pause in this quest. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am trying to turn this quest into a permanent quest, and that means I must change quite a lot so it doesn't need my involvement. Thank you.
  15. I've gotten 2 already and I have to redeem like 3 more CRCs with no empty slots Normally I would be all about it. If you run out of your other prizes I will change mine to be anni+2 acoustic+1toadspeak to help facilitate that.
  16. I would like 8 plushies, 2 acoustic remains, 2 toadspeech, 2 ghost, and 8 silver. I would like to add that I am most in favor of the way you have set-up the reward system for this quest.
  17. Server just kicked everyone off, don't know if Chew or Mur were doing anything, just FYI that it happened around this timestamp if that's important.

  18. We need one related to bugs and bug fixes; which could be a subset of “system” family tags. announcement https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4949 i also think that roles should include alliance tags, unless people disagree. Also unless there used to be way more updates about lands that I missed I think we could group each land announcement into a “Land” category. Like the announcement that NC is closed again would go there.
  19. I volunteer for this. Ledah and I have discussed it at quite some length. I like his ideas for tags and would love to help however is needed. Also Chew, what format would we be doing this in? Like would I get announementes 400-500 then export it in a file, or would we be working from a googledoc, quip, collabra, or firepad approch?
  20. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    That is such a better translation than any of the 6sources I checked gave me. *facepalm* i shall endeavor to Do better for the next few when I try them tomorrow
  21. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    Ungod: No translation I could find wasn't offensive... so I didn't make one Jubaris: Tissy #1:
  22. Just in case you didn't know this one because it threw up a longer list of different-looking errors when try to retrieve papers, this is what happens when I tried to submit a quest document that wasn't completed yet (NOT retrieve the quest doc for 1st time-that worked)
  23. Favorite part of reading the entire scoring.
  24. Thanks everyone for participating! The rewards should have been sent out! Thank you Chewett for providing the rewards and making a unique item! If people had ideas for a new room in Sage's Keep, you can post them here. I might even give you a plushie or two, or something else , though obviously the quest is over, I will still reward creativity for a month or two.
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