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  1. I experienced the same thing. However One of the newer MP3s was telling me that when they click on it is just a blank box.
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    I suggested this topic, but didn't even have my answer ready! I think one of my all-time favorite characters would have to be Matrim Cauthon from the Wheel of Time series. One of the things that I liked about this book series and character was that it took YEARS of my life to learn enough about the world and the character. I felt like when I was done that it was a part of who I was, it wasn't just an enjoyable book. It had become part of my perception of the world around me. In essence, like MD, it changed my perspective on the world.
  3. Also, what if Chewett's doggo creature had a basic attack, haotic attack pattern, but then at its final level, it had a Mark ability. This ability, for 1minute, was the same as reveal the players location. Basically, it is a hellhound that, at max level, tells you where that player goes for the next minute on your map, so especially during heads competition or the like, you can chase your prey, with your doggo sniffing the way forward for you, just a thought on crit abilities that are thematic. Also, there might already be a creature like this in existence. But what if there was a creature mimic? Like a super-rare creature that only Mur could give out. When you got it, it is an item, when you go to use it, you select a creature within your inventory. It becomes a copy of that creature's basic form, but for many creatures, this would still be invaluable. It would have to have some restrictions, like couldn't copy Drachorns or anniversary creatures... something like that.
  4. Could we have another kind of creature that we assemble, not recruit? But is only able to be assembled in the Lands of the East? As far as I know, there aren't any creatures to be had there. There is a reason behind it, I'm sure. But it would be cool to have another rare type of creature only be able to be obtained from Lands of the East. I'm not sure what it would do, perhaps it could improve defense of one of your creatures randomly, then level 2 it targets adying creature, level 3 targets a column, then level 4 targets a all of your creatures. Level 5 creates a token every 100 days, when fed diamonds, or some secondary resource. Basically a creature that hardens the skin of your creatures, then as it gets older, does this more efficiently, and finally, can do this for your own creatures, even out of battle.
  5. Ah, I see your point. We could turn any section of tile on madman's game into a clicky, make any section of the bridge away from madman's game into a clickie, add another book clickie, make something else at oak fort, besides just alliances (even the broken bridge itself could become clickable-if only for the message that it is out on this side as well). Literally put a stone on the path anywhere closer to the main entrance, and BOOM, clickie! I don't know. My main goal with this post was to make my plight known. In the hopes that perhaps one more could be added by someone with A25 tools. As I said, please excuse my ignorance. I was having trouble finding a lot of assistance when I was in-game so I wanted to ask here how to go about it. I also am not trying to say that there is anything wrong with LR, quite the contrary. I just remember there being more to do.
  6. No, I didn't want make a quest just inside LR. I wanted to make a quest that took players all throughout the different lands. I just thought it was hard to take players into LR without requiring them to make resources->yes making resources is cool, but it is also kind of restrictive if that is balancing somehow to make players go there. If I (or any player) want to make a quest that doesn't require resource gathering (like text-based quests, with some artworks), then LR isn't a very viable option atm. (Please keep in mind that this is probably irrelevant with the introduction of A25-- as MDSCript and A25 appear to be 2 different things).
  7. Hello, It's been awhile since I played besides these last two months. However, when in Loreroot, I felt like the land was very empty in terms of interaction. ( I don't know if madman's game was broken and therefore got removed or what, but I liked that puzzle) I like the reemergence of the LoreRoot guards, I think that is important for new players to have a boundary. However, in my attempt to generate a quest of my own, I realized that there are only TWO clickies (that I could find) that are RPC-usable. one in the library (which I couldn't edit), and the arch. This distinct lack of ability to integrate player-generated quests that involve LR may have a deleterious effect on the number of players that regularly visit Loreroot in general. *and the chest in the defense tower* Just some thoughts. Are there other RPC clickies that I missed? There are several (particularly on trees) that do nothing when clicked. And a few objects that were obviously clickies at one point (or I recall them being clickies) but are not now. Some guidance in this matter would be appreciated.
  8. Thank you all for your submissions! Judging will begin soon! If you didn't finish your story in time, please don't worry! You can submit it within the next 2 days, and we'll still judge it! I'm thinking about trying to make this a yearly forum quest. Hopefully, it can turn into a kind of yearbook-style thing where we catalog some of favorite moments.
  9. I think 16 cartography might be a tad high as well. I only have 22 with 2 gold bottles myself. That's with LR, Laby, and NC in the bag as well. Perhaps making it around 12-13 might be more reasonable. My main concern is how will you know that they have completed each task? Such as heat? The items you can check through inventory, the resource, through profile of skills, but burst, is there some kind of marker for that? Yes, they could have take you on a tour, for the locations. All-in-all, this looks awesome. I guess if someone lies about reaching a certain part then that is a role-playing decision they make and will have to live with later.
  10. Last few days for the forum contest for 14th anniversary creature as prize!


  11. I was thinking about a creature that did skill steal, where it stole a major skill (not resource skill). It steals a certain amount of a skill (percentages). However, for each upgrade it targets a different stat. So it gets harder to kill the more times upgraded, but perhaps the stats it steals are not as combat oriented. These stats would be recoverable after 2 regen timers or something like that. So like part 1, it steals briskness 1-8%, whereas part 9 steal luck 1-8%or something. So it has higher defense and vitality, (making it more likely to connect multiple times in one fight), but stealing a stat that impacts less combat-oriented play styles. If this were the case, I think that a player could only have 1 or 2 creatures of this species in a ritual at a time (otherwise I could abuse it by stealing all of a players power or something drastically powerful) This creature would have to be hard to obtain, and I think it would require some other kind of barrier to prevent abuse.
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    I would have to say bacon Mac and cheese. Especially when there is whiskey to the side.
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    What do you want for an Angien?
  14. I asked myself this question and want to pose it to all here because I didn't have a good answer for it. A lot of the ideas on this 'problem' have focused on change of game structure, mechanics, etc. These are changes to the world of MD. If this were any other "game" this would be where I'd start to look for solutions, in fact, it IS where I started to look. BUT, this isn't just any other game, it is MD. So I asked myself "What would be the possible solutions Steno, (the character, and not me-masquerading as Steno), in game would come-up with to solve this problem?" So I ask those of you concerned with this topic: How would your character work on this issue? How would/will your character resolve this? For now, despite Steno's great desire to reach MP5, (since that is what he was working on before his hibernation), he shall remain at MP4, contemplating what he can do about this issue.
  15. i know that there are: Reest Advisor GooseGod EvilShinChano06 And at least 5 others on the mainland that I've seen. I do not know how many are on GWI *Keep in mind that I'm usually on from server time 23.5-3. and from 2-3 server time. So I don't know about other times when I'm not on. Yokin, perhaps utilizing your mood panel abilities could aid in your search for this?
  16. Why would I ever want to change then? Why would I even want to get to MP6? or 7? Being able to be attack, but not be attacked does not seem very fair to me.
  17. This sounds more like a mobile game type format. focusing on instant access to check in on a few things in bursts throughout the day. What are the stats of new player activity? Just so we can ensure this works. Knowing how new players behave after the change is implemented when compared to the baseline
  18. Agreed. NPCs would fix this problem, also I think having more NPCs would keep newer players interested, especially if they have a varied text response structure. Could you explain this? I don't know if you meant NPC or some other acronym I don't know about.
  19. As I was telling Chewett, there might be multiple approaches to this: 1), giving some players costumes for MP4>> this would result in people being able to hide frpm MP5s, especially damaging if during a heads contest 2) Change how honor works, slightly>> for each negative (read MP5 attack MP3=-2) difference, the negative honor is multiplied by 1.2, so an MP5 attacking an MP3, with initial honour of -100 is now -100x1.44=-144. For attacking UP an MP, the formula remains the same, except for possibly MP6, or even MP7. 3) Change cooldown timer. Again, I vouch for a variable approach, such as instead of attacking someone and have a 3 minute cooldown, if an MP5 attacks an MP3, then it is 3 minutesx1.5x1.5 =6.75 minutes of cooldown. (Where each negative level of MP adds a multiplier of 1.5 to the 3 minutes). This could solve the problem, but to be honest would require a more strict modifier. Because chances are an MP5 attacking an MP3 would wipe out any rituals and crits that they have. 4) a Complete overall of honor, to compensate for being able to attack anyone, with honor impacting more than just it does now (being a requirement for more shop items, possibly for more creature evolutions, even having negative honor for certain creature evolutions)>> I don't like this approach, but I thought that I would put it out there all the same. Last point, any attempted fixes for this "problem" only impact appiex, NatasQ, and the few others I've seen, and newer Mp3s. It is a symptom of the problem of a less-than varied playerbase. Thus, it should be only implemented as a temporary treatment until the symptom goes away, not something that changes the whole patient. We should, if any action is taken, set a time limit to this bandaid, such as, until the next anniversary, or, we start a heads content and we do a pilot test of our approach just during the heads contest. Also, I am still MP4, I have been for awhile. Thus, if any approach like ungod's is taken, then I should be exempt from such bonuses as I started this conversation. Also, if reward-based approach is taken, MP5's should be given the choice if they want to return to MP4 to re-try for the achievements. --> Though as a temporary fix, I plan on making an alt and leaving it at MP4, for this reason
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    Two of my boys: Chewbacca and George, when they stole MY chair from the table and pushed into the sun for their own enjoyment Do you have any, Mallos?
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  22. Yes. Data is your friend. While many of the veteran players do not like the boots because they cheapened a resource that used to be hard to maintain, and thus more value. As a newer player (who still has a really high max AP, I still ran out of it several times. In the very beginning, you basically could explore 1 new land a day, even then, not all of it. The costs was too high, so most players would fight the first 30 min, explore for 30/45 (which taking notes), and then find someone to sit and talk with while they stored AP to make it to a sanctuary.--> times have changed. Having a long-term data analysis tool built in to monitor player actions and aggregate that data will help in the long run. And Mur, I think the obvious way would be to delineate between your different MP classes to see their stats. But as Chew and I have discussed before some of the "ancient"-as he calls them accounts, have really high values in some areas, and really low in others. I think that players like myself with this conundrum, might be useful to treat as outliers when performing this analysis. Aia, I agree with all of your points except for number 2. Not only would number 2 I think take a lot of work (and yet again, as you state, have far-reaching consequences that I don't think we can truly predict), I think it would be a response in magnitude greater than required. Not only would shop items have to change, so would other items, other interactions, bounties, etc. Instead of point 2, I think point 1 can be expanded, the number, or frequency of items that boost AP in general (for free or not is another discussion, however entangled with this one) should be evaluated so that going above maximum AP is harder to do. If going over maximum AP would no longer allowed, then we would have to place an AP booster on GWI just to teach players not to waste (let's say a twice daily AP booster of +50) an AP booster, since it can't go above their AP max. Which would work, just something else to have to consider, not just for mainlaind, but for Island.
  23. Chew is. probably other players who have been active for a long time.
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